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Why live in Leipzig or Leibzsch, as the local people say? Because it’s trendy. Leipzig is the new Berlin

Leipzig has been one of the cities in Germany with the greatest population growth in recent years. If you are drawn to Leipzig too – be it to study or because of a new job, alone or with your family – find out why making a decision to live in Leipzig is great!

Why live in Leipzig?

live in leipzig
  • Population: 582,000
  • Area: 297.8 square kilometers
  • Population density: 1954 inhabitants per square kilometer
  • First mentioned in a document: 1015

Leipzig is currently one of the German cities with the greatest population growth.

Leipzig is one of the cities with one of the longest trade fair traditions in the world. In addition, the city is a historical center of the book printing and book trade. So, it’s no wonder that the Leipzig Book Fair is very popular and attracts thousands of people from all over the world every year.


Sights in Leipzig – a selection

The Völkerschlachtdenkmal commemorates the historical Battle of Nations in autumn 1813 against Napoleon. 
If you climb the monument, you have a great view of Leipzig and the surrounding area. 
The FORUM 1813 museum, which offers insights into the battle, is also integrated.Image rights: MDR / Nadine Jejkal
The GRASSI Museum of Applied Arts is Germany’s second oldest arts and crafts museum and houses permanent exhibitions on antiquity through to historicism, on Asian art, as well as on Art Nouveau through to the present day.Image rights: dpa
The former gasometer, a new concept from the words Panorama and Gasometer by the artist Yadegar Asisi, is an exhibition building in Leipzig.Image rights: Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk / Michael Mittelbach
In the Leipzig Zoo, known from the TV series “Elefant, Tiger & Co.” 
and “Veterinarian Dr. Mertens” can be admired on 27 hectares of all kinds of animal species.Image rights: imago / PicturePoint
Auerbachs Keller, known from Goethe’s Faust, houses two restaurants in its magnificent historical vaults below the Mädlerpassage.Image rights: imago / Carola Koserowsky

Want to work and live in Leipzig?

live in leipzig

Leipzig is top ranked when it comes to its settlement strategy for new employers. That is why choosig to live in Leipzig is an easy decision.

The following are some of the major employers based in Leipzig

Employer # of Employees Industry
5200 employees
Technicians, forklift drivers, engineers, IT specialists, software developers, packers and many more. The work is divided into diverse areas such as consulting, organization, design, administration, finance, IT financial services, marketing, logistics, law and patents, sales and purchasing.
Leipziger Versorgungs- und Verkehrsgesellschaft MbH (LVV)
4800 employees
The municipal utilities, municipal waterworks, the Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe and their respective subsidiaries – such as the sports pools – are LVV companies.
University Hospital Leipzig
4300 employees
All professions in the health sector such as midwives, research assistants, physiotherapists, nurses, medical-technical radiology assistants, doctors, senior physicians and maternity assistants in 26 clinics
University Hospital Leipzig
4300 employees
All professions in the health sector such as midwives, research assistants, physiotherapists, nurses, medical-technical radiology assistants, doctors, senior physicians and maternity assistants in 26 clinics
DHL Hub Leipzig GmbH
3500 employees
Motor vehicle drivers, program managers, logistics specialists, project managers and account managers.
St. Georg Clinic
3000 employees
Around 3,000 people work in 25 clinics . A wide range of offers ensure an attractive working environment and a positive working atmosphere
Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe (LVB)
2400 employees
Public passenger transport with trams and buses in and around the city. 
Amazon logistics center Leipzig
2200 employees
It is the second and largest Amazon logistics center in Germany
Central German Broadcasting (MDR)
1400 employees
Editors, concert masters, employees in production management and clerks.
Comparex AG
1400 employees
Employees are database experts, IT consultants, database system developers, data managers and account managers.
Siemens AG
1700 employees
Service technicians, R&D engineers, personnel dispatchers
Comparex AG
1400 employees
Employees are database experts, IT consultants, database system developers, data managers and account managers.

Live in Leipzig as a student

live in leipzig

Around 40,000 students live in Leipzig and most of them are enrolled at the University of Leipzig, which as the second oldest university in Germany can look back on a long tradition.

Above all, more and more students are discovering Leipzig as an attractive adopted home. From A for African studies to Z for dentistry – Leipzig University and the colleges offer a wide range of subjects.

You will find 14 universities and three university-like institutions in Leipzig. No wonder that Leipzig is one of the most popular university cities in Germany.

Students make up around seven percent of the total population of Leipzig. Accordingly, life in the city is also shaped by students and from clubs and cafes to all kinds of student discounts in various shops, there are particularly attractive offers and opportunities for students to spend their free time.

Why is studying in Leipzig worthwhile?

  • Relatively cheap rents
  • Lively trendy districts such as Connewitz and the Südvorstadt
  • All important places can be reached quickly by bike and train
  • Huge lake landscape with a holiday flair
  • Great development potential for young creatives and artists

1. University of Leipzig

In 1409 the Alma mater Lipsiensis was founded. This makes Leipzig University a real traditional university. It currently has 14 faculties and 150 institutes. The individual faculties and institutes are spread across the city, which contributes to the special student flair of Leipzig.

Despite all the tradition, what the Alma mater offers today is very modern. Online learning portals, a main library that is open 24 hours a day, a cafeteria that focuses on sustainability: the University of Leipzig keeps up with the times.

2. Other notable universities in Leipzig

  • In a book printer and book trade city like Leipzig, a graphic college should of course not be missing. The School of Visual Arts Leipzig looks like the Leipzig University has a long tradition. It was founded in 1764. This makes it one of the oldest art academies in Germany. At the HGB there are four courses of study: painting and graphics, book art and graphic design, photography and media art. About 600 students study here, which results in a very “family” atmosphere at the university.
  • The Leipzig University of Technology, Economics and Culture is the newer class. It was founded in 1992 as a university of applied sciences. With around 6,000 students, it is now one of the largest universities of applied sciences in Germany.
  • In 1843 Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy founded a conservatory in Leipzig. This conservatory was the first institution for higher musical education in Germany. The Conservatory is now called the University of Music and Theater Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy and offers a range of training from classical to pop music, from acting to dramaturgy.

The art scene in Leipzig

live in leipzig

Leipzig has a vibrant and diverse art scene. The cultural freedom of the city, which Leipzig traditionally has, paired with an urban policy that takes the promotion of art and culture seriously and creates opportunities to promote this art scene wherever possible. The university location Leipzig, which is attractive for art students, rounds off the offer and ensures that numerous artists from all disciplines are attracted to Leipzig. 

Art and culture in Leipzig

The most famous cultural institutions that the city of Leipzig has to offer are:

  • Museum of Fine Arts Leipzig
  • Schiller House
  • GRASSI Museum of Applied Arts
  • Gallery for Contemporary Art Leipzig
  • Bach Museum Leipzig
  • Kunsthalle der Sparkasse Leipzig

The city also offers a number of smaller museums and galleries that round off the range of art and culture in Leipzig and inspire the art scene in Leipzig.

Leipzig with children and cones

Anyone who moves to Leipzig with their family is particularly concerned about whether the children will feel comfortable in their new home, whether there are reliable childcare options, good schools and kindergartens. In short: Leipzig is a city where you can also settle down as a family.

In a comparison of the federal states, Saxony’s students have been way ahead in terms of educational technology for years. Good schools can therefore be found relatively easily. And the childcare offer in Leipzig is also well set up.

When it comes to leisure activities, Leipzig is also attractive for families – because you are not only quickly in the country, there is also a large and, in some cases, very special leisure offers for children in the city – such as the educationally supervised construction playground, the open play room for cold rainy days.

Settling in Leipzig

The city of Leipzig owes its name to the linden trees. In the first mention of the city, bishop and historian Thietmar von Merseburg spoke of the urbs Libzi, the city of the linden trees. And still today Leipzig is characterized by a lot of green and is for many an idyllic place that combines the best of city life and closeness to nature.

In general, Leipzig seems to combine some opposites perfectly. Because in addition to city and nature, tradition and modern urban life, Saxon cosiness and cosmopolitanism, classical music and electro beats, corner bars and star restaurants meet here. Leipzig is a place of well-being.

There is something for every mind and every preference. If you want to make friends quickly in Leipzig, you like to combine this with your preferences for individual leisure activities – sports club.

Leisure opportunities in Leipzig

A relaxed visit to the museum? The classical concert? Theater or cabaret? Or do you prefer to play sports in your free time – for example paddling on the river? Do you have children and they like to go to the zoo?

As soon as the weekend approaches, you will be drawn to the countryside – by lakes or in the forest? Or do you prefer to party the night away in the trendy club? All of this is possible in Leipzig.

There is hardly anything that is not there. The city offers numerous leisure opportunities for singles, couples, families with children, nature lovers, culture lovers, sports enthusiasts and nature lovers. Here are just a few examples as important starting points for leisure activities:

  • As a newcomer to Leipzig, you should at least once take a look at the city’s most important sights. These include the old town hall, the Red Bull Arena, the city high-rise with a viewing platform, the city harbor, the Mädler Passage, the Nikolaikirche, the Thomaskirche and of course the most popular Leipzig postcard motif – the Völkerschlachtdenkmal and FORUM 1813.
  • Well-known museums such as the Museum of Ethnology or the Museum of Fine Arts are initially suitable for museum visits. The City History Museum gives a good overview of the history of the new home. Real museum lovers can also discover many interesting smaller exhibitions and galleries in Leipzig.
  • For culture lovers, it is always worth visiting the Leipzig Opera, which, with its 300-year tradition, is a venue for internationally known soloists and ensembles. The Gewandhaus Orchestra, which is located directly opposite the opera, also gives great concerts. The Leipzig City Theater is worth visiting for the theater. A little insider tip is probably the na to in the southern suburbs. It is the oldest independent cultural center in Leipzig and a socio-cultural center for experimental jazz, independent theater, performances and music from a wide variety of directions.
  • Nature lovers get their money’s worth in the Leipzig Zoo, the Wildlife Park, in the Rosental and yes, also in the park-like Südfriedhof. You can also take beautiful walks along the Karl Heine Canal or in the Clara Zetkin Park.
  • Of course, Leipzig has numerous sports clubs and most of the trend sports are represented in the city. Due to the Leipzig city harbor and the proximity to lakes and rivers, you can indulge in a wide variety of water sports, especially in the summer months. For example, water sports fans can go canoeing and paddling right next to the Leipzig city harbor.
  • If you don’t want to go to the cinema, theater or concert in the evening, but also don’t want to sit on the sofa at home, you will find plenty of bars, cafés and pubs in the south of Leipzig, on Karl-Liebknecht-Straße – also lovingly known as KarLi. Karl-Heine-Straße is also a real trendy mile with restaurants and unusual shops.

Out and about in Leipzig

In terms of transport, Leipzig is well positioned. Three motorways, an international airport and a large train station ensure sufficient connections to the “outside world” and enough opportunities to get into and out of the city. The infrastructure in Leipzig turns out to be excellent even for shorter distances. The S-Bahn network is well developed and buses are also a good way to get from one part of the city to the next.

Leipzig climate

Leipzig is not spared from the typical climatic big city problems. The climate in the city differs from that in the surrounding open countryside. Sealing, dense development, a lot of concrete and asphalt, large building masses – the city heats up faster in summer and there can be higher heat loads in the summer months.

In addition, there is also a growing volume of traffic in Leipzig and thus increasing pollutant emissions. The city counteracts this with measures such as so-called double internal development.

This means that inner-city areas in Leipzig are not only planned structurally, but also used for greening. In this way, the quality of life should also be kept in view with regard to the climate in Leipzig.

When it comes to Connewitz, opinions differ. Because the district has to live with many prejudices, because Connewitz is considered dirty, alternative and punking. This reputation dates back to the early 1990s, when many houses in this Leipzig district were occupied. 

Connewitz is located between the Leipzig districts of Markkleeberg and Südvorstadt. But Connewitz also has many advantages: the Cospudener See is not far away, there are many allotment gardens and a large alluvial forest. 

Many students live in Connewitz, but also young families. As more and more people from Leipzig are moving from the southern suburbs to Connewitz, rents have also increased in recent years.

2. Musikviertel – young and vibrant

The music district is not far from the city center and lies south of it. This neighborhood is all about serenity and there is a large community. The average age is very young. 

Due to the rather high rental prices, which are between € 6.50 and € 8 per square meter, this area is not a student area , but rather one of the most expensive districts in Leipzig. There are many schools and playgrounds and the Pleiße and a park are connected here. 

In addition, it is quiet, there are hardly any noise complaints and also no graffiti, as is common in the south of Leipzig, for example. Rather, the music district is a peaceful and green oasis with good transport links to the city center.

3. Lindenau – proximity to water

Lindenau is known for its theater of the Junge Welt and its many art spaces. A large port of Lindau is planned, which is intended as a transit port for European waters in the future . There are many opportunities for walking and the area is bordered by the Elster and Karl Heine Canal.

4. Gohlis – green parks and renovated old building

Gohlis is known for its renovated old buildings and many parks. The district is not exactly cheap, as up to nine euros per square meter can be expected. If you are wondering which parts of the city are coveted in Leipzig, then everyone will probably recommend Gohlis. 

It is beautifully green and quiet here and the city center can be reached by tram in just 10 minutes. In addition, the Leipzig Zoo is located here and directly afterwards is the popular Rosenthal for walks. The Bretschneiderpark borders in the east. Of the 534 hectares, 11% are recreational and landscape areas. 

Gohlis is the largest district of Leipzig and is particularly popular with families with children. The majority of the properties consist of renovated Wilhelminian style houses and Art Nouveau villas – the streetscape is characterized by lovingly renovated old buildings.


Michelle Halterman
Michelle Halterman
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