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What was it that originally brought you to Berlin? And for those born in Berlin: what keeps you in Berlin? Living in Berlin Germany is an Expat’s dream

Have you thought about moving to Berlin? Many are doing these days. But beware! Arriving in the German capital calls for brutal talent. Instructions about living in Berlin Germany in ten steps.

The following is an over view of what living in Berlin Germany is all aboutten-point training program is based on historical material, empirical studies and group discussions with very different Berliners, from taxi drivers to Turkish apprentice hairdressers.

Is Berlin the right city for me?

As the capital of the Federal Republic of Germany, political life takes place predominantly in Berlin. This is where decisions are made that are of political importance. Berlin is also home to internationally recognized artists and has a thriving scene.
But is Berlin the right city if you have to move? What makes Berlin so special or warm, are there better alternatives than the German capital?


Reasons for living in Berlin Germany

1. Berlin is very cosmopolitan

The German metropolis is the hub of the world. Residents from around 190 nations make Berlin a colorful city. Those who like multiculturalism are in the right place in Berlin. 

The Turkish delicatessen shop around the corner offers delicacies from his homeland, in the shop of the Asian-born Berliners you can find Far Eastern products for beauty care and in the shop of the Africans you can have beautiful Rasta braids plaited. In Berlin, people from all over the world go hand in hand and benefit mutually from foreign cultures. Large numbers of foreign students in particular apply to Berlin universities.

In addition to the Humboldt University, the free University of Berlin, the Technical University of Berlin is one of the three universities that are most frequented by foreign students.

But the capital is not only open to foreign citizens. Here everyone can be as they want. Going to the bakery in your pajamas on Sunday? With colorful hats in the lecture? Gentlemen in women’s clothes? In Berlin there is nothing that does not exist. Live and let live is the motto here. Not least because of this, people feel comfortable here who would have to fear being attacked because of their appearance, sexual orientation or other interests. In the cosmopolitan capital, every resident is accepted and tolerated as he is.

2. Berlin is a green city!

Berlin doesn’t just mean high-rise buildings and prefabricated buildings. Berlin is the European capital with the most green spaces. Numerous parks and palace gardens and green spaces invite the residents of the capital to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city with a picnic or a walk in the countryside. 

Families in particular love the opportunity to enjoy the comfortable metropolis with the almost to combine a rural idyll in the heart of the city. Here you let the children play and run around and teach you to ride a bike.

You can also refresh yourself in Berlin in summer, even without direct access to the sea. Because Berlin not only offers enough green space in which to relax, there are also numerous swimming lakes and rivers in which you can escape the hot city air. In Jungfernsee or Dämeritzsee, to name just two of the many popular bathing lakes, you can not only enjoy the sun and flirt at cool beach bars, but also immerse yourself in the cool water and enjoy a breath of vacation

3. Berlin is close to other European hotspots

Due to the favorable location of the capital, it is possible to travel spontaneously and quickly to another European metropolis without any problems. Warsaw and Prague are only about five hours by car from the German metropolis and offer beautiful excursion destinations. Flights from Berlin Airport that fly from Berlin to other metropolises are usually for less than 100 euros. Thus the world is open to the Berliner.

4. Berlin is alive! There is something for everyone

It never gets boring in Berlin. The range of leisure activities in the once divided city is almost endless. If you don’t want to go for a walk in the park or loll around in a deck chair by the lake, you should be numerous sports fields are available where you can play basketball, tennis, football or golf. 

Countless museums offer constantly changing entertaining exhibitions, zoos and zoos keep the gates open for animal-loving visitors.

Even at night it doesn’t get dull in pulsating Berlin. Countless bars, clubs and discos make Berlin’s famous nightlife an unforgettable experience. Daily theater performances and exciting festivals round off the capital’s leisure activities.
The event calendar of the city of Berlin is never empty and offers the right event for every taste.

5. Best transport connections

You don’t actually need a car in Berlin. Buses, S-Bahn and U-Bahn travel here around the clock, bringing locals and tourists to their destinations. In addition to the well-developed transport network, there are also numerous cycle paths on which you can get from A to B quickly.

In this way you protect nature and your own wallet, because gasoline costs, taxes and insurance are eliminated if you rely on your own bike and the good offers from Berlin’s public transport company.

6. Live cheaply

Berlin is one of the cheapest big cities in the rent index. The square meter here costs just under six euros. Since Berlin is still heavily frequented, experts see a coming increase in prices. If you are quick and find a cheap apartment, you can look forward to cheap rents in the trendy metropolis.

7. Berlin is a major tech hub

Berlin is the starting point for creative company founders. In no other metropolis are so many start-up companies founded as here. Young students develop, tinker with and dare to take their first steps into new technologies, explore new market ideas and find like-minded partners to build a new company.

So if you are looking for a brilliant idea, Berlin has the best chance of meeting fellow campaigners who want to take the step into self-employment.

Things to take into consideration before deciding on living in Berlin Germany

1. Berlin has very little living space

The special flair, the cheap rents and a diverse, cultural offer have made Berlin a popular center of life for years. Unfortunately, that has an impact on the housing market. Finding an apartment in the capital is difficult. The living space is limited, especially in popular districts like Mitte or Prenzlauer Berg, numerous potential tenants apply for an apartment. Making the race there is a matter of luck.

2. People in Berlin love their anonymity

It may sound attractive to some, but for many it is a contra when it comes to moving to the metropolis. People live anonymously in Berlin. Berliners love their freedom and like to remain autonomous. A coffee chat with the neighbors? Rather unusual. Berlin is not the place for anyone who values ​​a good neighborhood.

3. Berlin is dirty

The multi-cultural metropolis has just under 3.5 million inhabitants. With so many residents, there are legacies that are difficult to remove. Graffiti on house walls, broken houses, dog poo and dirty streets. Berlin is known for its dirty face. If you are looking for a nice home, you should stay away from Berlin’s overcrowded rubbish bins and the noise of the city.

You are now living in Berlin Germany!

1. The first few weeks are the toughest when living in Berlin Germany

Despite the official euphoria, many newcomers experience their new home as an imposition. Graffiti, dog excrement, undergrowth ennobled as a park, cheeky taxi drivers, caustic landlords – many new Berliners still suffer a shock of reality in the first few weeks. This is reinforced when you arrive in the long, lightless winter months. Help, Berlin!?

The initial culture shock will pass quickly. You don’t have to do anything for that except – hold out. Promise: After just a few months, the newcomer to Berlin is sitting in the subway with a visit from the provinces, a drunk man vomits, and the newcomer announces to the shocked guest with cautious pride: “Dit is Berlin.”

2. Meet new people while living in Berlin Germany

living in berlin germany

Berlin is so big and fast-paced but that should not stop you from making really good friends.

  • Take a language course – As a rule, you should talk to the person sitting next to you in the first lesson in order to learn how to communicate your name, your age or your hobbies in the new language.
  • Accept all parcels from your neighbors – They will put their trust in you and, conversely, will be happy to accept your parcels – and maybe even invite you to dinner.
  • Sell your old stuff at a flea market – Start talking to the salespeople at the neighboring booths while setting up. See what they are selling, drink champagne together and motivate each other throughout the day.
  • Register with a sports club – There is a wide range of sports clubs in Berlin: From hockey to classics like volleyball to unusual sports like underwater rugby.
  • Find a local pub – You’ll meet the same people there regularly and on some days nothing beats the understanding nod of the host when he puts your beer down before you do even really settled down at the bar.
  • Take the dive and go digital! – With apps like Spontacts or Meet Up, for example, you can specifically search for people with similar interests to do something together. If you are unsure of apps or are too cumbersome, Facebook groups like New in Berlin might be something for you.
  • Go to a karaoke bar – Try karaoke bars like Monster Ronson’s or Green Mango. Someone is guaranteed to buy you schnapps afterwards – if it’s just out of pity.
  • Attend network events – Networking events and other cool events take place in Berlin every day. Think about which areas might interest you and just go there.
  • Do volunteer work – In Berlin there are many opportunities to volunteer in your free time. The Berliner homeless organized as three times a week “auxiliary tours” where sandwiches, hot dishes and clothing donations are distributed in the city.


Michelle Halterman
Michelle Halterman
USA, China, South Africa and now Munich - Michelle has come a long way in the world. She is an outdoor person and loves to be in nature with friends and on her mountain bike. Or she meets up with friends for pasta, vino, cappaccino & Co.



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