Tips to help you if you are thinking about Living in Hamburg Germany


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Thinking about living in Hamburg Germany? Find out hat it’s like and what you can expect

Would you like to explore Hamburg away from the well-known sights? Whether in the harbor, in trendy districts or further out in parks and nature you will find the the best insider tips about living in Hamburg Germany that can easily rival the Elbphilharmonie & Co.

Discover the harbor (almost) for free – ferry 62 – Living in Hamburg Germany

An almost free city tour, and that too on the water! With the ferry 62 you can sail across the Elbe and enjoy the harbor panorama, which is otherwise only to be seen on a professionally guided harbor tour. For the price of an HVV ticket, you can drive down the Elbe from bridge 3 at the Landungsbrücken and discover many sights: Past the fish market, you head towards Dockland, Museumshafen and Finkenwerder.

In summer it is also worth getting out for a short refreshment – you can splash around in the Finkenwerder outdoor pool right on the Elbe. Just as nice: the trip with the ferry 73 towards Wilhelmsburg to discover the Vering Canal, the Inselpark or the energy bunker. The 73 only runs during the week. On both ferries you should also be considerate of the commuters: For them, the ferries are the regular means of transport, so you should avoid driving at rush hour if possible.

living in hamburg germany

Bunthausspitze and Tide-Elbe habitat

Just get out into nature – and that without a long journey. At the Bunthäuser Spitze, the southeast of the island of Wilhelmsburg, you can experience nature in close proximity to the city. The highlight: the Bunthaus beacon that stands there at the end of the path. The tower was built in 1913 and shone until 1977. The Elbe tideau center is also located where the Elbe divides into the North and South Elbe.

The Society for Ecological Planning has created a place for visitors here that provides information about the floodplain landscapes and their rare habitats. If you want to strengthen yourself after the tour, you can order homemade cakes and a cup of fair trade coffee in the associated club café. Since you are here in a nature reserve, you should behave accordingly carefully.


Floating café on the Elbe – Entenwerder1

The Entenwerder1 café is within sight of the gates of Hamburg, the Elbe bridges – directly on the water. Here you can enjoy sweet and savory, cooling drinks, warming coffee and cake and wave to the passing barges. Right next door is the Entenwerder park, where festivals and events often take place in summer.

The little idyll on the water is only two S-Bahn stations away from the main train station. If you drive through HafenCity, you can also use the opportunity to pay a visit to the new and futuristic Elbbrücken subway station. The best way to get there is by bike on Veloroute 9: Passing the Oberhafen and the wholesale market, you slowly leave the city behind and make yourself comfortable on the pontoon.

Explore the largest park cemetery in the world

Go for a walk in a cemetery? It works in Hamburg! The world’s largest park cemetery is located in Ohldorf, and there are even roads for cars here. On an area of 389 hectares there is plenty of space for long walks – that’s more than 500 soccer fields.

You can discover special sculptures there and also find the final resting places of prominent Hamburg residents. Here, for example, Hans Albers, Loki and Helmut Schmidt or the actress Monika Bleibtreu are buried. The women’s garden or the rose garden are particularly worth seeing.

The memorials, for example for the victims of National Socialist persecution or the storm surge in 1962, also provide insights into Hamburg’s history. The cemetery is still used as such today, so you should be careful there.

living in hamburg germany

View of the Elbe island – the energy bunker in Wilhelmsburg

High up on the energy bunker, everyone who makes their way across the Elbe to explore the Elbe Island of Wilhelmsburg will be rewarded. For a long time, the former flak bunker in Wilhelmsburg was just a holdover from the Second World War. Today a local power plant has emerged from this, in which renewable energies are produced and which is also one of the best vantage points in Hamburg.

From a height of 30 meters, you have an incomparable view of the skyline of the Port of Hamburg. After a tour of the eco-power plant, the best way to enjoy the view is with coffee, cake or breakfast in Café vju, which is located in the energy bunker.

View and history of Hamburg – St. Nikolai Memorial

The tower of St. Nikolai was once the tallest church tower in the world – that was in 1874. Although it is still number 5 on the list at just under 148 meters, a lot has happened since 1874: During the Second World War, the tower served as a guide for the English war planes, the church was largely destroyed. Today it stands as a memorial for the destruction of Hamburg and the horrors of World War II.

The on-site museum provides information about the city’s history and shows historical photographs. The best: the viewing platform at 76 meters. The panorama lift takes you up in 40 seconds, from where you have a great view of Speicherstadt, HafenCity and the city center.

Wildwuchs brewery

Many breweries have now settled in Hamburg. One of them is the Wildwuchs brewery, which is located in Wilhelmsburg in the middle of the industrial area. There you can make yourself comfortable on the summer terrace and taste one of the beers that are produced there, take a look at the brewery or stock up at the factory outlet. The Wildwuchs Brewery was founded by Hamburg residents and has been Hamburg’s first organic brewery since 2017.

living in hamburg germany

Backfisch in proper style – Veddeler fish restaurant

The Veddeler Fischgaststätte is a real piece of Hamburg, and the rumor rightly persists that the best fried fish in town is served here. The dish has been served here according to the original recipe since 1932.

The restaurant is a bit out of the way between the tracks, the customs port and the Elbe bridges, but you shouldn’t be put off by that. Today, as then, the menu only lists a few dishes – but nothing more is needed. There is fried fish with a choice of potato salad or French fries, fried herring, fish cakes and plaice. The portions are decent, the atmosphere quaint and you feel like you’ve really arrived in Hamburg.

Discover urban nature – the Klövensteen game reserve

If you want to discover nature and animals in Hamburg in all seasons, you should make your way to the western end of the city: This is where the Klövensteen, Hamburg’s local recreation area, extends. Not even 20 kilometers separate the large forest from the city center, and yet you can walk, hike, run and discover lots of animals here.

The Klövensteen is particularly worth a trip for families: ferrets, wild birds, fallow deer, red deer and mouflons live in the Klövensteen wildlife reserve. The visit is free.

Shopping in the Schanze – the B-location

Although the Schanze has long been a hotspot for strolling and shopping, the pop-up store in a less-frequented side street surprises time and again. In the B-location, changing exhibitors show their creations for a short time – each time they visit, different products could be waiting in the small shop. But there is also a fixed range of clothing, jewelry, other accessories and decorative items.

With the store concept, the owner Vanessa Janneck wants to give designers, artists and start-ups the opportunity to present their collections without having to worry about expensive rents. Anyone looking for special clothing or lifestyle products should definitely stop by here.

Art and coffee – Café Koppel

Actually, the district of St. Georg with its central location, the long row for strolling and the gay and lesbian traffic light figures, which represent the diversity of the quarter, is already worth a visit – the Café Koppel makes it a little nicer here. The vegetarian-vegan restaurant is located in the Koppel 66, the house for arts and crafts, which is located in a back yard of the Lange Reihe.

In the café you can enjoy delicious organic croissants with homemade jam for breakfast, there is a changing selection of cakes, hearty daily specials as well as selected beers and wines. In the other rooms of the house, the local artists produce handmade shoes, bags, writing implements and paintings.

Discover the Grindelhof

The Grindelhof offers a little bit of everything: Centrally located and directly at the university, it is always bustling there and there are many small restaurants and shops to discover.

If you don’t feel like strolling around and having a café in the Schanze, you should venture into the small, diverse district. Excellent Indian food is offered at Panjaab, at Eggers there are delicious sandwiches and for dessert there is exceptional ice cream at Luicella’s Ice Cream.

The Grindelviertel also stands for the history of Jewish life in Hamburg. Since 2007 there has been a Jewish café in town for the first time since the end of the Second World War. In the Café Leonarthere are Israeli dishes such as shakshuka, coffee and readings. You can spend the evening in the rustic pony bar, which is right next to the Abaton, the district’s cinema.


Michelle Halterman
Michelle Halterman
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