The 10 German job sectors that are desperately looking for trainees in 2022


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A lot of German companies are in a bind: They have vacant apprenticeship (or trainee) positions, but can’t find suitable candidates for vocational training. The German Federal Employment Agency reveals which sectors are most urgently looking for trainees in 2022.

German companies are looking for trainees in 2022: Dual vocational training in Germany enjoys a great reputation abroad, which means that young people from abroad – especially from EU countries – are also very interested in dual training in Germany. Trainees from non-EU countries will also find it very easy to obtain a visa to start vocational training in Germany. Find out which 10 German sectors are desperately looking for trainees in 2022

looking for trainees in 2022

55% of trainee positions still remain unfilled in 2022

There has been an increase in the number of unfilled training places. The Employment Agency gives reasons for this development.

Breakdown provided by the Bamberg-Coburg Federal Employment Agency:

▶︎ Out of a total of 4737 registered vocational training positions, 2627 are currently vacant. This means that 55.5 percent of all training positions starting in September are yet to be filled.

Compared to the previous year, the proportion of vacant training positions rose again by more than five percent to 55.5 percent . The training occupations that have the greatest shortage to complain about range from clerks in retail to medical assistants.

A few weeks before the traditional start of training, many apprenticeships are still open in Rhineland-Palatinate. “There are currently still 13,800 jobs to be filled in the state, ” the Rhineland-Palatinate-Saarland regional directorate of the Federal Employment Agency recently announced. That is around 2,000 more jobs than in the previous year

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Top 10 unfilled vocational training positions in Germany

  1. Clerk in retail (7.5 percent)
  2. Salesperson (7.2 percent)
  3. Clerk – office management (2.9 percent)
  4. Commercial specialist (2.7 percent)
  5. Specialist – warehouse logistics (2.6 percent)
  6. Dental assistant (2.5 percent)
  7. Industrial clerk (2.4 percent)
  8. Industrial mechanic (2.2 percent)
  9. Plant mechanic – sanitary/heating/air conditioning technology (2.2 percent)
  10. Medical assistant (2.1 percent)
  11. Other professions (65.7 percent)

Note: The percentages refer to the share of the sectors in the vacant vocational training places in Bamberg-Coburg in May 2022. The training occupations as a clerk in retail and as a salesperson stand out clearly. With more than seven percent each, both sectors together account for almost 15 percent of all unfilled training places. But why are so many trainees missing and why is the shortage particularly high in these sectors?

looking for trainees in 2022

Why are these German sectors desperately looking for trainees in 2022?

▶︎ One reason for the many unfilled trainee positions is that young people would currently prefer to remain in the school system , which is generally preferred to dual training. The agency also notes that there is often a lack of professional orientation and that many internships were simply not possible during the Corona period.

In the long term, if the positions in this number remain vacant, one can expect some consequences. In order to compensate for the shortfalls, many companies will hire temporary workers. The Bamberg-Coburg employment agency explains that the result will be

  • Companies will be forced to reduce their opening times
  • Companies will be unable to fulfil their order in the long run

Looking for trainees in 2022: From outside the EU

Everyone from outside the EU can also apply for the vacant trainees positions and receive career prospects in Germany.

▶︎ If a German company makes a binding commitment to a third-country national for a training position, he or she can enter Germany with a visa for the purpose of vocational training and start training in Germany immediately.

Important: In the visa procedure, the consent of the Federal agency for work is required. Both the examination of the labor market conditions and the priority check are carried out.

looking for trainees in 2022

What requirements must be met in order to be issued with a visa to complete vocational training in Germany?

▶︎ You can provide evidence of an in-company or school-based training position in Germany.

▶︎ You have the language requirements required for qualified vocational training. As a rule, German language skills at level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR) are required. This applies if the educational institution has not already tested your language skills or no preparatory German course is completed.

  • Proof of German language skills can be waived if the German company confirms that the language skills are sufficient (Section 16a, Paragraphs 1 and 3 of the Residence Act)

▶︎ Your livelihood must be secured for the entire duration of your stay: As a rule, you must prove that you have at least 931 euros (year 2022/2023) available per month.

  • In the case of in-company vocational training, you will receive a salary which can serve as proof. For example, if the gross monthly training salary is at least 909 euros, it can be assumed that your livelihood is secure. If your training salary is lower, you can compensate for the difference by opening up a blocked account and depositing the difference which serves as a declaration of commitment.
  • (In the case of school-based vocational training, proof can be provided by opening a blocked account or submitting a commitment declaration.)

Where can I look for a trainee position?

You can search for open vocational trainee positions on the German Federal Employment Agency website HERE


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