Loveparade 2022 “Rave the Planet” in Berlin – All you need to know about the most peaceful party in the world!


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The Loveparade celebrates its comeback in Berlin in 2022 as “Rave The Planet”. Route, tickets, date: Find all the questions and answers about the most peaceful party in the world HERE! Don’t have any plans in July? Book your ticket for the Rave The Planet Loveparade 2022 in Berlin in July!

Rave The Planet Loveparade 2022 – The Loveparade is back! What started as a small event in 1989 and soon became what is probably the largest techno event in the world.

The Rave The Planet Parade is a political demonstration! The restart of the parade is to take place as “Rave The Planet” on July 9, 2022 through the streets of Berlin and, under the motto “Together again”, make the city center the largest dance floor in the world.

Here you will find all the important questions and answers about the Loveparade “Rave The Planet” 2022.

Love Parade 2022

When and Where is the Rave the Planet Loveparade 2022 in Berlin?

When: 09.06.2022 starting at 2pm

Float lineup: Kurfürstendamm, presumably at the height of Bleibtreustraße to Uhlandstraße

Current route planning: Start at Kurfürstendamm (U Uhlandstr.) – Kurfürstendamm – Tauentzienstraße – Kleiststraße – Nollendorfplatz – Bülowstraße – Potsdamer Straße – Potsdamer Platz – Ebertstraße – Platz des 18. März – Straße des 17. Juni to Großer Stern (end point)

Total length: approx. 7 km

Get tickets for the official Aftershow Rave the Planet Party

Official Aftershow Rave the Planet Party 2022

Get tickets for the official Aftershow Rave the Planet Party 2022

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Event Attendance Mode: OfflineEventAttendanceMode

Event Status: EventScheduled

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Performer Name: Ostfunk Goanautika

Performer URL:

Start Date: 2022-07-09 22:10

End Date: 2022-07-10 22:00

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Entry Price: 24

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History of the Loveparade


“Peace, Joy, Pancakes”

Under the motto “Peace, Joy, Pancakes” about 150 clubbers gathered and danced to the sounds of their new music “Acid House” along the West Berlin shopping mile on Berlin’s Kurfürstendamm. In doing so, they revolutionized German demonstration culture and laid the foundation for the largest youth music movement the world had ever seen.

1990 – 1999

The Fall of the Berlin Wall and the German reunification

The fall of the Berlin wall and the birth of the legendary Berlin music culture.
• “The Future Is Ours” (1990),
• “We Are One Family” (1996)
• ” One World One Future” (1998)
• Loveparade attracts too many attendees making the Ku’damm too small. The parade gets a new home in the heart of Berlin, on the Straße des 17. In just ten years, 150 people became an incredible 1.5 million ravers, dancing together, peacefully, under the motto “Music Is The Key” in 1999.

2000 – 2003

The most peaceful party in the world!

The most peaceful party in the world faces challenging times and route conflicts.

2004 – 2005

The parade was cancelled

Financial reserves were used up, new dates began to falter, sponsors dropped out.


The Berlin spirit!

After the sale of the “Loveparade” brand in November 2005, it only took place once in Berlin, in the summer of 2006.


Party in the Ruhr area

The Loveparade held in Dortmund


Party stays in the Ruhr area

The Loveparade held in Essen


The Loveparade cancelled

The parade was cancelled because the mayor of Bochum did not consider an event of this size feasible in his city.


Loss of the spirit

The parade came to a sad end with a mass panic in Duisburg in which 21 people died and hundreds were traumatized. At a press conference the day after, the new owner announced that “…out of respect for the victims, their families and friends, we will not continue the event”


“Rave the Planet”

The Loveparade 2022 comes home to Berlin under the motto “Rave the Planet”.
On the second weekend of July: The new date for the “Rave The Planet” techno parade is July 9, 2022 from 2 p.m.

What exactly happened in the Loveparade disaster in 2010?

At the last Loveparade in 2010 on the site of the old Duisburg goods station, mass panic broke out in the tunnel and on the ramp to the festival site. 21 visitors died and more than 600 participants were injured. After the accident, no further events of the Loveparade took place.

Rave The Planet: Why the new name for the Loveparade 2022?

The naming rights for the Loveparade are owned by Rainer Schaller, who has organized the parade with his company Lopavent since 2006. The reboot of Dr. Motto at the place of origin Berlin is now to take place under the new name “Rave The Planet”. 

▶︎ The organizers of the Loveparade 2022 write on their website: “We are taking up the original vision of the Loveparade that at some point parades will take place all over the planet and everyone will dance in peace at the same time.”

How can you support the Loveparade successor?

In order to be able to realize the project at all, the organizers started a large campaign for which donations are advertised on the homepage. Feel free to donate for the Rave the Planet Loveparade 2022!

Love Parade 2022

What is behind the idea of ​​”Rave the Planet”?

“Rave The Planet” has set itself the task of bringing the spirit of the Loveparade back to the streets of the German capital on July 9, 2022. However, the initiative wants to revitalize more than just a colorful street festival, but also have the technophile celebrations – or the “culture of electronic dance music as an intangible cultural heritage” – declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The team around techno legend Dr. With “Rave The Planet” Motte also tries to protect, promote and further develop the culture of electronic dance music in all its forms. On the initiative’s website , politicians are demanding “more rights and more protection for our clubs and festivals”. They are “places of intercultural exchange in which the spirit of Peace, Love, Unity & Respect finds its expression.”

Love Parade 2022

How did the Loveparade originally come about?

The Love Parade was in 1989 by Dr. Motte (real name: Matthias Roeingh) in Berlin. Back then, just 150 techno fans danced on Kurfürstendamm under the motto “Peace, Joy, Pancakes”. Later it turned into a spectacle worth millions. The parade took place in Berlin from 1989 to 2006 and at different locations in the Ruhr area between 2007 and 2010. 

Since the devastating accident in Duisburg in 2010, the Loveparade has not existed anymore. One of the larger techno festivals in Berlin was the “Train of Love”, but the number of participants never reached the level of the Loveparade. Here you can find more information about the history of the Loveparade.

Why are people demonstrating during the Rave the Planet Loveparade 2022?

  1. The recognition of electronic music culture to be protected as a cultural asset – benefiting from our ongoing application for the recognition of “Techno Culture in Berlin” as an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO
  2. Equality of electronic music culture with all other, established cultural forms and institutions, as well as equal claims and opportunities for public funding
  3. Safeguard clubs and other venues as cultural institutions
  4. Unconditional basic income for artists and cultural workers
  5. Implementation of the “Electronic Music Culture Day” as a public holiday, repeated annually on the 2nd Saturday in July (traditional day of the Berlin Loveparade)
  6. General and nationwide abolition of all dance bans, especially on Christian holidays
  7. The right to cultural and non-verbal dance and music demonstrations, free of compulsory verbal contributions (e.g. speeches), so that rallies, parades and protest marches, in particular of the electronic music culture, are recognized in principle with legal certainty as assemblies in the sense of § 8 of the German Constitution


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