The German Ethics Council WANTS mandatory vaccination [Corona]


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The number of corona infections is increasing, and the demand for a nationwide vaccination requirement is getting louder. Now the German Ethics Council is also voicing their concerns.

Mandatory vaccination: As the corona situation continues to worsen, the German Ethics Council advises checking whether certain groups of people are required to be vaccinated. So why is the Ethics Council now calling for a vaccination requirement?

Mandatory Vaccination …

In view of the pandemic situation, the Ethics Council has asked the federal government to check whether certain professional groups are required to be vaccinated. Regular corona tests were not enough.

“In view of the current pandemic situation, the council now recommends, without a dissenting vote, with three abstentions, a serious and rapid examination of a job-related compulsory vaccination in areas in which particularly vulnerable people are cared for,” – German Ethics Council Thursday, November 11, 2021

mandatory vaccination
Alena Buyx, German Ethics Council Chairman

▶ Employees who professionally care for seriously or chronically ill and very old people, such as medical and nursing staff, but also employees in social services, everyday support or housekeeping, have a special responsibility not to harm those entrusted to them. The German Ethics Council is calling for the Federal Government to immediately examine a sufficiently differentiated legal regulation for a job-related vaccination requirement and, if necessary, prepare a practicable and effective implementation.

mandatory vaccination

Danger from unvaccinated nursing staff

The Ethics Council has corrected its position because the infection rate now shows that not enough people have been vaccinated against corona, including in the medical and nursing fields.

In addition, the immune response to a Covid vaccination is often not sufficient in the very old. The risk of unvaccinated, nursing staff of being infected with Covid-19, and thus of dying from the infection, is particularly high.

mandatory vaccination

Ethics Council Chair: Responsibility lies with the employee

▶ Regular testing of unvaccinated employees is not enough to ensure the safety of the vulnerable groups. This means that the responsibility for this lies not only with the facility and the provider, but also with the individual employees.

The hope is that the discussion about job-related vaccination,which has been going on for a while, means that the institutions also see this as a signal to address all their employees very intensively and to make offers. It would be best to combine this with the booster vaccinations, she suggests. Because the booster vaccinations are due now, in these facilities.

Majority of the population in favor of a nationwide vaccination requirement

Meanwhile, there is also great interest among the population in compulsory vaccination for all of Germany. Because in a survey by the opinion research institute YouGov – commissioned by the dpa – 44 percent of the participants spoke out in favor of immunizing all German citizens against the corona virus.

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