Mandatory vaccinations are finally coming to Germany in 2022


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Mandatory vaccination plans being discussed envisage, among other things, limiting the obligation to vaccinate until December 31, 2023. It should therefore apply to ALL adults over the age of 18 who live in Germany.

Plans for mandatory vaccinations are becoming more concrete – is there a temporary obligation for all adults? The Bundestag will probably vote on compulsory vaccination in March. There are several requests for this. What could it look like – for a limited time, for everyone or only as a duty to advise?

Mandatory vaccinations

Proposals in the Bundestag on what mandatory vaccination could look like

  • Key points paper provides for mandatory vaccination for all adults – with a time limit
  • Obligation to vaccinate or obligation to advise – several applications in the Bundestag
  • Experts disagree: Is compulsory vaccination expedient? 

Members of the coalition government have written a key-points paper. It drafts what mandatory vaccination in Germany could look like. According to the paper, it should apply to adults with “permanent residence in Germany”. If the paper had its way, the obligation would be limited to the end of 2023 and would include three vaccinations. For people who refuse, the key issues paper provides for fines, if necessary several times. So-called compulsory detention should be avoided. The possible introduction of compulsory vaccination is expected to be voted on in the Bundestag in March. MEPs should cast their votes without being forced to belong to a parliamentary group and can join cross-party group motions.


Mandatory vaccinations

Key points of the proposed general mandatory vaccinations in Germany

Group Baehrens, Dahmen, Helling-Plahr, Schmiat (Wetz!ar),Steffen, Strack-Zimmermann, Wiese (Status: 04.02.2022)


  • Protecting society as a whole and the health care system in particular from being overwhelmed again by the high number of infections with the SARS-CoV-2 virus
  • Achieve high, sustainable immunization within the population through a high vaccination rate
  • Build up a high level of basic immunity in good time before next winter in order to be prepared for the next expected wave of corona virus and to enable social life as far as possible without protective measures that restrict freedom

Design of general mandatory vaccinations

  • Mandatory proof of vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 for all adults over the age of 18 with permanent residence in Germany
  • Vaccination obligation fulfilled with 3 vaccinations (all approved vaccines, selection must be possible);
  • The vaccination requirement is limited to December 31, 2023.
  • Special constellations and facilitating exceptions are regulated on a science-based basis via an ordinance (including determination of the extent to which recovery is taken into account, medically clearly justified exceptions, dealing with full vaccinations according to the standards of countries of origin that are not recognized here)

Implementation of the mandatory vaccinations

  • Commissioning the health insurance companies to inform their insured about the new law, procedures and counseling services and to request vaccination certificates and to save them individually for the insured person (electronic vaccination certificate)
  • A technical solution (vaccination portal) is made available to the health insurance companies in order to be able to collect the vaccination certificates in a data-saving and protected manner.
  • If proof is not provided: penalty procedure with setting a deadline: penalty can be averted with vaccination or subsequent proof
  • Occasion-related controls as well as random checks by law enforcement officers to be determined by the federal states
  • No forced vaccinations; Sanctioning of fines (administrative offence)
  • Waiver of coercive detention; Fines and procedures are based on existing regulations on measles vaccination; repeated penalty procedures possible

Expectations of the federal government

  • Continue to push vaccination strategy and ensure vaccine procurement
Mandatory vaccinations

Can only the general obligation to vaccinate finally end corona restrictions?

Is it only possible to achieve extensive protection of the population against possible future variants of the virus through compulsory vaccination, and is it therefore possible to see a definitive end to the many restrictions on fundamental rights for the population caused by the change to the epidemic in the foreseeable future? According to the Federal Minister of Health, opponents would overlook the fact that many dangerous variants of the virus that are currently unforeseeable are conceivable in the future.

Mandatory vaccinations

The German Chancellor wants mandatory vaccinations from the age of 18

Chancellor Scholz opposed proposals that only include compulsory vaccination for older people or people with previous illnesses. He reiterated the plan for a general obligation to vaccinate. This should apply to people over the age of 18 and the law should not be “too complicated”. The government is not making its own legislative proposal, but wants to have the compulsory vaccination regulation worked out in the Bundestag. From the orientation debate of 26.3. he promised himself a “pacification of the political discussion”.


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