March 2022 changes in Germany: Significant corona adjustments – Freedom Day and a windfall!


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March 2022 changes will certainly be a great start for many. The new laws and changes in March 2022 are mainly characterized by the corona loosening that has been decided. But other things are also changing again – from short-time work benefits to jackpot rules to scooter license plates. We reveal what awaits you.

March 2022 changes in Germany: In March 2022 a lot of changes will be implemented in Germany. The most significant applies to the Corona measures. By March 20, on so-called “Freedom Day”, the restrictions on social, cultural, and economic life are to be gradually reduced. Step 1 was already implemented at the end of February. This was the unlimited number of participants for groups with proof of vaccination. Restrictions continue to apply to the unvaccinated until March 19.

March 2022 changes: relaxation of the corona protection measures

March 2022 changes

The federal and state governments have agreed on a  three-step opening in the corona pandemic: by March 20, the far-reaching restrictions on social, cultural and economic life are to be gradually lifted. Step 1 has already been implemented.

Step 2: March 4th changes

The second phase of the easing of the corona pandemic. 

▶︎ In gastronomy and in hotels or for overnight stays, 3G applies – i.e. with a negative test also possible for not fully vaccinated and non-vaccinated people. 

▶︎ Discotheques and clubs are allowed to open under the so-called 2G+ rule. This means that visitors must either be triple vaccinated, or double vaccinated or recovered and have a negative test. 

▶︎ 3G applies to major events – such as concerts and soccer games. Indoor occupancy is 60 percent and a maximum of 6,000 people. Outside areas can be used up to 75 percent and the maximum number of people is 25,000. FFP2 masks should be worn for this.

Step 3: March 20th changes

The third phase of the easing. Then all more far-reaching measures should be withdrawn. 

▶︎ Only low-threshold measures should be maintained for the time being, for example the obligation to wear a mask when shopping and on buses and trains. 

▶︎ The home office obligation also falls with the date, which means that employers can demand that employees come back to the office . 

From March 20th all strict protective measures will largely end. Since then, the date has been traded as the so-called “Freedom Day”. 

  • It affects access restrictions
  • The end of the home office obligation
  • Wearing the mask remains mandatory

The new vaccine Novavax can also contribute to the fight against the pandemic.

March 2022 changes: Vaccination compulsory in health facilities from mid-March

March 2022 changes

On March 15, the much-discussed compulsory vaccination in health-related facilities will come into force. These include nursing homes, medical practices, and day clinics. Employees must then show proof of completed vaccination, recovery, or a medical certificate, which is why they cannot be vaccinated against the coronavirus. 

▶︎ The decision of the Bundestag was made by the Bundestag in December 2021. This requirement has become very controversial in Germany. Read more here.

March 2022 changes: Time change

March 2022 changes

The clock is turned again every year: On March 27, the changeover to daylight saving time occurs when the clock is put forward by one hour at 2 a.m. on Sunday.

March 2022 changes: New law on organ donation

March 2022 changes

In order to make it easier for people to decide whether they want to donate organs, the Federal Government will offer more information from March 1, 2022. The  law was passed on March 16, 2020. 

▶︎ Anyone who applies for an ID card should in future receive educational material and organ donor cards from the authorities. However, the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV) also criticizes the fact that an amount of 7.32 euros can be billed per consultation. The KBV considers this to be too little, since a few minutes of discussion is not appropriate for the topic.

In addition, it should be possible to obtain information about counseling options, for example, from the general practitioner in an uncomplicated manner . With the law coming into force for this purpose, an organ donation register is to be set up in which people’s willingness to donate can be documented online.

March 2022 changes: Corona bonus expires at the end of March

March 2022 changes

Until March 31, there is a tax and duty-free corona bonus of 1,300 euros for some professional groups. Trainees and students receive 650 euros. Unions and employers agreed on this in November 2021. That applies to:

  • Salaried employees at university hospitals
  • schools and day-care centers
  • fire Department
  • police
  • workers in waste disposal companies
  • Employees in the road maintenance department
  • employees in state authorities

March 2022 changes: Extension of short-time work

March 2022 changes

The Bundestag has extended many rules for short-time work beyond March 31, but not two. After this date, employers will only be reimbursed half of their social security contributions if short-time work is associated with a qualification. In addition, those affected are excluded from the regulation on short-time work. 

▶︎ Otherwise, the following applies: The simplified short-time work allowance is available until June 30th. It is therefore still sufficient if at least ten percent of the employees are affected by the loss of working hours. Normally at least a third of the employees had to be affected. Increased benefit rates and exemption from counting income from minor employment were also extended.

March 2022 changes: Telephone sick leave still possible?

March 2022 changes

Sick leave by telephone is currently limited to March 31, 2022, but it is likely to be extended. This means that a conversation and diagnosis with a doctor can also be carried out via video call.

March 2022 changes: Insurance number plate for scooters, mopeds and co.

March 2022 changes

From March 1, 2022, anyone traveling with a roller, scooter, moped, e-scooter or S-Pedelec up to 50 cc will need a green license plate instead of a blue one as before, according to the General Association of the German Insurance Industry (GDV). Vehicles with the old blue license plate lose insurance cover on the road. The vehicles include, for example, mopeds, mopeds or scooters, light mopeds, Segways or light quads.

▶︎ If it is traveling with more than 50cc, it needs a green license plate. A blue one is no longer enough, those vehicles lose their insurance coverage.

March 2022 changes: Fair Consumer Contracts Act takes effect making terminating contracts easier

March 2022 changes

As of March 1, contracts may no longer be automatically renewed without giving one month’s notice. The federal government wants to protect consumers better, because contracts that you conclude from this point on are automatically covered by this rule. This applies roughly to:

  • mobile phone contracts
  • gyms
  • newspaper subscriptions
  • streaming services
  • Electricity and gas deliveries
  • Online Dating Sites

March 2022 changes: New lottery regulations

March 2022 changes

From March 25, 2022, the rules of the game for the European lottery will be changed. Then:

  • second draw on Tuesday will be introduced.
  • In the future, the jackpot will roll from Friday to Tuesday and from Tuesday to Friday.
  • The maximum jackpot increases from 90 to 120 million euros.
  • The game formula will be adjusted.
  • Instead of the previous choice of 5 out of 50 and 2 out of 10, players will in future choose their numbers from 5 out of 50 and 2 out of 12.
  • The payout in the winning classes will be increased.

March 2022 changes: Extension of insect protection

March 2022 changes

The Federal Nature Conservation Act also regulates insect protection. There will be innovations here from March 1, 2022. The following are legally protected :

  • Biodiverse grassland
  • orchards
  • Cairns at the edge of farmland and fields

It also applies that…

  • …landscape planning must take better account of insect protection.
  • …pesticides and herbicides are banned in protected areas.
  • …street lighting is forbidden in nature reserves.
  • …insect traps by artificial light sources are banned.

March 2022 changes: Wood and hedge protection

March 2022 changes

Hedges and trees may no longer be cut from March 1, 2022  until September 30. This is stipulated in the Federal Nature Conservation Act, as trees and shrubs provide a habitat for wild animals and plants. 

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