Why visit Marienplatz, Munich?


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Marienplatz Munich is the urban heart of the Munich. Tourists and locals meet in the square.

There are beautiful street cafes that invite you to stay, many traditional department stores such as the Rischart bakery family, which has been represented on the square for over 125 years. Belo is a look at Marienplatz, Munich

Marienplatz, Munich: Overview

Marienplatz Questions Marienplatz Answers
Where is it located?
Central square of Munich city center
Where did it get it’s name?
It was given its current name Marienplatz after the grain market was relocated to Blumenstrasse in 1854. 
The then city administration wanted to honor the Blessed Mother Mary and hoped to save the city from the cholera that was rampant at the time.
What was it called before?
It was previously called Schrannenplatz or simply Markt. This is where the north-south route, Sendlinger Strasse, Rosental, Weinstrasse and Dienerstrasse as well as the east-west route Tal and Kaufingerstrasse, through which traders came to the city in the Middle Ages, meet.
What can you find at Marienplatz?
In the north it is bounded by the New Town Hall, in the east by the Old Town Hall, the south and west sides are department stores, other shops and restaurants.

The Marian column on the square was built in 1638 by Elector Maximilian I to thank him for protecting the city during the Swedish occupation in the Thirty Years’ War.

The column was made by Hubert Gerhard and shows, in addition to the statue of the Virgin Mary with a crescent moon and baby Jesus on the base, four putti fighting against a basilisk (this symbolizes the plague ), a dragon (= hunger), a snake (= disbelief) and a lion (= War) fight. The column also represents the center of the Bavarian land surveyt
What is one thing you did not know about Marienplatz?
I was once excution square!

As a result of the Sendling’s Christmas (night) of murder, the lieutenants Clanze and Aberle as well as the Munich citizens Küttler and Senser were beheaded on January 29, 1706 on what was then Schrannenplatz, the latter two also quartered. The same happened to the innkeeper Johann Jäger on March 17th.

Munich’s Marienplatz is located in the center of the old town

Old town hall

marienplatz, munich

The old town hall in the east of the square was built around 1310. In 1460, however, the building complex was struck by lightning and burned down. But in 1470 the Munich builder Jörg von Halspach decided to implement the design of a late Gothic town hall here.

In the centuries that followed, the building was repeatedly redesigned in different styles.

Toy museum

marienplatz, munich

The toy museum of Munich is located in the tower next to the old town hall . There are old model trains, plush toys, dolls, tin toys and much more.

New town hall

marienplatz, munich

In 1874, however, the city administration moved to the new town hall. Yes – although the new town hall looks older, it is the newer one. It was not fully completed until 1905.
Today more than 600 employees work here. Many of the rooms are open to the public. On the open day you can even visit the mayor’s office.

The town hall tower is also worth a visit as it offers an excellent view over the old town of Munich. You don’t even have to climb stairs to get to the top, as two lifts lead to the 85-meter-high viewing platform.

Restaurants and bars

marienplatz, munich

One thing is not missing on Marienplatz – the selection of restaurants, pubs and pubs. Of course you can eat good Bavarian food here, but if you prefer to eat Italian or Japanese, you will also find something here.

If you are strengthened after dinner, it is a good idea to stroll through the pedestrian zone and take a stroll.

If you have lost your orientation, then simply look for the Marian column, which is over 11 meters high. This is located in the middle of Marienplatz and can be used as an orientation.

As a memorial and thanksgiving monument for the salvation of the country and the Princely House, the Marian column serves to this day as a place of public worship and prayers.

Christmas market

marienplatz, munich

The Munich Chriskindlmarkt on Marienplatz is a special highlight every year. On the 20,000 m² Christmas market you will find 150 stalls and stalls that present all kinds of food, drink, jewelry and gift ideas.

With all this, Marienplatz is one of the things that you have to see in Munich.


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