Marriage visa for Germany: Can I get married with a Germany visa?


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Long-distance relationships are not uncommon these days. If the desire for a life together and a wedding is planned in Germany, national borders should not stand in your way. Would you like to marry your foreign partner in Germany or enter into a same-sex partnership? Find out about the marriage visa for Germany.

Third-country nationals from certain countries need a visa before entering Germany. Among the different types of visas for Germany you will also find a marriage visa. You provide the marriage visa in the form of a national long-term visa. If you need a marriage visa for Germany and everything you need to know about visas and marriage, read this article.

Marriage visa for Germany

What is a marriage visa?

A marriage visa is a visa for the purpose of marriage . The foreign unmarried partner can enter Germany with this visa in order to get married here or to enter into a civil partnership.

The following requirements for a marriage visa for Germany must be met:

  • Both spouses are of legal age
  • nonexistent relationship of the spouses
  • Proof of German language skills at level A1 (Goethe Institute certificate)
  • Fiance’s place of residence in Germany
  • Securing a livelihood in Germany must be guaranteed
  • Intention to have an actual marriage (no suspicion of fictitious marriage)

Can I get married on a tourist or visitor visa?

Entry with a Schengen visa entitles you to a short stay of a maximum of 90 days within 6 months for tourist or professional reasons and is not to be equated with a marriage visa for Germany. In theory, you can of course get married with a tourist or visitor visa in Germany, but you will then have difficulties obtaining a residence permit issued by the immigration authorities for your spouse to join them. As a rule, the immigration authorities will insist that the visa procedure be rescheduled. So it is best to apply for a marriage visa right from the start.

Who has to apply for a marriage visa for Germany?

As a third-country national , you generally need a visa to enter the Federal Republic of Germany. This excludes EU citizens and citizens of the EFTA states Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland, but other states are also exempt from the visa requirement.

Where do I apply for a marriage visa?

The marriage visa is applied for at the responsible German diplomatic mission in the respective home country before entering Germany . Take a look at the list of all missions abroad to find the embassy or consulate assigned to you.

Marriage visa for Germany: What is the procedure?

Would you like to marry your foreign partner in Germany? We will guide you step by step through the jungle of authorities.

10 steps to a German marriage visa

  1. Registry office : If you are a German citizen with a place of residence in Germany and would like to marry your foreign fiancé in Germany, before applying for a marriage visa, inquire at the registry office responsible for the documents that you need to present for the marriage. Most of the time you will receive a list of all the necessary documents.
  2. Prepare documents : Please note that all foreign documents that are not in German must be translated by a sworn interpreter and must not be older than six months . In addition, the documents may have to be legalized.
  3. Registration for marriage : Once you have all the documents, you can register for the marriage at the registry office, which is usually done in person and by both fiancés. If one partner is unable to attend, he can issue the other partner with a power of attorney. Registration for marriage can take place at the earliest 6 months before the desired marriage date.
  4. Checking the marriage requirements : The registry office uses the documents to check whether the person is fit to marry and if there are any obstacles to marriage. Here, among other things, the documents are checked for authenticity and various requirements are checked.
  5. Confirmation of registration for marriage : The registry office will certify that you have registered for marriage and confirm that all requirements for marriage are met. This certificate is valid for 6 months .
  6. Applying for a marriage visa in Germany : You can only apply for a marriage visa at the responsible German diplomatic mission in your home country once you have received the certificate and the date for the marriage from the registry office.
  7. Invitation of the fiancé to the German immigration authority : The fiancé in Germany is invited to an appointment at the responsible immigration authority in Germany. Some evidence and documents must be brought to the appointment. You will be informed in writing in advance which documents are involved.
  8. Statement by the foreigners authority : Following the personal appointment, the procedure for entering into marriage is checked and a statement is sent to the German diplomatic mission in the foreign applicant’s home country.
  9. Decision on visa application by the German diplomatic mission : In the last step, the German diplomatic mission decides on your application for a marriage visa .
  10. Entry into Germany: Have you received a marriage visa for Germany? Now the entry of the foreign partner and the marriage can take place within three months – this corresponds to the validity of the marriage visa .
Marriage visa for Germany

What documents do I need for a German marriage visa?

Before you can apply for a marriage visa at the German diplomatic mission abroad, the first step is to register the marriage at the responsible registry office in Germany. The following list shows the documents that you have to submit to your registry office for this.

Checklist: Documents for registering the marriage

For the German fiancé:

  • valid ID
  • Birth certificate
  • Registration confirmation
  • possibly a legally binding divorce decree (if previously married)

For the foreign fiancé:

  • valid passport
  • Birth certificate / certificate of parentage
  • Certificate of marital status (or certificate of unmarried status)
  • Registration or residence confirmation
  • if necessary, power of attorney to register a marriage (if prevented at the appointment)

Note: Your registry office may need additional documents depending on your personal situation. You can obtain information directly from your responsible registry office.

What is a certificate of marital status?

Foreigners must present a certificate of marital status at the German registry office , which is issued by the competent authorities in their home country. This certificate states that there are no obstacles to marriage, i.e. no lack of marital status or no marriage ban. 

Certificates of marital status are fully recognized in accordance with the Convention on the Issuance of Certificates of Marital Status of: Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Moldova, the Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Switzerland, Spain and Turkey. 

Certificates from other countries can also meet the requirements for a certificate of non-marriage, but in most cases these are only certificates of non-marriage without the quality of a certificate of non-marriage.

Note: The validity of a marriage certificate is 6 months.

Checklist: Documents for applying for a marriage visa

  • Registration for marriage
  • Completed application form
  • valid passport
  • Biometric passport photos
  • Proof of German language skills at level A1
  • Copy of the passport of the fiancé in Germany
  • Copy of the rental contract for the apartment in Germany
  • if applicable, declaration of commitment by the fiancé in Germany (for the period from entry to Germany and the date of marriage)
  • Proof of travel health insurance : for the first few weeks of your stay in Germany, provided that you take out health insurance in Germany afterwards.
Marriage visa for Germany

What does a marriage visa cost?

Applying for a national visa for Germany costs € 75. In addition, there are costs for registering the marriage at the registry office in the amount of 45 € to 120 €.

How long does a marriage visa take?

Because your visa application will be forwarded to the responsible immigration authority in Germany for a statement, waiting times of up to three months may arise.

Where do I apply for a residence permit for Germany?

After the marriage, the marriage certificate must be submitted to the responsible immigration office, which will then set an appointment for the issuing of the relevant residence permit. 

The residence permit based on marriage to a German citizen is initially issued for one or three years – depending on the federal state in which you live. 

If the residence permit is extended after one or three years, proof of successful participation in an integration course must be provided.

FAQ: Visitor Visa Germany

Where can I apply for a visitor visa for Germany?

You can apply for a visitor visa for Germany at the responsible diplomatic mission abroad. In Germany, these are German embassies and consulates that are responsible for the respective residential district.

Do I need an invitation for a visitor visa to Germany?

If you are planning a private visit, you do not need to present a hotel booking but an invitation letter from your hosts and their address. If you are staying in a hotel, all you need is proof of your hotel booking.

How long is a visitor visa for Germany valid?

In the case of a short-term stay with a Schengen visa, the person entering the country can stay in the Federal Republic of Germany for a maximum of 90 days in a row within a period of 180 days.

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