Mayflies have invaded Bavaria!


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Both in Schwandorf and Burglengenfeld, millions and millions of mayflies followed the Naab and caused frightening images. But there is no need to worry: every summer, the mayflies hatch at certain points on the Naab, a fascinating natural spectacle, usually over several days.

The locals already know this, but are still fascinated by the natural spectacle. The annual natural spectacle of mayflies takes place here – very fascinating. There are massive masses of mayflies that appear at the same or almost the same time every year.

What is a Mayfly?


Despite their name, mayflies are not actually flies. Sometimes called shadflies and lake flies, they are aquatic insects and are an important food source for fish and reptiles. 

These insects get their name from their typical emergence during the month of May, though they can emerge earlier or later depending on the species and environmental conditions. 

Mayflies are known for their two or three tails that are often longer than their bodies. If you need to get rid of mayflies on your property, it is recommended you hire a pest control professional.

Natural spectacle in Bavaria: Mayfly invasion causes traffic chaos

Snow flurries in the middle of summer in the tranquil Upper Palatinate? No, what works in Schwandorf as well as in Burglengenfeld are millions upon millions of mayflies. Every year in summer, the mayflies come to certain points on the Naab River and offer a fascinating natural spectacle that usually lasts for several days.

However, this also means for the residents that absolute caution is required. The insects are sometimes centimeters high on the road and ensure that they behave as if they were on black ice. 

Incidentally, the reason for this mass occurrence is reproduction: the mayflies buzz through the air during sexual intercourse. In doing so, they stay in the area around the bodies of water in which they grew up. There the males buzz around by the thousands to grab one of the females.


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