What’s going on in Lower Saxony Germany? More than 1300 people went missing in 2021! Christmas for their families will be sad


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They disappeared without a trace: The statistics of missing people in Lower Saxony is creepy. The police folder codenamed “Vermi /u Tot” (Missing / Unknown Dead) seems to be getting bigger.

Missing in Lower Saxony: Christmas is a time we get to enjoy with our family and friends, relaxing from the stress of everyday life. While we are enjoying this Christmas, there are families in Lower Saxony Germany wondering what happened to their loved.

For the second year in a row, Corona is once again putting a spell on the pandemic for many people, especially at Christmas. Stricter corona rules at Christmas and an extended Christmas rest with warning level 3 do not make this easy. And yet it is a special good on these admittedly not that easy holidays to rely on the support of the family and to know that loved ones are around. More than 1300 people are missing in Lower Saxony alone!


1300 missing people in Lower Saxony: disappeared without a trace and alleged victims of violent crimes

An eleven-year-old schoolboy from Bad Essen disappeared for seven weeks, and the police in the Osnabrück district looked for him by all means. Then in mid-November the boy did not find himself in Lower Saxony , but in Bad Bocklet in Bavaria with friends of his grandmother. That was one of the missing persons cases of the year 2021, which ended lightly. Other people disappear permanently and without a trace, and some of them are believed to have fallen victim to a crime.

Missing people from Lower Saxony: More than 1300 people had disappeared by mid-December 2021

More than 1200 people were reported missing in Lower Saxony in mid-December. The oldest recorded missing person case goes back to 1957, said the State Criminal Police Office in Hanover. At the end of 2020, the permanent file with the eerie name “Vermi / uTot” ((Missing / Unknown Dead) recorded almost 1,300 missing persons.

This year, 7852 people from Lower Saxony were reported missing by December 13, 2021, said LKA spokeswoman Antje Heilmann. In 7169 cases the manhunt could be withdrawn and the missing persons were found.


Missing minors from Lower Saxony: 286 children and young people have disappeared in Lower Saxony since the beginning of the year

According to the information, 286 children and adolescents have disappeared since the beginning of the year and have not yet reappeared – almost exactly half boys, half girls. The reasons for the disappearance are very different, said Heilmann. Young people often abandoned themselves out of a thirst for adventure or they fled from assisted living facilities. In the case of smaller children, it is often about child abduction by a parent.

Or through the grandmother, as in the case of the 11-year-old in Bad Essen. Shortly after his disappearance at the end of September, the police suspected that the woman might have had something to do with it. But even in several interviews she did not say where the child had been taken. The police had to laboriously determine the whereabouts. There are proceedings against the grandmother and her Bavarian acquaintances for the deprivation of minors.

Missing 16-year-old from Celle in Paris picked up by father

In April, shortly after Easter, a missing 16-year-old student from Celle was found safe and sound ; her father picked her up from Paris. Two and a half weeks earlier, she had disappeared from her parents’ house without a trace, and had not taken any money or cell phone with her.

Therefore, the investigators feared that the girl had been the victim of a crime. They asked the public for help with a dramatic video on Facebook. There were many indications of this. In the end, however, the decisive tip came from a professional investigator. An officer from the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) saw the video. She noticed the striking resemblance to an unknown girl who had been apprehended in France.


Missing mother and eleven-year-old son from the Hanover region: There is no trace of either of them

A mother and her eleven-year-old son have been missing in the Hanover region since September 2021 . The boy should have returned to his father, who has custody, after a vacation. There is still no trace of mother and son, said a police spokesman before Christmas.

Missing people in Bremen: A total of 158 people, 95 of them underage

In the federal state of Bremen , 158 people were missing in mid-December, 95 of them were still minors. A total of 1,534 people were reported as missing this year. A 13-year-old runaway alone withdrew from crisis management 77 times. A missing person case in Bremen in 2020 turned out to be a crime this year. A 46-year-old was allegedly murdered; his body was found in November in the Lower Saxony area around the Hanseatic city. 

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