Oh no! After these scenes it’s over forever! [Money Heist]


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Happy Ending for Money Heist? Warning, spoilers +++ What the new trailer shows

“Bella Ciao” – we’ll get to sing one last time …

On Thursday, Netflix released the longingly awaited trailer for the sequel to the season of the Spanish mega-success “House of Money”. So much for the good news. Because with season 5, part 2 with five episodes, the legendary bank robber saga ends. Forever!

The second part of the grand finale with its five episodes begins on December 3rd, part 1 celebrated its streaming premiere in September, also with five episodes. And THEN it really rained on the paper.

+++ ATTENTION, SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t seen all parts of the Money Heist (Netflix show), you better stop reading now! +++

THIS is what the trailer shows

In the almost 30-second trailer you can hear the professor’s voice (Álvaro Morte, 46) saying the words: “In the last few hours I’ve lost two people who were important to me, and I won’t let anyone else die.”

What he means: After the death of fan favorite Tokyo (Úrsula Corberó, 32), the group inside the money house is on its own. The enemy, albeit wounded, is more dangerous than ever and is still in the Bank of Spain.

money heist
That hurt: The fans had to get over the serial death of Tokyo (Úrsula Corberó) – Photo: Netflix
money heist
Tokyo is dead and Rio devastated – that ended the last episode so far – Photo: TAMARA ARRANZ / NETFLIX

What follows are the usual action-packed scenes that leave no doubt: This is the last fight the gangsters have to face. A showdown of superlatives that marks the end of the most legendary bank robbery of all time.

Who will survive in the end and how does the story end – and whether there will even be a little happy ending for those who remain? The fans will find out all of this from December 3rd.

The surprise success from Spain

On Netflix, “House of Money” became a global success in 2017 and only sparked the enthusiasm for experimentation that the streaming giant is used to today. Films and series from all over the world in various languages ​​instead of just Hollywood fare? This is mainly thanks to the success of this show.

The story about a gang of bank robbers who outdo themselves again and again with their breakneck robberies does not come from Netflix at all. Previously, “House of Money” was on Spanish television under the title “La casa de papel” (in German: “Haus des Geldes”, an allusion to the banknotes).

money heist
Scene from the trailer for the second part of the fifth season – Photo: Netflix

From today’s point of view, in view of the mega success, it’s hard to believe: The series was over much faster on Spanish TV than on Netflix! A total of 15 episodes told a completed story and flickered across the screens in Spain until November 2017.

Netflix recognized the show’s potential, secured the rights and simply re-edited the series. Instead of 15 episodes, there were only 13 with significantly less running time. Nine further episodes and thus season two were formed from the material that was still available.

And then? Under the title “House of Money” – or internationally known as “Money Heist” – the revised series delighted millions of fans, and Netflix had no choice but to continue the gold mine.

With part five the bank robbery business but is now brought to an end, one last time have the “anti-hero”, all to protect their identities, the names of cities carry (Tokyo, Rio, Stockholm, Berlin …), the ultimate Heist survive.

The professor’s take on the end of the series

All robbers are under the command of the professor. Actor Álvaro Morte plays the mysterious puller and anchor point of the show since episode one.

money heist
Álvaro Morte became world famous for his role as professor and leader of the bank robber gang

How was the last day of shooting after 48 episodes for him? 

“It was very emotional because something wonderful happened. That day I shot with the same people as I did on the very first day five years ago. We said ‘goodbye’ to an entire universe. “

Five years have passed, “a damn long time,” as the professor says. “I cried an awful lot when the very last mouth fell.” Really the very last one? Well, internationally not quite …

Because “House of Money” is getting a remake from South Korea! And that’s coming to Netflix soon too.


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