Moving during the Corona crisis? This is what you need to know in 2022


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Are you planning to move during the corona crisis? Then you should find out about the current 2022 corona rules. Make sure you understand what is currently allowed and what is not allowed in Germany

Moving during the Corona crisis: A move is usually a real organizational feat. Appointments have to be coordinated, belongings packed and furniture dismantled. Helping hands from family or friends, or even a moving company, can be very relieving and relieve some of the work. But is moving in 2022 with corona possible? Find out which corona rules you should follow when moving.

Moving during the Corona crisis – is that allowed?

If you want to move in 2022, you should find out about the currently applicable Corona measures. At the moment, moving as well as for viewing apartments is allowed in almost all German states.

▶ If you plan to move in 2022, then all you have to do is check to make sure that corona restrictions have no changed. However, there are some corona rules that took effect on the 28th of December 2021 to be observed. There are also exceptional cases in which moving is not allowed.

Moving despite Corona – what do I have to consider?

Moving during the Corona crisis

How can I minimize the risk of corona infection when moving?

In order to protect yourself and all helpers from an infection with SARS-CoV-2, you should also pay attention to the recommended hygiene rules during the move . These include, for example:

  • Maintain the minimum distance of 1.5 meters from others who are not from your immediate household
  • Proper coughing and sneezing
  • No hand greeting of the moving helpers
  • Regular and thorough hand washing
  • Wear mouth and nose protection, especially in closed rooms
  • Good ventilation of the premises, for example through several open windows

Ideally, the moving helpers and the employees of a moving company can wash their hands at your place.

How many moving helpers are allowed during Corona?

With the current resolution of the federal and state governments, stricter rules regarding contact restrictions have been in place since December 28, 2021

First of all, it is important whether you or the people involved in the move have been vaccinated or have recovered or not. 

If all the movers and people helping are vaccinated or recovered, then a maximum of ten people is allowed. That means both indoors and outdoors only ten people can be involved in the move. 

▶ As soon as an unvaccinated person is present, only your own household plus two people from another household may be present. Children under 14 are generally excluded from the contact restrictions.

Can you move with a moving company during Corona?

Moving during the Corona crisis

Even during Corona, you can reduce the stress and strain of moving with the help of moving companies because moving companies continue to work normally despite the corona pandemic. 

▶ Of course, the current Corona rules also apply here. However, avoid unnecessary contact with employees of the moving company, such as shaking hands.

Are you moving despite contact restrictions?

Anyone planning a private move in times of the coronavirus is faced with a particular challenge: Depending on the contact  restrictions, for example, not all possible private moving helpers are allowed to lend a hand. Currently only one person is legally permitted. Depending on where you are, you may also be required to wear a mask in public.

However , you can easily hire a moving company. The company’s employees must keep the required minimum distance and are likely to take some additional hygiene measures. This includes, for example, the regular disinfection of vehicles and the wearing of protective masks. 

Important: For reasons of hygiene, many moving companies currently do not take back moving materials, such as cardboard boxes.

Termination, new lease, cancel – which corona rules apply when moving?

If you cannot keep a planned move-out date due to Corona, you have to hope for the goodwill of the landlord

There is currently no legal right to postpone the move because of the corona pandemic. If you cannot or do not want to use a rental agreement that has already been concluded due to Corona, you will have to negotiate with your landlord. 

An exception could possibly be that the person moving is in quarantine or that a move should take place in an area classified as a risk area by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI).

Corona suspected or quarantine – can I still move?

Moving during the Corona crisis

If you or someone else in your household is in quarantine at the time of the move, you will unfortunately not be able to move

corona suspicion also prevents the move. Before you move, make sure to check out the Federal government website about the current corona measures and on the RKI website about the current incidence in your region. Because changes at short notice can affect the planning and implementation of your move.

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