Is Munich part of Germany? Most Germans don’t think so :)


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Most Germans do not consider Munich to be a part of Germany. Is that really true?

Munich polarizes in both directions and one of the things to blame is its intangibility. The financial disparity between Munich and other regions seem to have created some sort of distaste for Munich in many Germans. Really, is Munich part of Germany? Find out why it’s true that Germans do not consider Munich part of Germany

Is Munich part of Germany? Damn Germans! They ruined Munich!


Over the years Munich has acquired this “rich people” image that roils a lot of Germans. Most people in Munich consider others living outside of Munich as people living in the villages. That is why people from Munich are called “Isarpreißn” by the rest of Bavarians.

Bavarians laugh because people in Munich can’t speak Bavarian

In lower and upper Bavaria, people always comment on how Munich is not Bavaria because almost nobody there speaks Bavarian.

„Deutsch-Bayerische Grenze“ (German-Bavarian Border)

In Germany, most people jokingly refer to Bavaria as being outside Germany. You will constantly hear about the „Deutsch-Bayerische Grenze“or German-Bavarian Border. It’s meant as a joke but Bavaria is pretty different from the rest of Germany in many ways. That has historically made other Germany to dislike Bavaria. By association, Munich being the center of Bavaria is not liked by other Germans.

Bavaria is culturally closer to Austria than the rest of Germany. The Bavaria dialect is hard for most Germany to understand.

The fact that Bayern Munich is based in Munich does not help either. The football team is passionately hated by other Germans who watch the Bundesliga.

FACT: At the Niederrhein (lower Rhine area of NRW – North Rhine Westphalia) people jokingly call the border between Bavaria and the rest of Germany “Weißwurstäquator “(white sausage equator)

Political elitism in Munich


Munich and by default Bavaria has a ruling political party, the CSU, that only really exists in Bavaria. They however demand an excessive number of cabinet positions in the German federal government. A thorny issue for most Germans has been the transportation ministry which is has a minister from Munich (CSU). The distaste comes from the fact that it is thought that a disproportionate amount of transportation funds are routed back to Bavaria and Munich by default.

The issue for most Germans is that a lot of politicians in the federal government are from the CSU party: A party that can only be voted for IN BAVARIA during the elections!

Superiority complex in Munich and Bavaria


If you read the papers, Bavaria always refers to itself and the “Freistaat Bayern” or Free State of Bavaria. Most Germans outside Bayern tend to associate this superiority with Munich.

From a historical perspective, Bavaria used to be the most powerful smaller state that joined the unified German Empire in the 1870s. For that Bismarck conceded a lot of rights that Bavaria did not have (e.g. Bavaria had its own railroad company).

There is always an undercurrent in Munich that Bavaria (and by deuaflt Munich) whould always have its extra status, even if it does not make sense at all to the rest of Germany. That’s why there is the CSU, and that’s why the state is still called “Freistaat” instead of Republic like the rest of Germany (even though the terms might mean the same thing).

Munich is the most northern Italian city


If you are not aware, there as many or more Italian restaurants in Munich than there are bier gardens in Bavaria. Next time you are in Munich, pay attention and see if you will notice any of the following:

  • Eating inside or outside all year round: Most of the restaurants are so small that there is no space inside anyway. Chairs and tables are also not absolutely necessary.
  • Most of the ice cream parlors in Munich are run by Italians
  • Aperitif or aperitivo in Munich: Especially after work, it’s pretty easy to convince yourself that you’re in Italy, outside the bar, with an Aperol Sprizz in your hand.
  • Cappuccino or Expresso, prego:
  • There are Vespas everywhere in Munich
  • Oktoberfest is the “festa della birra” and Munich is the “capitale mondiale della birra”
  • Munich is Italy’s third art capital after Rome and Florence: the magnificent bronze crucifix by Giambologna was recently repositioned in St. Michael’s Church.

Bavarian culture centered in Munich is the primary international representation of Germany


If you as a stranger China or Peru to name a few things Germany you will always get:

  • Oktoberfest
  • Tracht
  • Pretzels
  • Weißwurst

All these are Bavarian and mostly in Munich. It’s easy to see why a lot of international tourists end up in Munich than any other part of Germany.

Munich stereotypes

People in Munich are considered too loud about their affluence. When visiting the northern part of Germany for holidays in the summer, they will always comment on the lack of nature in the north.

Unlike in the north (mostly the Swabian region) where people are considered very stingy, people in Munich are considered too flashy.

FACT: The Swabian stereotype is true! People in the Swabian region will not pay a euro more than is required and will complain endlessly about the price of everything. They will also not give you more than you paid for exactly. Try asking for an extra ketchup packet at a fast food restaurant anywhere in Baden-Würtemberg. You will get one with your meal and any extra will be charged.


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