11 of the Coolest Music Festivals in Germany planned for 2022. Will masks be required?


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If everything goes as planned, we’ll be rocking “Lollapalooza”, “Rock am Ring” and “Wacken” in 2022 without masks! Find out the 11 coolest music festivals in Germany planned this year!

Music Festivals in Germany: Finally festivals again! Hard to believe, but this year we can hug each other again, drink beer from the mug and listen to loud music under the open sky. Below are 11 music festivals in Germany that you can look forward to in 2022!

A post-pandemic therapy at the biggest music festivals in Germany!

After two long Corona years, summer 2022 is finally giving us festival happiness back! Read more on the upcoming music festivals in 2022!

For 2 years Corona has messed up the pandemic thwarted the planning of organizers, artists and music fans. But things are looking promising in 2022, because Germany is loosening up restrictions!

Soon we’ll be basking in the sun beating down on the two-man tent, a cold beer in hand, our favorite bands on stage. Has it been that long? Yes! Now we can look forward to the 11 coolest music festivals in Germany!

▶︎ Almost all restrictions in Germany are to be lifted from March 20th. The 2G regulations will also be relaxed and concerts and festivals will go ahead without access restrictions. Everything, of course, hinges on the premise that the current stable corona situation does not worsen. Only the mask requirement continues to cause discussions in politics. It’s universally accepted that music makes fans happy: celebrate without a mask! Germany is (almost) in festival happiness!

1. Rock am Ring

Music Festivals in Germany

From June 3rd to 5th, music fans can finally make a pilgrimage to the Nürburgring again. The top stars of 2022: Green Day, Muse, Volbeat and Billy Talent. 

Rock am Ring is considered the most traditional rock festival in Germany hosted at the Nürburgring near the town of Adenau in the Eifel region. In 2015 and 2016, the festival took place at the former Bundeswehr airfield in Mendig. It runs parallel to Rock im Park and has an almost identical band line-up.

The new “Rock am Ring” boss Matt Schwarz is planning a sold-out festival – that means 90,000 visitors per day, 90 percent of the tickets have already been sold. If things go well, the fans can even celebrate without a mask.

▶︎ The organizers don’t expect masks to be worn on the festival grounds, since ‘Rock am Ring’ is an open-air event. This will also apply to the crowds in front of the stage. After all, we breathe the same air everywhere!

The organizer is confident that “Rock am Ring” can actually take place without restrictions this year.

Planning has been in full swing for some time, and the last phase is taking big steps before the festival can open its doors in just under 100 days. As confirmed by the Minister-President responsible, the Rhineland-Palatinate Day with 350,000 visitors will take place as planned from May 20th to 22nd in Mainz. The festival will only take place at the beginning of June AFTER the Rhineland-Palatinate Day in the same federal state.”

2. Lollapalooza Berlin

Music Festivals in Germany

In late summer 2022, the Lollapalooza Festival returns to Berlin! On September 24th and 25th, 2022, the festival will take place in the Olympic Park and the Olympic Stadium. Advance sales are expected to start here at Ticketmaster in early 2022. Then it will also be announced which bands will fill the Lolla lineup for Berlin 2022.

Lollapalooza Berlin is a colorful mix of indie, rock, pop, hip-hop, and electronic festivals in a class of their own, like no other in Germany. Everything a music heart desires is united on the grounds in and around the Olympic Stadium. For the very young guests, there is a family-friendly extra area with the Kidzapalooza, Fashionistas, and fashionistas get their money’s worth at the Fashionpalooza. Exquisite drinks can be enjoyed in the vineyard with live acoustic music and performances by up-and-coming newcomers. The Lolla Fun Fair has several curiosities and lovingly designed gimmicks to offer. At the Aquapalooza in the Olympiabad, water artists make the audience’s eyes light up. In the green area, visitors can experience how a sustainable, climate-friendly, and fairer world is possible.

3. Wireless Germany

Music Festivals in Germany

The date for the next edition of Wireless Germany has been set: the Urban Music & Lifestyle Festival will take place again in Frankfurt am Main on July 8th and 9th, 2022. Festival tickets & VIP packages will soon be available from Ticketmaster.

After the popular Hip Hop and Urban Music Festival could not take place in 2021 and 2020, fans can now look forward to the return of Wireless Germany 2022. On Friday 8th July and Saturday 9th July 2022!

So far no artists have been confirmed for Wireless Festival Germany 2022. A$AP Rocky, Capital Bra, DaBaby, Young Thug and many more were booked for the last edition.

4. Wacken festival

Music Festivals in Germany

The organizers are preparing again for a big heavy metal festival from August 4th to 6th in Wacken, Schleswig-Holstein. “We’ve been planning the next edition of Wacken Open Air for months – based on the premise that we can implement the festival the way the fans know and love it,” said festival co-founder Thomas Jensen of the German Press Agency. The latest statements by the heads of government of the federal and state governments on how to deal with the corona pandemic confirmed their project.

Wacken 2022 already sold out!!

Schleswig-Holstein’s Prime Minister Daniel Günther (CDU) announced the state government’s opening course on Tuesday. By March 20th, almost all corona restrictions should be lifted. Günther was confident that major events such as the Kiel Week or the Heavy Metal Festival in Wacken can take place again as usual before the pandemic.

5. South Side Festival

Music Festivals in Germany

“We are firmly planning Southside 2022 and are looking forward to the festival summer,” says Jonas Rohde, Head of Communications at FKP Scorpio Konzert produktionen GmbH, which organizes the Southside Festival organized every year, on request. “Despite the currently high incidences, we, together with politics and science, assume that the current infection process does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about spring and summer.

According to all model calculations, there will be a significant relaxation with rising temperatures, which is mainly thanks to the progressing vaccination campaign makes a largely restriction-free summer very realistic,” Rohde adds. The organizer also demands clear communication from politicians, as well as a long-term plan for the return to normality.

▶︎ The Southside Festival, which is held every year in Neuhausen ob Eck , is scheduled to take place on June 17-19, 2022. All tickets sold in 2021 remain valid. If you don’t have a ticket yet, you can purchase it here . 

6. Bang Your Head Festival and Rock of Ages

Music Festivals in Germany

The organizers of the Bang Your Head Festival in Balingen and the Rock of Ages in Rottenburg cannot yet 100% guarantee whether the two festivals will take place this summer. 

In a message on the Bang Your Head Festival website, the organizational team explains that the “politics with their unpredictable and regularly too short-term pandemic measures and requirements” tie the hands of the organizers. But the state of health of Bang Your Head boss Horst Franz is also the reason why the organizational team is currently unable to plan further or has to restructure internally: “So that festivals like ‘Bang Your Head’ and ‘Rock of Ages’ can be implemented, it must, of course, be ensured that the necessary organizational and planning processes and decisions are coordinated and made,” 

However, large parts of the preparations had already been completed by the 2020 deadline. Some bands have already signaled to the organizers that they will be back in 2022. However, the organizers have to assume a price increase, since the pandemic has made many things more expensive. In principle, the organizational team hopes that both festivals can take place again this year. 

▶︎ Tickets for the Bang Your Head Festival are available here. Tickets for the Rock of Ages can be purchased here

7. beat parade

Music Festivals in Germany

The Beatparade in Empfingen is to take place again this year. The youth and culture association (JKV), which organizes the Technoparade, informs our editors on request. 

The music festival is scheduled for July 30 2022. A top line-up of DJs should inspire the ravers. “We are planning without Corona at the moment. No matter how we would include Corona at the moment, nobody knows what will apply in summer. We will include the regulation as soon as it is clear which will then apply,” says Markus Saier from the organization team. 

The youth and cultural association (JKV) is currently still on schedule. “All the DJs should be in place by spring, after which they will be published. Our advertising has started since Christmas and we are slowly approaching sponsors,” says Saier regarding the current status. 

▶︎ Early bird tickets are already available

8. Elements Festival

Music Festivals in Germany

The Elements Festival in the slate adventure park in Dormettingen will continue to be planned and so far without restrictions. The first hygiene precautions had been taken independently of the Corona regulation that had been in force until then: “For example, our visitors receive a so-called RFID band at check-in. This band with an integrated chip enables guests to initially contact and be cashless on the entire festival. In addition, the tickets and the vaccination and recovery certificates can be scanned onto this chip. This means that only people who meet the conditions of participation that apply up to that point come onto the site,” explains Ruben Decorsy from the organizer team. 

▶︎ The planned lineup for 2022

Since it is currently not possible to foresee whether rapid or PCR tests will also be required for admission, the organizer reserves the right to set up its own test center, Decorsy continues to announce. In addition, sufficient hygiene dispensers are to be installed throughout the festival site and campsite, masks are to be provided and the sanitary facilities are to be cleaned more frequently. The number of employees has also been increased in order to be able to reliably implement the hygiene concept. “In general, great importance is attached to festival visitors being able to enjoy the Elements Festival carefree and safely,” says Dekorsy. 

A slimmed-down version of the festival is out of the question for the organizer because the visitors should be offered a “full, unforgettable, and unique experience”. Should the festival have to be canceled due to the Corona Ordinance in force until then, the organizer will follow the then-applicable rules of the federal government. In previous years, visitors could convert their tickets into vouchers to have the money paid out afterward, or simply keep the tickets for the following year. 

▶︎ The Elements Festival is to take place this year on May 27th to 28th with over 40 national and international artists. Tickets are available here

9. Happiness festival

Music Festivals in Germany

The Happiness Festival in Straubenhardt is also scheduled to take place again this year. “We are currently working with the entire office on the Happiness Festival 2022,” says Benjamin Stieler, head of the festival. 

▶︎ The date is set: the festival is to take place from July 14th to 16th 2022. Artists like Kontra K, Sido, Trettmann, Juju, and a few more are already on the line-up. 

The tickets from the years 2020 and 2021 automatically remain valid, the organizer continues to write on the homepage and also promises that visitors will see their “Happianer gang” again at the “most beautiful and best happiness festival ever”. “We assume that there will be no more corona measures by July 2022,” said Stieler. A plan B is currently not being worked on.

10. Metalacker Tennenbronn

Music Festivals in Germany

The Metalacker in Tennenbronn is planned for 2022.

However, the organizer had this to say: “Neither politics nor an office can promise us today what the final result will ultimately look like.” The festival will be held as close to the original as possible, as long as it is within a realizable framework. “We try to make everything as flexible as possible so that we can implement regulations spontaneously if necessary,” explains Barowka. A possible hygiene concept is already in preparation. However, what this will ultimately look like is still unclear due to the Corona regulation not yet being in place for August. “Various variants and topics are currently being worked out here to be prepared for ‘time X’.”

Which bands will perform at Metalacker is expected to be announced in the second quarter of 2022. Then the ticket sales will start. The festival is scheduled to take place on August 26th and 27th. 

11. Wolfweez Festival

Music Festivals in Germany

The Wolfweez Openair Festival in Irslingen near Rottweil is scheduled to take place from July 1st to 2nd of 2022. “The prospects look promising. After two years, which we have invested heavily in planning and optimizing the festival, we have great hopes for the 2022 season,” says Christian Frommer from the organizing team. The line-up , originally planned for 2020 , is scheduled to perform in 2022 without any changes.

The organizers of the Wolfweez only agree to a certain point with the implementation of a possible hygiene concept. “A festival needs fun, joy, hugs, pogo and so on. No distance, mask and Co. The implementation of the Wolfweez Openair Festival only makes sense if the situation in July allows it to be held like before Corona. Or with a Hygiene concept, which comes very close to this and also guarantees the protection of our visitors,” explains Frommer. “It would be really bitter to postpone it a third time, because there is now a lot of voluntary work, energy, time and anticipation in the festival.”

▶︎ Advance sales have already started. Tickets purchased in previous years remain valid for 2022.


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