What’s behind the new 3G Plus rule? (Corona)


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To contain the new corona wave in Germany, the 3G Plus rule is being used in many places. But what does the rule mean – and who is affected?

The new 3G Plus Rule in Germany: In the course of the corona pandemic, not only were numerous technical terms from virology and epidemiology included in general usage, but also abbreviations that can hardly be understood without background knowledge: for example, AHA + L, FFP2, PCR , mRNA – and the broad spectrum in constellations around the letter G.

The G in 3G stands for “Geimpft (vaccinated), Genessen (recovered) or Getestet (tested)”. This is far from obvious, after all, the past participle is formed in a large number of verbs with the prefix “ge”. Another component is now being launched: In many places, the 3G plus rule now applies.

3G Plus is the new 3G

The new regulation is used in different areas of public life: In Thuringia, municipalities are to introduce the 3G-plus model from the second corona warning level in certain areas. In Bavaria , the 3G-plus regulation can be introduced voluntarily where 3G already applies.

For example, the festival committee of the Cologne Carnival is planning that the 3G plus rule should apply to spectators at hall events, as a spokesman announced on Friday.

3G plus: what is it?

3G plus is a stricter variant of the 3G regulation: It states that only vaccinated, convalescent and PCR-tested people are allowed access to a certain location. PCR tests are safer than rapid antigen tests – but they can also be more expensive

3G Plus rule in Bavaria: This new rule becomes important at events

Since October 6, 2021, further corona easing has applied in Bavaria. Since this date, vaccinated people as well as those who have recovered and people who comply with the 3G-plus rule have been allowed to take part in events without a mask or distance.

3G-plus means that people can show a negative PCR test. In return, there is no mask requirement, upper limits on the number of people, alcohol ban and minimum distance requirement.

“This is the continuation of our principle of prudence and caution, through the vaccination progress, now paired with a stronger focus on personal responsibility,” said State Chancellor Florian Herrmann (CSU) after the cabinet meeting.

3G Plus rule in Thuringia: stricter corona rules in regions with warning level 3

In Thuringia, new corona rules will apply from Saturday, October 30th. The pressure is increasing on the unvaccinated, 2G and 3G-Plus are becoming compulsory.

Warning levels in Thuringia: how does the early warning system work?

The early warning system is crucial for measures in Thuringia . This is based on three values: the seven-day incidence, the seven-day hospitalization incidence and the intensive care bed occupancy. There are four levels:

  • Basic level: incidence below 35 , hospitalization below 4.0 or intensive care beds below 3.0 percent
  • Warning level 1: incidence below 100 , hospitalization at 4.0 or ITS exposure at 3.0 percent
  • Warning level 2: incidence up to 200 , hospitalization at 7.0 or ITS exposure at 6.0 percent
  • Warning level 3: incidence over 200 , hospitalization at 12.1 percent, or ITS exposure at 12.1 percent

New rules Thuringia: This applies from October 30th

So far it has been the case that organizers, restaurateurs and other leisure facilities could decide for themselves, depending on the requirements of the district, whether they want to implement 2G or 3G. But that will change from October 30th : If warning level 3 is declared in a district in Thuringia, 2G or 3G-Plus will be mandatory. This means that unvaccinated persons may either not have access to certain areas of public life or only with a PCR test. Those who cannot be vaccinated are still excluded – a quick test is sufficient for these people.

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