Is the digital vaccination certificate the NEW FORM OF ID? and who can request ID for 2G and 3G control?


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Dangerous precedent! If the digital vaccination certificate are only supposed to last 6 months, does that mean that we have to get a booster every 6 months? How long will it take before someone suggests adding your image TO MAKE IT EASIER TO CONTROL THE CERTIFICATE? Who is legally allowed to ask you for ID?

Form of ID: Will the Digital Vaccination Certificate become a form of id? Almost everywhere you try and enter, the first thing you are asked is: proof of vaccination or recovery, please! By providing this proof, chances are you also have to show your identity card to verify your identity. So how long will it be before someone comes up with the idea of adding your picture to the app?

Form of ID

You cant enter anywhere without showing the digital vaccination certificate

It is no longer possible to enter without a digital COVID certificate in your pocket. In almost all areas of public life, proof of vaccination or recovery must be shown in the currently applicable alarm level II. 

▶ In order to “rule out identity theft”, the state government has stipulated in the current Corona Ordinance that in addition to checking the 2G evidence via the CovPassCheck app, an identification document must also be checked. Before the corona pandemic, you rarely got into such a situation. So it’s no wonder that many consumers are currently wondering whether they even have to show their ID.


Form of ID: Who is allowed to check ID cards in Germany?

According identity card law may only authorities who are authorized to determine the identity, the presentation of the identity card is demand for balance. For example the police or the public order office. 

▶ Exceptions usually apply if you have agreed to provide proof of identity in the context of a service provision or the age determination when buying alcoholic beverages or similar products.

Form of ID

What does this mean for corona controls?

▶ First of all, service providers, restaurateurs and event organizers are now obliged by the Corona Ordinance to check the digital vaccination certificates in combination with a valid ID document. In the event of a breach of the control obligation, there is a risk of severe fines. Therefore, great attention is paid to compliance with the rules.

▶ Apart from that, service providers, restaurateurs and organizers always have so-called house rights. This means that they may link admission or the provision of a service to the submission of proof of vaccination or convalescence. However, this does not mean that you can ask someone to show their identity card. If you refuse, you won’t come in and have to go again.


The yellow vaccination certificate is no longer “sufficient” as a form of id

▶ NOW a yellow vaccination certificate is NO longer sufficient in in Baden-Württemberg.

When it comes to proof of a corona vaccination, the yellow paper vaccination certificate has had its day in Baden-Württemberg. In the future, a QR code will be required to check the 2G or 3G rules. But there is still a transition period.


Yellow vaccination certificate: is this the end? What this requirement does it put a strain on the older generation to get comfortable using smartphones and apps. While smartphones are prevalent today, most older Germans still carry around their yellow vaccination certificates.

Form of ID

Whistling dixie or the coming “new normal”?

▶ Will the digital vaccination certificate be used and the launching platform for the “Good Digital Identity”?

If you have not heard of the “Good Digital Identity” project, you should educate yourself.
It’s aim is to “navigating industry disruptions, transitioning to a new normal”. The Platform on Digital Economy and New Value Creation helps companies leverage technology to be agile in the face of disruption and to create the new digitally enabled business models for a new normal – post-COVID, purpose driven, sustainable and inclusive.

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