A NEW BEGINNING for dual citizenship and immigration in Germany – what the new German coalition agreement actually says


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The new German coalition made up of the SPD, FDP and Greens has planned changes in migration and refugee policy. According to the German federal government, people can expect changes to how naturalization and dual citizenship works from January 2022.

The new German coalition agreement: “We want to create a new beginning in migration and integration policy that does justice to a modern immigration country .” That is in the official position of the new German coalition government in Germany. When it comes to “ integration, migration and flight ”, the new federal government made up of the Greens, FDP and SPD will make a lot of changes. The new German coalition agreement answers the following questions:

  • What new guidelines are there on migration in the coalition agreement?
  • What are the SPDFDP and Greens planning for naturalization and obtaining German citizenship?
  • Will the new coalition government allow “dual citizenship”?
coalition agreement

Coalition agreement 2021: Ampel wants to simplify naturalization and acquisition of German citizenship

The following emerged from the coalition agreement of the governing parties:

▶ FDP, Greens and SPD want to reform citizenship law. The conditions for acquiring German citizenship are to be made easier and possible after five years in Germany – thanks to special integration services, the time can even be shortened to three years.

▶ Children who were born in Germany should receive German citizenship immediately upon birth if one of their parents has lived in Germany for at least five years. The SPD, Greens and FDP want to simplify naturalization for guest worker families by lowering the required language level.

Dual citizenship will be possible in Germany

The new nationality law is anchored in the new coalition agreement , which should also enable multiple citizenship . It should be possible to acquire German citizenship alongside other citizenships – this is also known colloquially as ” dual citizenship “. 

As mentioned, the way to acquire German citizenship should generally be simplified and be possible after five years.

coalition agreement

Migration policy of the new German coalition government – that’s what the SPD, Greens and FDP write in the coalition agreement

The coalition governing parties also want to immediately start with migration policy in general. 

▶ Regulated migration should – as the old government had promised – be made possible, while irregular migration should be avoided. 

People who cannot be deported should receive a new “opportunity right of residence” if they have not committed a criminal offense in Germany after five years and are committed to the free and democratic basic order. This gives these people a one-year probationary residence permit. This year they have to create everything else in order to stay.

Well-integrated young people should be given the right to stay after just three years – instead of the previous four. In contrast to the exploratory paper, the term “lane change” is not in the coalition agreement, but the coalition governing parties want to continue to facilitate the change from the asylum system to skilled immigration by making the requirements for tolerance of employment “realistic and more practical”, as stated in the coalition agreement.

▶ The new German coalition government wants to replace the previous practice of chain tolerance of people who cannot be deported with a so-called “opportunity right of residence”: Anyone who has lived in Germany for five years from January 1, 2022 and has not committed a criminal offense and is free -democratic basic order, should receive a one-year residence permit on probation in order to create the remaining requirements for a right of residence during this time, in particular to secure a livelihood.

coalition agreement

What is in the new coalition agreement on flight and asylum?

According to the new coalition agreement, a “repatriation offensive” is planned on the one hand, in particular to promote the deportation of criminals and those at risk. On the other hand, asylum procedures in Germany should in future run “fairly, quickly and legally”. The “revocation review of refugee status” will in future be carried out again on an ad-hoc basis.


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  1. Sir my question to you.i living last 6 years in Germany and my case is still pending i have aufenthaltsgestattung can i apply residents card for one year. please tell me about that.thanks

    • Hallo Imran,

      As far as we are aware, being in possession of the Aufenthaltsgestattung means that you have not satisfied the requirements for a residency card. Your best bet would be to consult an immigration lawyer who can offer you advice specifically related to your situation.

      Best of luck!


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