Are you self-employed? New Start Assistance Plus (Neustarthilfe Plus) starts in October!


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The first solo self-employed can apply for financial aid for the months of July to September 2021. The most important information at a glance. Anyone who is self-employed by corona-related closings and restrictions in the third quarter can apply for the New Start Assistance Plus with immediate effect. 

For the time being, however, this only applies to “natural persons”, according to the Federal Ministry of Economics. Self-employed persons who are organized as legal entities and submit their applications through third-party auditors could submit the applications in “a few weeks”. This also applies to bridging aid III Plus. Find out more about the New Start Assistance Plus below.

Applications can be submitted until the end of October

Restart Aid Plus

As the ministry also reports, the new start aid plus increases the support for the months of July to September to up to 1,500 euros per month. So far, the monthly subsidy was up to 1,250 euros for the months from January to June 2021. The self-employed must submit the application themselves using the Elster certificate known from the tax return via the website This is until October 31. Possible in 2021.


New Start Assistance Plus is an advance payment

Restart Aid Plus

As before, the aid will be paid out as an advance before the actual sales for the funding period are determined. In other words: The actual subsidy will only be calculated from October 2021 on the basis of the final turnover generated in the months of July to September 2021. The following applies: The full flat-rate operating cost of 1,500 euros per month can be kept by those who can prove a drop in sales of 60 percent compared to a reference sales in 2019 in the said period. This corresponds to the average monthly turnover in 2019 for three months. (See Ministry Questions and Answers)

Exact final billing is mandatory

Restart Aid Plus

If the loss of sales is lower, the grant must be repaid on a pro-rata basis. Very important: Anyone who has received the New Start Assistance Plus must have created a final invoice by March 31, 2022 at the latest using an online tool on the direct page.

Subsidy fraud is a criminal offense

And it goes on to say: “In the case of intentional or recklessly incorrect or incomplete information as well as willful or reckless failure to notify changes in this information, the New Start Assistance Plus must be repaid in full or in part expect further legal consequences. “

Further information on the New Start Assistance Plus can be found in the Ministry’s questions and answers.

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