Do you know about the No-Matter-Where ticket (egal wohin Ticket!) for travel with ICE trains for 39,90 Euros?


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No-Matter-Where ticket! Find out about the Edeka Egal-Wohin-Ticket: All information about the Edeka cheap long-distance train tickets for the ICE trains!

The No-Matter-Where ticket (Egal-Wohin-Ticket) costs 39.90 euros – with the purchase of the “Egal-Wohin-Ticket” customers will receive a booking code for a single journey within Germany. The ticket is valid on long-distance trains (ICE, IC/EC) and local trains (IRE, RE, RB, S-Bahn) of Deutsche Bahn in 2nd class as well as on local trains of non-federally owned railways (NE).

No-Matter-Where ticket

No-Matter-Where ticket: Deutsche Bahn + Edeka cooperation

Top promotion for everyone looking for cheap long-distance train tickets: Deutsche Bahn is cooperating with Edeka and is bringing the no-matter-where ticket to the following supermarkets:

  • Edeka
  • Marktkauf
  • Budni
  • nah & gut
  • trinkgut

What’s being promoted is an ICE train ticket for travel through Germany in 2nd class for just 39.90 euros!

The “no-matter-where ticket” is available in the participating markets of the Edeka Group for an extremely long time – namely until March 2023; the codes can then be used for train travel until December 2023

▶︎ However, it will probably take until August before the offer arrives in all Edeka stores in Germany. 

Overview: Edeka no-matter-where ticket (egal wohin ticket) 2022 / 2023

Sales periodJuly 4, 2022 to March 31, 2023 in all participating Edeka stores: Edeka, Marktkauf, Budni, nah & gut and trinkgut. Sale only as long as supplies last
Redemption and Travel PeriodRedemption period: July 6, 2022 to June 30, 2023
Travel period: July 6, 2022 to December 9, 2023
Ticket ConditionsValid for a journey within Germany in long-distance and local traffic in 2nd class. Train connection, individual trains cannot be booked
RedemptionYou can redeem your of EDEKA booking codes at
Booking code must be redeemed no later than 2 days before travel

Deutsche Bahn has a long tradition of issuing a special, inexpensive all-inclusive ticket in cooperation with supermarkets: DB has already cooperated with the Lidl ticket or the Aldi ticket in recent years. However, these tickets were only sold for a few days. In contrast, the Edeka no-matter.where ticket is apparently not only intended as a short-term sales campaign, but will also enable long-term cheap ICE travel.

▶︎ For the first time, Deutsche Bahn is cooperating with Edeka and is bringing a flat-rate ticket to supermarkets that has never existed before: it has a longer sales period until March 2023 and a validity for train travel until December 2023. In contrast to the Aldi ticket, the ticket can also be used on any day; at Aldi, no trips were possible on Friday.

No-Matter-Where ticket

Where can you buy the Edeka no matter where ticket?

You can purchase a no-matter-where ticket in all participating stores of the Edeka network. These include the Edeka supermarkets themselves, but also Marktkauf, Budni, nah & gut and trinkgut.

It will probably be a while before the tickets are available as gift cards at all ticket offices. It is to be expected that the “no matter where” tickets will not really be available as gift cards in all Edeka stores in Germany until August.

▶︎ Unfortunately you will not be able to purchase no-matter-where ticket and any Netto Marken-Discount, which also belongs to the Edeka Group.

How to redeem the Edeka no-matter-where ticket

When you buy a no-matter-where ticket (egal wohin ticket) in one of the participating Edeka stores, you initially only receive a booking code at the checkout. You then have to redeem this 8-digit code at least 2 days before the desired journey for the train ticket that is then valid on the train. 

This is how you redeem the Edeka no-matter-where ticket (egal wohin ticket) code:

  1. Buy your no-matter-where ticket in one of the participating Edeka stores. You will receive an online booking code on your activation receipt.
  2. Go to to redeem the booking code of your no-matter-where ticket (egal wohin ticket).
  3. Click on “Redeem booking code” and enter your 8-digit booking code (found on the activation receipt) in the “Enter access code” field.
  4. Select your desired connection and book the no-matter-where ticket.
  5. Finally, print out your ticket or load your ticket into the “DB Navigator” app.
No-Matter-Where ticket

3 limitations of the Edeka no-matter-where ticket (egal wohin ticket)!

The Edeka no-matter-where ticket (egal wohin Ticket) sounds like a top option for anyone looking for cheap ICE train tickets. However, you should be aware of the following limitations.

Before redeeming your your Edeka booking code for an ICE ticket you should remember that:

1. Edeka train ticket cannot be redeemed for all train connections

A quota applies to the Edeka no-matter-where ticket. This means that the ticket will not be offered on trains that are already heavily used. The aim is to prevent heavily booked trains from having to be cleared. Therefore, customers should switch to trains that can be booked in the system. This can be an earlier or later train on the same desired travel day for the same route. In addition, you must have booked the ticket at least 2 days before the desired trip.

2. No advance check is possible with the Edeka train ticket

You first buy the booking code at the Edeka checkout and can then enter it at to check whether you can still use the ticket for your desired connection. Since there is no advance availability check and the contingents that apply to the Edeka ticket are not generally known, the purchase is marked with a question mark.

3. No cancellation or exchange possible

Once the Edeka booking code has been redeemed for a ticket, it cannot be canceled or exchanged, as would be possible with a saver price ticket for a fee of €10. In the event of a delay or cancellation of the train, regular passenger rights apply; in this case the ticket will be valued at 19 euros. A BahnCard discount or collecting BahnBonus points is not possible with the Edeka no matter where ticket.

FAQs: Edeka no-matter-where ticket (egal wohin Ticket)

Where can I buy the no-matter-where ticket?

The no-matter-where ticket is sold in all participating stores of the Edeka Group. These include Edeka, Marktkauf, Budni, nah & gut and trinkgut.

Which trains can I use with the no matter where ticket?

All domestic German trains for local and long-distance traffic in 2nd class. You must agree on a train connection in advance; the train connection then applies. Individual trains may be excluded from the booking.

How do I redeem the Edeka no matter where ticket?

Enter the booking code that you received when you made your purchase in the Edeka stores at and then book the ticket. Please note: You must have booked the tickets at least 2 days before the planned trip.

How long is the Edeka no matter where ticket available?

The no-matter-wohin ticket is available in the participating stores of the Edeka Group until March 2023, while stocks last. The codes can then be used for train journeys until December 2023!

Can I exchange or cancel the Egal-Wohin ticket?

Once you have exchanged the booking codes for a train ticket, the no-matter-wohin ticket cannot be exchanged or refunded.

Can I take my children with me for free with the Egal-Wohin ticket?

Children up to the age of 5 generally travel for free and do not need a ticket. Children from 6 up to and including 14 years of age travel free of charge when accompanied by an adult if the number of children is stated at the time of booking.


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