The 16 best nudist beaches in Germany for naked bathing


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In Germany, nudism is very popular. Whether at German bathing lakes or on the coasts. You can find nudist beaches everywhere in Germany.

The tradition of nudism in Germany is over 100 years old. The first nudist club was founded in Essen in 1898. In the 1970s the movement experienced a real boom in East and West Germany.

Even if this has weakened somewhat to this day, there are still countless designated nudist beaches in Germany. Below are the best nudist beaches in Germany, which are also perfect holiday destinations in Germany.

Map of 16 best nudist beaches in Germany

Naked beach? Just like in other regions, German nude beaches are categorized based on:

Weather: At most naturist resorts, you will find naked beach enthusiasts when the weather is great. Dedicated naturist resorts are mostly frequented in spring and summer. The policy is: nudity is required, subject to weather conditions.
Encouragement: In Germany, there are beaches where nudity is encouraged but not mandatory. Most private nudist resorts normally encourage visitors to go nude because the nude beach is part of a private resort or other private property.
Textile beaches: These are beaches where the rules are ambiguous. Being nude is not specifically banned and the beach is specifically not nude or clothing-optional. You will find such beaches where nudity is not permitted, but where there is a clothing-optional beach is nearby
Clothing-optional: There are nude beaches where nudity is permitted, but not mandatory (i.e. it’s up to you to decide if you want to be naked). Here you will find both naked people and clothed people. The mixture is always perfect for people who are new to nudism as they can easily and slowly get adapted to being naked.
Tolerated: In some beaches it is illegal to be nude. However, the authorities tolerate it. In such public beaches, the authorities turn a blind eye to nudity by not enforcing local laws.

Find out below the best nudist beaches in Germany.

Nudist beaches in the Baltic Sea

The German Baltic Sea has a particularly large number of nudist beaches.

1. Wallnau nudist beach, Fehmarn


Not far from the Wallnau nature area, you will find the Wallnau nudist beach on the west coast of Fehmarn .

If you like to go camping, you can stay right on the adjoining beach campsite. However, the campsite is not textile-free.

If you decide on the nudist beach Wallnau, you should think of bathing shoes, because the beach is more of a natural beach and the entrance to the water is quite rocky.

2. Prerow, Fischland-Darß-Zingst peninsula


The Prerower Nordstrand on the Fischland-Darß-Zingst peninsula is one of the most beautiful beaches in Germany for many and is also a popular bathing resort with nudist fans .

Prerow north beachThe beach is five kilometers long and 80 meters wide, along the coast.
Since more than 50 years , the tradition of nudism is maintained at this beach.

Since the beach slopes very gently into the water, it is also perfect for children and seniors. If you walk further down the beach, you will come to Darßer Wald and Weststrand.

This is mainly known for its bizarre shaped trees , the “wind fledgers”.

What is the meaning of Nudist?

The noun nudist means a person who is a follower of nudism , i.e. nudism (for short: nudism). Nudism is the joint nakedness, mostly in nature. The aim is to enjoy the experience of nature (sun, wind, water) or even being naked, without seeing it as an expression of sexuality

The term nudist comes from the Latin adjective nudus. This can be with naked or naked translate, but can also easily or dressed airy , such as a tunic. In a broader sense, however, the Latin origin can also mean merely unprotected or not sufficiently armed.

3. Wulfener Hals nudist beach, Fehmarn


This nudist beach is located on the beautiful Baltic Sea island of Fehmarn.

The Baltic Sea stretches on one side, and the Burger Binnensee on the other side of the Wulfener Hals.

Steep coast on the Wulfen neckOn the beach you will find an extra section for everyone who wants to lie in the sun without a cover.
You can either spread out on the sandy beach or retreat to the dunes , where it is usually a little quieter.

Part of the shore is a green lawn for sunbathing. Textiles are compulsory here, however, and it is a bit busier and louder than between the dunes or on the sandy beach.


4. Zempin nudist beach, Usedom


The beach section between Koserow and Zempin on the Baltic Sea island of Usedom is the most famous textile-free beach on the popular holiday island .

Here you can move around on the beach in certain sections in your Adam’s costume.

The beach is, like everywhere on Usedom, fine sand and slopes gently into the water. This creates a real Caribbean feeling .

But you can also mingle with the nudists in swimwear. The boundaries are not so strict here and all visitors take each other into consideration.


5. Schoenberg-California, Schleswig-Holstein


In the Schönberg district of California (it is right next to Brazil, where else?) You will find another of the most popular nudist beaches in Germany.

Protected by dunes, you can indulge in nudism undisturbed in this stretch of beach.

Schöneberg-California volleyballHere you can not only sunbathe undisturbed, but also play volleyball naked or pursue other beach sports.
In the immediate vicinity you will find holiday homes for rent right on the Baltic Sea coast.

With good planning, your ways to the nudist beach are short here. The beach is a fine sandy beach with the typical dune belt. So you can feel good all around.


6. Schaabe, Ruegen


With a length of ten kilometers, it is probably the largest and most famous nudist beach in Germany .

The Schaabe extends on the island of Rügen from Glowe to Breege-Juliusruh.

On the fine sand of the beach you can bask in the sun without a cover or take a refreshing swim in the Baltic Sea.

The Schaabe, which is a spit between the two peninsulas Jasmund and Wittow, has been one of the most popular nudist areas on Rügen and in Germany for many years.

Along the beach you will find some paid parking spaces and an asphalt bike path also leads along the beach. You can reach it quickly and easily either by bike or by car.

The closer you get to Glowe or Juliusruh, the more textile bathers you will encounter. Often, however, nude and textile bathers mix without any problems.

The nudist culture in Germany:

The first nudist area in Germany, the open-air park Klingberg, near Scharbeutz, was not established until 1903. The first official nudist beach was built on Sylt in 1920.
The nudist movement grew very quickly becoming a mass movement. Numerous clubs and associations emerged, especially in the vicinity of large cities. At the end of the Weimar Republic there were around 100,000 organized nudists.

Read more on the history of the nudist culture in Germany here

Nudist beaches on the North Sea

In the German North Sea and on its islands, too, people like to bathe without a cover.

Visit a nudist campsite and relax in the beautiful surroundings of the dunes. We’ll show you the best nudist beaches in the German North Sea.

If you have not yet been able to decide on a North Sea island, we will be happy to help you.

7. Naturist beach Hörnum, Sylt


At the southern tip of Sylt you will find the beaches of Hörnum. The first nudist beach opened here in 1920 and even today around a third of Sylt holidaymakers prefer to sunbathe without bathing suits.

A large number of the beach sections are marked as nudist beaches. But you will also find textile beaches and dog beaches.

In the Hörnum-Odde, the beautiful dune landscape on the southern tip of Sylt, you can also look for a quiet place or go for a walk. But you’d better do that dressed.

As a special highlight, you will find a beach sauna right on Hörnum’s nudist beach. Here you can relax in the beautiful dune landscape in a bio sauna or a classic Finnish sauna.

8. Nudist beaches on Amrum


On Amrum people have always liked to bathe naked, so that a large number of nudist tourists cavort on the North Sea island to this day.

They particularly like to use the Amrum nudist campsite , which is located in the dunes of the nature reserve.

Here, not only clothes, but also the car are dispensed with. But not only the beach section of the campsite is textile-free, many other sections of the 1.5 kilometer wide Amrumer Kniepsand are also designated as nudist beaches.

Thanks to the spaciousness, you are guaranteed not to get in the way. But otherwise nudists are nothing on Amrum to get upset about.

Why do some people choose to be nudists?

  • Nudism and Naturism not only liberates the body and movements, but also the mind
  • It lets you forget stress and everyday problems
  • Untamed joy in the elements – once you jump into the water naked, it evokes a completely different body feeling than with swimming trunks or bikini
  • More realistic body image – Nudism helps to develop a better relationship with your own body
  • Nudism improves our relationships with others – by taking off clothing, social differences disappear and you learn to respect the other’s body

9. Borkum nudist beach


A spacious nudist beach including nudist area in the dunes of Borkum can be found on the north coast of the North Frisian island of Borkum.

The natural beach is wide and made of fine sand. Dogs are also allowed on this section of the beach.

Nudist beach on BorkumYou can retreat to beach chairs or tents and enjoy the wonderful maritime climate of Borkum to the full.
In the dune area, right next to a nature reserve, you can rent small pieces for your perfect day on the nudist beach.

However, dogs are not allowed in this section. A special highlight on Borkum’s nudist beach is the beach sauna .

It is open from May to mid-September.


10. Norderney nude beach


On the beautiful North Sea island of Norderney there are a variety of beaches that offer something for every holidaymaker, whether as a family, hipster couple or as a nudist.

The “Oase” beach section is reserved for naturists on Norderney. Here you can rent small beach huts on the wide sandy beach and spend your day in harmony with nature.

You will also find sanitary facilities, cafes and changing rooms on the beach. You will also find a sauna right on the beach .

After a visit to the sauna, you can cool off with a swim in the North Sea and then relax on the loungers.

11. West beach sheet pile wall, Spiekeroog


There is also a beautiful stretch of beach on the East Frisian island of Spiekeroog, which is one of the most beautiful nudist beaches in Germany.

Here you can bathe without a cover and get a streak-free tan. Around 90 percent of the visitors to the West Strand Spuntwand are naturists .

Even if the beach is not officially advertised as an FFK beach, nudism has established itself here over many years and is accepted by the island administration.
The sandy beach is wide and covered with fine sand .

In the adjoining dune landscape you can withdraw a little if it gets a bit too crowded at the front of the water. The best way to get to the beach is by bike or with the museum horse-drawn tram, which is still in use on Spiekeroog.

Access to the beach is at the terminus of the horse-drawn tram.

Nudist who

  • grammar Noun (masculine) 
  • Genitive singular: nudists 
  • Nominative plural: nudists
  • pronunciation [nuˈdɪst]
  • Word separation Nudist
  • formally related to nudism
  • Word formation with ›Nudist‹ as the first member: Naturist  ·  formally related to: nudism


Followers of nudism (1) ; Nude bathers

Collocations: with adjective attribute: convinced nudists


  • On Saturday, around a hundred nudists gathered on the first stretch of coast in South Africa that was officially declared a nudist beach . [Die Zeit, 04/04/2015 (online)]
  • […] The nudists or naturists, as the proponents of nude culture […] were also called, associated with the complete renunciation of clothing , a radical protest stance. [Time of history, May 21, 2013]
  • The nudists are hidden from view in another section of the beach. [Die Zeit, 07/19/2007]Particularly hardened nudists can indulge their hobby in Austria on skis. [Berliner Zeitung, December 10th, 1994]
  • The life reform began its work with reform clothes and reform food, nature lovers and nudists […] moved to lonely sea beaches. [Die Zeit, 08/16/1968]


Nudity · nudism · nudist · nudistic

Nudity for ‘nudity, nakedness’, transferred ‘offensive’, learned borrowing (around 1700) from late Lat. nūditas (genitive nūditātis ) ‘bare, nakedness’, from Latin nūdus ‘undressed, bare, naked’. Nudism m. Doctrine, after staying and exercising outdoors with a naked body leads to physical and psychological recovery, ‘ nudism ‘, learned education (20th century) to Latin nūdus (see above). Nudist m. Nudist adj. (20th century) – (06/2021)


Synonym group

Nudist fans · Nudists · FKKler · Naturist · Nudist enthusiasts

Nudist beaches on bathing lakes

Not only on the German North and Baltic Seas you can hang out and swim at many nudist beaches just like God created you, but also at many German bathing lakes .

So you don’t have to travel long distances to visit nudist beaches in Germany.

12. Plötzensee, Berlin


You will find the beautiful Plötzensee near Tegel Airport in Berlin .

You have to pay admission to the lido , which is also where the nudist beach is located.

Opening hours: Always from May to mid-September.

But you are provided with sanitary facilities and various snacks. In summer it can get quite crowded here, but so far everyone has found a place on the extensive sandy beach and on the lawn between the trees on the shore.

The long wooden walkway that surrounds the swimmers’ area is particularly popular with visitors .

Because here you have sun until the afternoon , while the rest of the lido is already in the shade.

What does Nudism refer to?

Nudism is a view of life that states that being outdoors with a naked body serves mental and physical health. Nudism thus describes the communal nudity of all genders in everyday life, sport and leisure. For the nudist, the most important thing is to experience nature, to be naked together and to experience the feeling of freedom without the sexela element.

13. Cospudener See, Saxony


Another nudist beach in Germany can be found at Cospudener See in Saxony, south of Leipzig .

The Cospudener See belongs to the Leipziger Neuseenland , former opencast mines, which are now a popular local recreation area.

The nudist beach is officially designated on the north beach of the lake, but nudity is also tolerated in other parts of the lake. At the Cospudener See you have the choice between a sandy beach, a natural beach and extensive sunbathing lawns , protected by a few trees.

You can cycle or inline skates around the lake on a paved path and experience a beautiful day around the Cospudener See.

Between the trees you can see some of the rides at the Belantis amusement park, which is only a few kilometers away. It is one of the most beautiful amusement parks in Germany .

14. Feldwieser Winkel, Chiemsee, Bavaria


The only designated nudist beach in Chiemgau can be found directly at Feldwieser Winkel am Chiemsee, the largest lake in Bavaria .

The nudist lido Schwögler am See is chargeable, but you can move around undisturbed naked and do many activities all day.

A fine sandy beach around 800 meters long is available to you, as is well-tended sunbathing lawns.
You will also find showers, toilets, gastronomic options and a children’s playground there.

If you don’t just want to work on your seamless tan and jump into the water of the Chiemsee, you can also play volleyball or table tennis on this nudist beach in Germany .

Outdoor chess and a bowling green are also waiting for you.


15. Zieselmaar, North Rhine-Westphalia


The Zieselmaar between Kerpen and Hürth in North Rhine-Westphalia is a residual lake from lignite mining and is now completely owned by the local nudist association “Familiensportbund Erftland Ville e. V. “leased.

The entire area with the beach, sports and children’s playgrounds is reserved exclusively for non-textile guests .

So here you can move freely all day long. Outside the season, the area is used for sporting events. The association also organizes nudist runs and other events.

On the premises you can play volleyball, try your hand at basketball or table tennis and take a walk around the five-hectare swimming lake. Sanitary facilities and gastronomic service complete the offer.

The water of the lake is colored red-orange because of its high iron content, which is why you can only see a few centimeters.

Diving is therefore not possible in the lake, but it is perfect for swimming.

16. Naturist summer pool Volksdorf, Hamburg


The Volksdorf summer pool is located in Hamburg, directly on the border with Schleswig-Holstein . V. is operated.

You don’t necessarily have to go for a swim in the natural pool without clothes , and the “buttoned up” bathers are also welcome in the nudist pool on the beach.

It is the only nudist bath in Hamburg. You can do a few laps in the natural lake or do some sport.

Naturist summer pool Volksdorf saunaIn addition to his activity as a nudist association, you can also do various sports in the club. At the natural lake you will find a lawn under trees, showers, toilets and a snack as well as a sauna .

This is available to all visitors during the bathing season from May to September. In the winter months it may only be used by club members.

If you are not quite sure whether you want to drop your covers, the Volksdorf summer pool offers you the right environment to make a spontaneous decision. The lakes in Hessen also offer beautiful nudist bathing spots


As soon as a suitable nudist beach has been found, it’s time to pack your beach bag. You don’t need swimwear, but hand and bath towels. If you want to sit down at the beach bar for a drink, you should put on a light robe or wrap a towel in order to maintain a certain level of hygiene. In addition, you should not forget the sun protection – the areas that are never exposed to the sun in everyday life are usually particularly sensitive.

Bathing in the nude is desirable

Incidentally, the unofficial rule applies that being naked on the nudist beach is not only allowed, but also expressly desired, so that there is really equality among the bathers. Only children and adolescents who can stay clothed as long as their parents take off their clothes are exempt from this rule.

Rules for nude bathing

In order not to make themselves unnecessarily unpopular, all bathers should adhere to these rules. In nudist areas, people are all the same. There is no brand obligation here, as swimwear is not worn. Staring at other people is not good style, even on a nude beach. When talking to another bather, look into their eyes instead of looking at their body.

Even if everyone here is naked, there is no reason for disapproving looks or inappropriate remarks, and also no invitation for lewdness or sexual acts. Couples should also not become intimate with one another, as other bathers could feel disturbed.

Nudist beaches are photo and video free

Photos or videos are also absolutely undesirable and can easily lead to misunderstandings. Just leave the mobile phone camera switched off. If you follow these rules, nothing stands in the way of a great nude bathing experience.

The most important rules for nudists at a glance:

  • Nudist beaches are textile-free
  • “Gawking” is taboo in the nude bathing area
  • Be considerate of other nudists
  • Photo and video recordings are prohibited
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