Why should Nürnberg be on your list of places to visit?


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Nürnberg (Nuremberg) is a versatile mixture of excitement and pleasure. Although it’s the second largest city in Bavaria, you can still explore many of the sights in Nuremberg on foot.

Nürnberg (Nuremberg) is known as a dreamy medieval idyll with a castle, half-timbered houses and city wall turrets. Pretty, but a little squeaky. The small city in Franconia is anything but a province. In Nuremberg you can stroll extensively through boutiques and museums, eat deliciously, have a drink, party in small clubs – and the city always comes around the corner with a feeling of homeliness.

And then there is still life outside the city wall. More and more hip cafés, bars and small vintage shops are opening up in old-style districts like Gostenhof. Away from the rustic backdrop and thus far away from tourists and their selfie sticks.

Here are 12 things that are worth going to Nuremberg for. Read about why Nürnberg should be on your list.

1. Breakfast in Café Mainheim

The bread comes from a Franconian village bakery, the coffee beans from a roastery in the district and the cake from their own oven: what is on the menu in Café Mainheim is not only delicious, but also largely from the region. Breakfast is available until 2 p.m., after which you can order delicious snacks.

And then there is this glass case on the counter. Cake? Cake! Café Mainheim is pretty plain with white walls, black ceilings and light wooden furniture. The huge window panes give you a view of what is probably the prettiest place in the district. If the weather is nice, you can look for a place on the small terrace anyway. At the weekend you should reserve for breakfast.

2. Look behind the facade of the Neues Museum

The curved glass facade of the Neues Museum makes a real visual impression. It is over 100 meters long and gives a foretaste of what awaits you inside: art and design from the 1950s to the present day. The Neues Museum is anything but one of those dusty exhibition caves with poorly lit glass showcases – and therefore definitely worth a visit. If culture makes you hungry, we recommend Kokoro, one of the best sushi restaurants in town. It is right across from the museum entrance.

3. Traditional Franconian food at the Kraków Tower

The city center of Nuremberg is not exactly bursting with beer gardens. You don’t have to go to the country for the most important cultural asset in Franconia: At the Kraków Tower there is dark country beer from several small breweries – in steins, of course.

Franconian home cooking from Obazda to Schäufele is on the menu. This is accompanied by at least just as hearty dishes from Polish cuisine, for example bigos and pierogies. In the beer garden at the Krakauer Turm you sit directly on the city wall and under large trees – a very cozy place on the edge of the old town.

4. Try delicious cakes on a detour to the north of the city

A detour to the north of the city is worthwhile if you are into really good cake. Especially if you are one of the experts who differentiate between tarts, crumble and frangipan. The Café Wohlleben has it all.

There is also a quiche of the day and delicious coffee from a roastery in Gostenhof. Outside you can find a couple of chairs and tables on the sidewalk. Inside it feels like a vintage living room: old wooden furniture, floor lamps and bare walls. The café is relatively small, especially on weekends it can get quite crowded here.

5. Discover small shops in Gostenhof

Every city has its own quarter that no one dared venture into until a few years ago. That shines today with renovated old building facades and fights against gentrification. In Nuremberg this quarter is called Gostenhof.

In combination with the terms hipster, hype and scene also simply: GoHo. More and more small shops are opening here, which are especially popular with second-hand and vintage fans. For example there is the flex! , in which you get a lot of furniture, but also clothes, sunglasses and hats. No junk randomly thrown together, but a carefully tended hodgepodge of rarities.

You can also find a large selection of second-hand clothes in Vinty’sin the Fürther Strasse. Every Friday there are homemade cakes in the small café corner. Gifts and decorations are available from Fachmarie – the happiness boutique . And only a few months ago edi m. Opened – with clothes and accessories from young labels.

6. Fettuccine and wine in the Herr Lenz organic restaurant

If you don’t live around the corner, you might just stumble upon this little restaurant by chance. Mr. Lenz is located on a quiet street corner in Gostenhof and at first glance looks more like an ordinary neighborhood pub than a creative organic restaurant.

The card is very small, but it will make you happy. The shrimp fan, the vegetarian and the pasta lover. There are also changing weekly dishes and a good selection of wines. When the weather is nice, you can sit outside on the small, cozy terrace. A highlight inside is the small fireplace.


7. People look in the salon Regina

Plastic chairs, flower tablecloths, window boxes, large potted plants and awnings – the terrace of Salon Regina could also be that of grandma and grandpa in their allotment garden. And that is precisely the reason to stop by here.

The somewhat indecisive mixture of café and bar is located on the lively Fürther Straße in the middle of Gostenhof. Tables and chairs are already set up in such a way that life in the district is served in a panoramic view. Well, the main street is one of them.

Order a cucumber vroni or homemade lemonade, homemade cake or currywurst (they celebrate here). When it’s too cold outside: The 1970s-style interior is also impressive.

8. Try wild ice cream creations with Eis im Glück

Three years ago it got wild in the Nuremberg ice cream parlor landscape: A couple opened the ice cream together at Friedrich-Ebert-Platz. Since then, they have been filling their ice cream machine with things that don’t seem right at first sight. Or is it? Rose, cucumber, pizza and tzaziki have already been available here as ice cream flavors. But don’t worry: a lot is tried out here.

Most of the changing varieties are less unusual in comparison. And pretty tasty. You have the choice between fruit ice cream, which is vegan, and creamy milk ice cream. Which variety do you have to try this year? Radler ice cream!

9. Climb the castle and look over the old town

Sounds like a must for tourists. It is. After all, Nuremberg is probably the only big city with such a medieval colossus right in the center. And it’s really nice up here on the Kaiserburg. From the terrace you have a great view of the city. And there are tons of turrets: 71 alone thread along the city wall, which almost completely surrounds the historic center. If you want to go even higher, you can take the stairs of the Sinwell Tower directly behind the terrace.

10. Sit on the cobblestones with a drink in the evening

The place at the Tiergärtnertor is the ideal place for after work. It’s nice here too: With the castle, the city wall and many half-timbered houses, one of which is Albrecht Dürer’s birthplace, you can experience Nuremberg here as it is printed on postcards.

Tourists included, but also people from the city meet at the Tiergärtnertor. So: come here in the evening, get a drink at the Wanderer beer hall , sit down on the cobblestones and let yourself go to the special atmosphere in this place. The better the weather, the more there is going on here.

11. Try drinks in the Red Bar

If you like good cocktails, you should secure a seat at the bar right away. From Orange Gimlet to Torino Smash to Mekhong Sour, there is a lot to try. The Rote Bar is a classic in the Nuremberg bar scene.

The inconspicuous looking house in the middle of the old town is quite angled inside. The bar consists of several rooms with subdued lighting. There are peanuts with the drink, the shells are thrown on the floor together.

12. Grab a bite at Bratwurst Röslein

Get a taste of why Nürnberg Rostbratwurst are the most delicious sausages. They are known and loved far beyond the borders of Germany. You will discover why more than 3 million of the small sausages are produced every day and are exported worldwide.

Michelle Halterman
Michelle Halterman
USA, China, South Africa and now Munich - Michelle has come a long way in the world. She is an outdoor person and loves to be in nature with friends and on her mountain bike. Or she meets up with friends for pasta, vino, cappaccino & Co.



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