These 11 things will change in Germany in October 2021. Do you know which October changes to expect?


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There are a few changes taking place in Germany in October 2021. Find out the October changes in Germany below

In addition to this annually recurring date, there are other changes, important deadlines and new regulations in October 2021. Some craftsmen can look forward to more wages. And people who are not (fully) vaccinated against Covid-19 will have to pay for citizen tests from October 11th. The overview below shows the 11 important things and new laws that are part of the October changes in Germany

1. Corona: End of the free tests as part of October changes

October changes

From October 11, the federal government will no longer cover the costs of corona rapid tests for all citizens. If you don’t get vaccinated and need a negative test to go to a restaurant, for example, you have to pay for it yourself. Exceptions apply according to a resolution by the federal and state governments for people who cannot be vaccinated or for whom there is no general vaccination recommendation. These are especially pregnant women and children and young people under the age of 18.

2. Energy cost comparison

October changes

From October 1st, larger filling stations will be obliged to display a cost comparison of various energy sources such as petrol, diesel, electricity, natural gas or hydrogen in euros per 100 kilometers at fuel pumps or in the sales room. The new rules are intended to help sensitize consumers to alternative drives.

3. Stalking

October changes

Anyone who has a tendency to ambushes other people person or harasses them repeatedly will end up in court faster than before. Finally, the perpetrators had to be shown to have “persistent” stalking behavior that “seriously” affected the victim’s life. From October onwards it will be easier to prove that the perpetrator harassed someone “repeatedly” and thereby “not negligibly” impair their life. The sentence will also be tightened: Whereas previously a maximum of three years in prison could be imposed for stalking, now five years imprisonment are also possible. In addition, from October digital “cyberstalking” will also be an express criminal offense – for example if someone accesses the victim’s social media accounts or movement data.

4. Electronic prescription

October changes

After a test phase in Berlin and Brandenburg, medical practices can voluntarily issue electronic drug prescriptions nationwide from October 1st. Patients will then manage the e-prescriptions, for example using their smartphones, but they can also be printed out on paper. Starting in January 2022, the e-prescription for prescription drugs will be a must.

5. Debt collection fees

October changes

This will be a relief for anyone with small debts: Collection service providers usually have to inform those affected at the first contact on whose behalf they are acting, which contract is involved and what costs could arise in the event of default. Starting October: In the case of small claims of up to 50 euros, the collection costs that debtors have to pay in addition will not be higher than the claim itself. Important parts of the law come into force on October 1st.

6. Social networks

October changes

In the case of the “Network Enforcement Act”, which is intended to combat hatred and agitation on the Internet, a “counter-presentation procedure” is introduced. Social networks like Facebook must give their users the opportunity to defend themselves out of court against the blocking of supposedly illegal content. For example, those affected can request individual reasons for deleting their posts.

7. More money for scaffolders

October changes
  • Corner wage: From October 1, 2021, the corner wage in the scaffolding trade will rise by 2.5 percent to 17.47 euros.
  • Minimum wage: The minimum wage in the scaffolding trade will rise to 12.55 euros from October (previously 12.20 euros).
  • Apprenticeship remuneration: trainees in the scaffolding trade can also look forward to more money as of October 1, 2021. The training allowance increases by 50 euros in the first, 60 euros in the second and 70 euros in the third year of training.

In a second step, the basic wage and minimum wage in the scaffolding trade will rise again from October 2022

8. Fight against doping

October changes

A leniency program comes into force in the anti-doping law. It enables a reduction in sentences or an exemption from punishment for high-performance athletes who do doping, if they provide the investigators with information about the people behind the crime and criminal networks.

9. Fairer contracts for consumers from October

October changes

From October contracts will be fairer for consumers, because the first part of the law on fair consumer contracts comes into force. As Stiftung Warentest reports, companies can then no longer exclude the assignment of monetary claims in their general terms and conditions. This is important when consumers use legal service providers, for example, so that they can enforce claims and demand money back in the event of flight delays.

From October, electricity and gas contracts can no longer be concluded exclusively over the phone, according to Stiftung Warentest. Then an additional confirmation in text form by the customer is necessary, for example by e-mail, SMS, letter or fax.

10. Tax return 2020: Deadline ends on October 31st

October changes

If you have not yet submitted your 2020 tax return, you should hurry up: For those who do the tax return themselves, the deadline for filing is October 31, 2021.

11. New Start Assistance Plus for self-employed people: Applications can be submitted until October 31st

October changes

Anyone who is self-employed by Corona-related closings and restrictions in the third quarter can apply for the New Start Assistance Plus. This is still possible until October 31, 2021. Solo self-employed persons must submit the application themselves using the Elster certificate known from the tax return via the website 

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