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Oktoberfest jobs! Earn up to 400 euros per day plus tips! Oktoberfest Munich is looking for workers!

Oktoberfest jobs

Chicken grillers, cooks, waitresses, glass washers: Wiesn staff urgently needed! Will Oktoberfest 2022 be remembered for poor service? Oktoberfest jobs are available! Vendors need help! There is a lack of staff in all areas

Oktoberfest jobs: In 110 days Mayor Dieter Reiter will give the starting signal for the Wiesn 2022. But for the largest folk festival in the world to take place in the way visitors know and love, it needs staff. The Oktoberfest vendors are sounding the alarm.

Oktoberfest jobs facts

Around 13,000 jobs are created during Oktoberfest Munich

► 1,162 stands applied for the Oktoberfest 2017, and 545 were approved. Including 151 exhibitions, 251 goods sales, and 143 catering establishments.

► During the Wiesn, around 13,000 jobs are created at the Oktoberfest alone. Of these, 8,000 are employed on a permanent basis. The remaining 5,000 people find temporary work.


It takes a lot of staff to carry beer mugs, sells wooden clips, and bag almonds. Because the entire catering industry is complaining about a lack of staff, the Oktoberfest is also affected this year.

The largest professional job broker for Oktoberfest jobs hast a lot of vacancies that need to be filled soon.

Glupperl seller (m/f/d)

Equipped with a “Brenn-Peter”, Glupperl sellers personalize Bavarian clothespins made of wood with names and sayings. A real hit at the Wiesn! With your extroverted nature, beautiful handwriting, and a feeling for clever sayings, you can live out your artistic streak!

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Alcohol tester (m/f/d)

The beautiful and charming alcohol testers at the Munich Oktoberfest are called Promilla. Equipped with test devices calibrated by the police, Promillas measure the alcohol content of the guests and hand over a Bavarian certificate with their name and alcohol level.

As a Promilla you should be self-confident and quick-witted. Inspiring and motivating people is no problem for you either!

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Cook (m/f/d)

Would you like to look behind the scenes at the largest folk festival in the world and actively help with the planning?

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Souvenir sales (m/f/d)

Schatzis offer guests in the tent exclusive Bavarian products such as hats, costume jewelry, accessories, and much more! Since we put a lot of effort into selecting the products and mainly sell high-quality items, the souvenirs are very popular with the guests and the jobs at the Oktoberfest are in great demand.

Are you sociable, self-confident and, in addition to staying power, do you also have a talent for sales?

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You can find more job vacancies HERE

Munich Oktoberfest jobs: A souvenir seller at the Wiesn earns up to 400 euros plus tips per day

Gauger from the Oktoberfest job portal also feels this. The Munich company hires, among other things, the souvenir sellers in the tents. According to Gauger, the salespeople can earn up to 400 euros plus tips per day. “It has become really difficult to find staff.”

During the pandemic, many workers from the catering industry would have reoriented. And that could now affect innkeepers and stall operators: “It could be a difficult Oktoberfest for some .” Gauger recently received a desperate request from a showman at a small folk festival who was looking for a tearaway at short notice. Too short notice. The booth had to close for a day.

Oktoberfest jobs: Ukrainian women now decorate Oktoberfest hearts

Ukrainian refugees in the Zuckersucht bakery. (Photo: Claus Schunk)

Aschheim company Zuckersucht urgently needs workers for the production of gingerbread hearts. That is why they are now hiring refugees on a large scale.

According to the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Ukrainian refugees can start working as soon as they receive their residence permit. However, this must first be applied for at the responsible immigration office, and the waiting time for an appointment can take up to five weeks.




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