Omikron wave: How are German critical companies and authorities preparing themselves against possible work disruptions?


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In view of the expected large number of corona infections and the associated feared loss of many employees, the government’s expert council has also warned that the Omokron wave will lead to problems with the critical infrastructure.

Omikron wave: German companies and authorities are concerned about the speed with which the Omikron variant is spreading. In vital areas such as the energy industry and the food industry, the crisis teams are sharpening emergency plans. But in production and care, the Omikron wave will definitely lead to staff shortages.

Omikron wave

Industry associations sound Omikron wave alarm

▶ Regardless of the industry – at the end of the year, most companies are preparing for the upcoming Omikron pandemic phase.

▶ As a result of the reporting, many companies are already taking precautions to compensate for the impact that they may have to face.

▶ On the one hand, that could be changes in production or sales, that can also be an early vacation, as there are no limits to the creativity of the company to compensate and compensate for the failures that Omikron may have to offer.

Separate teams, emergency plans, crisis teams

▶ The focus and interest are primarily companies from the areas of critical infrastructure. For example, energy companies separate teams to prevent contamination and possible quarantine for entire units. 

When handing over shifts, clearances and the wearing of FFP2 masks are mandatory. Overall, the companies in the water and energy industries see themselves well equipped for a difficult pandemic phase with the Omikron variant. Voluntary surveys have shown that 80 to 90 percent of employees are vaccinated. 

In addition, the companies had emergency plans that would now be reactivated or that could be reactivated quickly. The companies have plans, including quarantine in the company, so that work can continue there. So in this respect even in spite of an Omikron risk, security of supply is guaranteed.

Omikron wave

Production cannot be relocated virtually

The food industry may foresee minor stoppages in production if too many employees have to be quarantined. However, the companies have already tried to limit this to a minimum through preventive security measures. 

One does not see any major supply difficulties coming here either. In most of the larger companies, crisis teams have been installed since the beginning of the pandemic and they continuously exchange information. 

At Lufthansa they say that you keep a very close eye on the current situation and developments. 

Siemens and the chemical giant BASF make a similar statement on request. If necessary, it would be possible to react promptly. 

In some areas of industry, however, the possibilities for reorganization are sometimes limited. 

So if there were to be a major failure: sales activities could be carried out online, production for obvious reasons could not be transferred to the virtual level. You actually have to touch it with your hand. A major loss of staff would also cause difficulties.

Omikron wave

The Omikron wave could exacerbate the lack of care

In the case of organizational and administrative activities, however, the expansion of activities in the home office is also conceivable. 

The professional association for care professions draws attention to the chronic shortage of staff in the industry even in normal times. 

Omikron could exacerbate the tense situation; because in this season of the year there were more reports of illnesses due to colds.

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