Parking shock in major German cities!


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Germany’s motorists are hit harder and harder: speed limit, threatening horror fuel prices, car-free cities and strict climate requirements – anyone who drives a car has to bring a lot of time and patience. In a parking shock, German residents will soon have to pay €360 instead of €30!

And it’s getting bigger and bigger! In some places, car owners have to dig deeper into their pockets even after they have parked their vehicle, because: In some large cities in southwest Germany, parking is expected to become significantly more expensive – and the parking shock is coming soon!

Parking shock

So why the parking shock? And why now?

Reason for the expensive madness: climate protection and hoped for additional income of several hundred thousand euros – washed in from the coffers of the car drivers!

▶ ︎ Residential parking spaces in Tübingen will therefore cost between 120 and 180 euros per year in the future.

The plan: the heavier the car, the more expensive the ticket. “For vehicles with an unladen weight of over 1800 kilos or 2000 kg (electric vehicles) the fee will be increased to 180 euros per year,” says the city. She is expecting an increase of around 576,000 euros per year.

▶ ︎ In Freiburg, a whopping increase from 30 to 360 euros is even planned for one parking space for residents per car and year.


Mannheim, Karlsruhe, Ulm and Stuttgart

▶ ︎ Also Mannheim is working on a concept currently have while only 30.70 euros to be paid annually for a residents parking, but an adjustment is imminent, “the mobility shift in Mannheim to influence positively,” said a spokeswoman. She did not give exact numbers.

The city receives around 2.7 million euros in parking fees annually. Residential parking permits flushed around 670,000 euros into the city coffers in 2020.Save online with vouchers

▶ ︎ From the city of Karlsruhe it was said in a nutshell : “An increase in the resident parking fees is planned.” When the municipal council will discuss and decide on this is still open.

The city issues around 6,000 parking permits for residents every year, and collects around 180,000 euros. In addition, there are almost 3.2 million euros annually from parking ticket machines.

▶ ︎ The city of Ulm is also currently working on a new statute on residential parking and will propose higher residential parking fees , said a city spokeswoman. “We are considering 200 to 300 euros”. It could be the middle of next year.

▶ ︎ In Stuttgart , people still keep their feet still at the moment . One is following what is happening carefully, but there is currently still debate, explained a spokesman. According to Mayor Clemens Meier, around 50,000 resident parking spaces in the state capital would be affected by an increase.

The good news: Citizens’ concerns come first. Stuttgart Mayor Clemens Meier: “With such a large-scale parking management system, the acceptance of the fees in the population is essential.”

Parking shock

Higher fines planned

It is also getting more and more serious for speeders and traffic offenders: They should probably have to pay significantly more this year. This also applies to parking violations, for example. Cyclists and pedestrians should be better protected – climate protection also plays an important role.

Background: After a long dispute between the federal government and the federal states, the Federal Council wants to decide on changes to the catalog of fines on October 8th. The chairman of the Conference of Transport Ministers, Bremen’s Senator Maike Schaefer (50, Greens), firmly expects approval of the new ordinance of the Federal Ministry of Transport.

Means: Federal Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer (47, CSU) still has to sign the ordinance. According to the ordinance, the changes to the catalog of fines will come into force three weeks after the announcement – for “sufficient preparation for practical implementation”.

When and where parking is (not) allowed in Germany

Parking shock

Car parked, tickets collected. As many fines are not issued for any traffic offense as for incorrect parking or illegal stopping. The car portal from names the most important rules – and errors. 

Here you can find out what fine you have to expect if you park illegally.

  • According to the German Road Traffic Regulations (StVO), you can only park on the right-hand side of the lane in the direction of travel. The law only provides an exception for one-way streets and tram tracks running on the right-hand side of the lane: in these cases, left-hand parking is permitted.
  • This often happens, is annoying, but mostly compliant: Car and motorcycle drivers who park on sidewalks and bike paths do not risk a fine only if this is expressly permitted by appropriate signs or markings.
  • Anyone parking unauthorized in disabled parking spaces will be fined 35 euros; the vehicle can even be towed.
  • Parking is not permitted on narrow streets opposite property entrances and exits. Whether a street is narrow in the sense of this regulation depends on the hindrance caused by parking on the opposite side. A lane is considered narrow if it is only 3.50 meters wide, measured by the vehicle that is turning in and the vehicle that is parked opposite the entrance.
  • It is not allowed to keep a parking space free; that could constitute coercion and thus a criminal offense.
  • Even a properly parked car may be towed in some cases. This can happen when a construction site is set up and the parked car is hindering the construction work. However, the signs must have been put up 72 hours before the stopping ban begins.
  • If you park incorrectly despite numerous parking tickets, you risk your driver’s license. The driver can be sent for a medical-psychological examination (MPU) and, if this is not passed, lose the driver’s license.
  • Anyone with a seasonal license plate is not allowed to park their vehicle on public streets and squares outside of its validity period. Otherwise there is a threat of a fine of 40 euros.
  • Parking disc or parking ticket are often required. If parking is only allowed with a parking disc, this must correspond to sign 318 of the StVO.
  • Parking tickets and discs must also be attached to a motorcycle – even if this is difficult in practice. Otherwise there is a risk of a fine.
  • According to §13 of the Road Traffic Regulations (StVO), defective parking ticket machines or parking meters can only be parked up to the specified maximum parking time. In addition, a parking disc must be used in this case.
  • In parking lots, the principle of right before left does not usually apply, but rather the requirement of mutual consideration and understanding. In the event of an accident, we always weigh up the proportion of the cause and the proportion of fault. If the proportions are the same, there is a liability distribution of 50 to 50. However, if a road user had an increased duty of care, for example when reversing, the liability distribution is shifted at his expense. 
  • It looks different if the road network differs significantly from the parking spaces. If intersecting lanes clearly have the character of a (parking lot) street, the principle right before left often applies here.
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