Deutsche Bahn is abolishing the partner BahnCard. Get one now before it’s too late!


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The Partner BahnCard will be abolished. You have until March 31, 2022 to secure one!

Partner BahnCard: Deutsche Bahn is abolishing a discount for BahnCard holders: With the Partner BahnCard, spouses and life partners of BahnCard holders have previously had the opportunity to order an additional BahnCard at a greatly reduced price. This option is no longer available: the partner BahnCard will be discontinued on March 31, 2022. The discount for the partner BahnCard is up to 50%. All information about the end of the popular partner BahnCard can be found here in the article.

partner BahnCard

What is the Partner BahnCard?

A Partner BahnCard is a discounted BahnCard for spouses or life partners. The marriage, registered civil partnership or shared residence must be proven with the appropriate documents (original or copy of the marriage certificate or identity cards in the case of joint residence, registration certificate for foreign BahnCard holders).

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Partner BahnCard – prices and discounts

BahnCard 25BahnCard 50BahnCard 100
Regular BahnCard price56.90 euros (2nd class), 114 euros (1st class)234 euros (2nd class), 474 euros (1st class)4,144 euros (2nd class), 7,010 euros (1st class)
Price Partner BahnCard37.90 euros (2nd class), 74.90 euros (1st class)117 euros (2nd class), 231 euros (1st class)Choice between Partner BahnCard 25 or Partner BahnCard 50

The partner BahnCard is also available for the My BahnCard 25 and 50 and for the Senior BahnCard 25 and 50 at a reduced price in the respective discount level. The discount for the Partner BahnCard 25 in 2nd class is around 34 percent or 19 euros – the Partner BahnCard 50 is really worthwhile, as it costs 50 percent less than the regular BahnCard 50. The regular BahnCard 50 costs 2nd class 234€ per year, the reduced partner BahnCard 50 only 117€ – partners save half of the purchase price here!

What applies to existing (partner) BahnCards?

It is also possible to order an existing BahnCard at a later date – but only in the travel center.

If you already have a partner BahnCard that is still valid on March 31, 2022, you will receive the partner discount again for another year after the period of validity has expired. This applies to all partner cards for all versions of the BahnCard 25 and BahnCard 50. Everyone can calculate for themselves whether the full price is worth it afterwards; There is enough time on the part of the railway for this.

partner BahnCard

Why is Deutsche Bahn abolishing the Partner BahnCard?

At first there was no reaction from Deutsche Bahn; just a mailing to existing customers and the paragraph in the updated terms and conditions of usage. A railway spokeswoman indicated that only three percent of BahnCard customers use the offer of the partner BahnCard. This is therefore a “little used offer” and “uneconomical”.

“We are phasing out an underutilized service. It is currently only used by three percent of BahnCard customers. Every offer incurs costs. If the offers are not used then, they are uneconomical for us.” 


There are around 5 million BahnCards in Germany – so there should be around 150,000 BahnCard partners in the Federal Republic. These 150,000 Bahn customers now have to consider whether a BahnCard at full price is still worthwhile for you.

What are the requirements for purchasing BahnCard partner cards?

You can order discounted partner tickets as a BahnCard holder. One requirement would be that your spouse and/or civil partner has the same place of residence as you. If this is not the case and you live in separate households, you must prove that you are a registered civil partnership or that you are married. This works very well with a marriage certificate or other formal documents. Bahntastic way there are no other requirements. When purchasing a partner BahnCard, it doesn’t matter whether there are children in the household or how the BahnCard is paid for.

What are the rules for purchasing discounted BahnCards?

As a BahnCard holder, you can apply for the following BahnCards:

  • for the BahnCard 25 a BahnCard 25 partner card
  • a BahnCard 50 partner card for the BahnCard 50
  • for the BahnCard 100 a BahnCard 50 partner card or a BahnCard 25 partner card
  • in the case of holders of a discounted BahnCard 25 or 50 because they are over 60, pension recipients with reduced earning capacity or severely disabled people, their (marital) partners are entitled to a BahnCard25 or BahnCard50 partner card
  • If you have a My BahnCard 25 or 50, your partner will receive a My BahnCard 25 or 50 partner card.


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