10 places in Germany that make you feel like you are abroad!


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The first easing of the corona measures are slowly being implemented. Can the planned summer vacation still take place after all? At least abroad it becomes cumbersome, because the travel warning continues to apply, the entry regulations abroad are complicated and in the end there is no guarantee that you are actually allowed to travel.

Summer 2021 is a wonderful opportunity to rediscover Germany. Especially since there are corners in this country that have a lot of international flair.

Find out all best German doppelgangers of international sights!

1. Mountain romance like in South Tyrol


Saxon Switzerland is a little flatter than its counterpart in the south, but the hiking trails that meander around rock towers and steep cliffs are all the more impressive.

A highlight is the “bastion” – the ruins of an old castle, which despite the centuries have been able to hold onto the high cliffs.


2. As mysterious as the Everglades abroad


The Spreewald not only boast of cucumbers in all shapes and sizes. The nature reserve is one of the most beautiful places for biodiversity in Germany with over 18,000 registered animal and plant species.

Alligators and manatees like in Florida are not included. But there is little in the world as beautiful as eating a sour cucumber right in the canoe.

3. History of religion like in Rome


Baroque, religious curiosities are actually expected in the crypts of Rome, where they attract millions of visitors, but the Church of the Assumption near Munich has two gold glass coffins with the remains of saints.

St. Hyacinth is said to have died in 108 (1912 years ago!) At the age of only twelve. Its skeleton is almost entirely covered with precious stones and gold. Scary beautiful!

4. Skyscrapers like in Dubai


Ok, the comparison is a bit wrong, but the Thyssenkrupp test tower in Rottweil, which was built to test new elevator technology, offers the highest publicly accessible viewing platform in Germany at 232 meters.

Incidentally, the facade is covered with a fabric made of fiberglass, which reflects the sun. Nevertheless, it cannot quite keep up with the 828-meter-high Burj Khalifa.

5. Iconic like Arizona


The Horseshoe Bend in the Colorado River is one of THE landmarks of the American West, but the Rhine also has its kink.

At the Loreley (the rock that overlooks the bend) it makes driving a risk with dangerous currents and sharp rocks. A bittersweet beauty that inspires poets.

6. As blue as the Blue Grotto


Capri’s Blue Grotto has been the focal point for the rich and beautiful for decades, but the “Blautopf” near Ulm has its own story: A mermaid who has lost her smile is said to live here.

The turquoise uncertainty has long attracted divers and explorers, but many have never returned from the branching caves under the lake.

7. Historically like Florence


The Thuringian state capital and Northern Italy’s pearl were both able to keep their charming old town centers, although the unaesthetic progress in architects was increasingly bothering them. Erfurt’s Krämerbrücke is 900 years old and shows that houses were not only built on bridges in the south.

8. As majestic as the fjords of Norway


The majestic Königssee lies high in the Berchtesgaden Alps. Deep blue and surrounded by mountains, the natural spectacle makes you think of the fjords of Norway. The narrow bays in the far north are fed by the sea, but the sight is confusingly similar.

9. Noble like the Hamptons


In addition to the gentle dunes, the romantic reeds and great fish dishes, the Baltic Sea resort and the New York beach area also have the chic public in common. In addition to fish rolls, there are also pretty fine boutiques and large villas here.

10. Magnificent like Versailles


Although the Bavarian Linderhof Palace cannot keep up with the French original in size, the palace of Neuschwanstein King Ludwig II is no less magnificent: In addition to ivory wall lights and a carpet made of ostrich down, there is an underground “Venus Grotto” with a golden boat.

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