Planning a move in Germany: moving companies, checklists and more


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You are planning a move and you are wondering if you should hire a moving company? It is worth comparing the offers for for moving. 

Moving compabies and furniture hauliers will provide you with non-binding cost estimates that can vary significantly in terms of costs and scope of services. Depending on the size of your apartment, mving your furniture yourself can be a cheaper option. Whatever option yu go with, below are some useful tips for your move.

Thinking about a move in a nutshell

  • Moves are possible despite Corona.
  • The size of the household + the distance to the place of residence determine the costs.
  • Moving on your own is worthwhile for smaller removals.

What hygiene measures must be observed when moving during the corona pandemic?

At the current time , removals can be carried out within Germany . Removals with moving companies are still possible, even if the specified hygiene standards must be adhered to.

When moving on your own, the contact restrictions of the respective federal state must be observed. In addition, the hygiene regulations and distance regulations should also be observed here.


Organize the move yourself or hire a moving company?

Before moving, the question arises again and again whether it is worthwhile hiring a moving company. If you move within a city, if you have enough time, you can organize the move yourself. If you are moving further away or need to move a large household out, it is a good idea to seek professional help.

Regardless of which variant you choose, so that everything runs smoothly, it makes sense to create a checklist with precise timing. Have everything you think about in advance about moving to hand at all times so that you can look up which step is next if necessary.

1. Why should I hire a moving company to handle my move?


If you decide to hire a moving company, it makes sense to find out beforehand which moving company offers which service.

If the company is to take care of the entire move, i.e. dismantle furniture at the move-out location, pack boxes, load the truck and then unpack and assemble all the furniture and boxes again at the move-in location, the moving costs increase enormously. To counteract this, only part of the move can be planned by a furniture shipping company.

In order to find the right moving company for you, it makes sense to arrange a viewing appointment with the moving company. During the viewing appointment, do not forget to show the employees of the moving company all the rooms, including the cellar, storage room, garage or the full garden shed. Then agree a fixed price for your move with the furniture shipping company, only then are you safe from financial surprises.

Often an order is only worthwhile if the distance between the old and new place of residence is large.
Decisive points for the amount of the costs are:

  • How big is your household
  • Which moving service should the furniture transport company carry out for you?
  • What is the distance between where you move out and where you move in?
  • Do you need additional moving helpers?

Pros / Cons of moving companies

  • Hardly any personal responsibility
  • Physical relief
  • mostly faster and more smooth process
  • routine
  • Higher cost
  • Research + company comparison
  • no control, responsibility in the hands of strangers
  • Moving as a bonding experience is no longer necessary

2. Do I have enough experience to organize my move myself?

To move on your own requires good preparation. If you don’t want to pack everything by yourself, ask friends and acquaintances in good time whether someone can offer themselves as a packing aid for a kindness. You can make the move yourself stress-free and fastest if you take care of enough moving helpers early on.

Preparing the move

A move is the opportunity to clean out old things, sell them online, dispose of them or donate to charitable organizations. Have your leftover bulky waste picked up. This is usually free of charge .
In principle, you can expect around 20 boxes for one move per person when packing .

It is also important to choose a suitable moving date, because on a Sunday or public holiday, for example, you must not work or cause noise. It’s also a good idea to check for appointments in the area to prevent street parties or construction from making your move difficult.

With the city you can get an official No-Parking Sign for the day of the move. It is often enough to inform the neighbors about your move in good time, so that a parking space in front of the house is reserved for your moving van on the day of the move. Pay attention to no parking zones and plan accordingly.


Moving checklist – when should you do what?

3 months before the move:

  • Terminate the old lease
  • Plan renovation and repair work
  • Apply for leave for the day of the move
  • If necessary, cancellation of (location-specific) memberships and subscriptions

1 month before moving:

  • Inform and organize relocation helpers (friends)
  • Get moving boxes and other moving needs
  • Appl for a forwarding order from Deutsche Post (you can do that online)
  • If necessary, rent a moving van and have a parking area blocked off

1 week before the move:

  • Inform new and old neighbors and caretakers about the move
  • Pack and label moving boxes
  • Read meter readings in the new and old apartment

No later than 2 weeks after the move

  • Register or re-register your place of residence at Einwohnermeldeamt

What must be considered when moving to Germany?

  • Possession of a valid ID card
  • Possession of a residence certificate
  • Proof of adequate health insurance coverage
  • Report to the citizens’ office (Einwohnermeldeamt)

First, go to the citizens’ office and the immigration office and get all the answers to your questions about registration and re-registration, residence permits and work permits. EU citizens can enter the Federal Republic of Germany without restrictions and practice their profession. When moving to Germany, you always have to prove that you can provide for your own living.

Non-EU citizens basically need a visa. There are special regulations for citizens of the European Economic Area and citizens of Switzerland. In the latter, a visa is only issued pro forma. As a citizen of the European Union with freedom of movement, you can apply for a job in Germany without restriction. If this does not apply to you, you will need a residence permit in addition to the visa.

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