Almost 20 percent of the Bavarian police NOT vaccinated! Who is policing the police?


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The Bavarian police recently encountered a problem when inquiring about 3G regulations in the workplace. Almost 20 percent of the law enforcement officers are not vaccinated – although they are supposed to control Corona measures.

Police NOT vaccinated: Almost 20 percent of Bavarian police officers have not yet been vaccinated. This is what the Interior Ministry found out when it inquired about 3G regulations in the workplace. This is particularly problematic with patrol officers, because they should also check compliance with the corona rules – for example in the catering trade. Because unvaccinated guests are still out and about in 2G rooms and show fake vaccination cards.

“Grotesque”: Unvaccinated officers control 2G rules

Jürgen Köhnlein, German police union

The Bavarian state chairman of the German police union, Jürgen Köhnlein, cannot understand why some of his colleagues do not want to be vaccinated. For him this is difficult to reconcile with his official duties. It is grotesque that unvaccinated emergency services control 2G requirements.

▶ If deployments are planned, the employer can still react and not deploy the non-vaccinated. But if something unexpected happens, every policewoman has to come to the scene quickly, regardless of the vaccination status.

Police not vaccinated is a major problem!

Joachim Herrmann, Bavarian Interior Minister

▶ The police have a vaccination problem within their own ranks. This is also confirmed by the Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann from the CSU. 

▶ Only 81 percent of police officers have been vaccinated or have recovered. The ministry only recently discovered that almost one in five police officers had not been immunized, when inquiries about the 3G regulations were made at the workplace.

Often times, even the superiors would not have known about their unvaccinated employees, according to Herrmann. In the departments, there is resentment among a number of police colleagues because they have only now noticed which colleagues have not been vaccinated. According to Herrmann, conflicts sometimes arise when vaccinated police officers are assigned to unvaccinated colleagues in a patrol vehicle.

Unvaccinated police officers “hardly justifiable” in planned missions

It is “hardly justifiable” when unvaccinated police officers come into contact with citizens while on patrol or even check 2G rules. According to the Minister of the Interior, this has not yet been ruled out. That will now be checked on a case-by-case basis.

According to Herrmann, this is hardly justifiable for planned missions. It would be difficult to send police officers into a location that practically only vaccinated and recovered people are allowed to enter.

Herrmann has no explanation

The minister has no explanation as to why almost a fifth of police officers shy away from vaccination. There were and are many vaccination offers. The police had already set up their own vaccination centers in March. Booster vaccinations are also currently being offered at six locations . First vaccinations are also possible here, according to the ministry.

Green politician Katharina Schulze calls for an awareness campaign

Katharina Schulze, Grüne MP Bavarian state parliament

The parliamentary group leader of the Greens in the Bavarian state parliament, Katharina Schulze, is now calling for an internal awareness campaign for police officers. Because she considers it dangerous that 20 percent of the police officers are not vaccinated. She does not want Bavarian police officers to be infected or carriers of Corona.

The domestic policy spokesman for the SPD parliamentary group in the state parliament, Stefan Schuster, mentions another aspect. After all, the police have a role model function for the population, so the quota should be higher, said Schuster.

Other federal states also complain to the police that the vaccination rate is too low

Not only with the Bavarian police there are problems with a vaccination rate that is too low. In other federal states such as Berlin or Saxony there is currently heated discussion. According to media reports, there are already staff shortages in Saxony due to many corona infections or quarantine measures.

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