15 Popular Classic German Baby Boy Names


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German baby boy names: what should your son be called?

In Germany, a mom-to-be has to always wonder their baby boy’s name might be. Finding a name is often not that easy. Find more on popular German baby boy names, their meaning or origin.

First German baby boy names

The main thing is healthy – this is the most important wish that all parents have for their baby. At birth, you have the opportunity to give your child unique preventive healthcare: with the storage of valuable stem cells from its own umbilical cord blood. At the time of birth, you set the course for your child in other ways too – by choosing the first German baby boy names. This name will be with your child for a lifetime. Ultimately, it has to match the child, family and surname.

Vita 34 would like to help you with the name search and has therefore put together a list of names with first names for boys – short boy names, long boy names, classic boy names, modern boy names … Just browse through our name suggestions: Here all boy names from A to Z – from Aaron to Zyriak.

Boy Names: Find The Perfect Boy Name Between Aaron and Zyriak

In the ultrasound, the baby revealed its gender: the mother-to-be is pregnant with a little boy. Congratulations to the “Stammhalter”! But now a first name has to be found for the little fellow in mommy’s belly. This is not so easy. Many parents get the feeling that perfect boy names are far more difficult to find than perfect girl names.

All those families who simply carry on an old tradition and name their son after papa or grandfather are fine. This saves time, nerves and a lot of discussions during pregnancy. However, this approach has gone a bit out of fashion today. When it comes to choosing a name, too, the trend is towards individual names. However, this does not prevent noble and royal families in particular from bucking the zeitgeist and consciously opting for continuity in the family tree.


Checklist for The Right Boy Name

Angel or bully – who can know that right after the birth? In order to find the right first name for boys, parents have to consider a few things when choosing a name. First of all, the name should not only suit the little, cute newborn baby, but later it must also be able to survive on the football field, in the disco, when applying or when awarding the Nobel Prize and the Oscar.

As a parent, let the following questions guide you:

  • Should it be a classic boy’s name (like Karl, Wilhelm, Paul, Christian or Friedrich) or a modern boy’s name (like Milo, Neo, Jax, Leon or Kilian)?
  • Should it be a short boy name (like Tom, Jan, Till, Kai or Raik) or a long boy name (like Maximilian, Konstantin, Sebastian, Timotheus or Jonathan)?
  • Should it be a well-known boy name (like Peter, Daniel, Julius, Anton or Thomas) or rather a rare boy’s name (like Keanu, Remy, Qemal, Onor or Birger)?
  • Should it be a friendly-sounding boy name (like Benjamin, Tobias, Emil, Fabian or Julian) or a powerful boy name (like Alexander, Siegfried, Rufus, Tiberius or Phillipp)?
  • Should the boy’s name have a specific meaning (like Leo [the lion], Felix [the lucky one], or Magnus [the tall one])?
  • Should the boy’s name come from a certain language (like Etienne [French], Malte [Scandinavian] or Nikita [Russian])?
  • Should the boy’s name refer to a film, a book or religion (like Luke [“Star Wars”], Michel [“Michel from Lönneberga” by Astrid Lindgren] or Matthias [Bible])?
german baby boy names

Tips for choosing a boy’s first name in Germany

When it comes to choosing a baby boy’s name in Germany, please always pay attention to possible abbreviations or nickname variants. Can first names in connection with the family name lead to strange combinations – classic examples here would be Axel Schweiß, Hans Wurst or Rainer Zufall? Pay attention to the possibility of rhyming. Children can be very creative and sometimes hurtful. Therefore, read the name favorites not only “normally” from left to right, but also from back to front! Is there a compromising constellation with the boy’s name you picked out?

For the first name, give preference to the clearer and shorter spelling of the first name, and ask yourself whether the child may have to spell their hubs for a lifetime. You hear it positively annoyed: “No, not with J, but with Y, double N and CK!”

First Name for Boys: Second Name or Third Name?

Mom found the perfect boy name and so did dad? Which of the two should you choose now? In this case, how about a double name like Jean Luca or Liam Noel? According to a decision by the Federal Constitutional Court in 2004, up to five first names are allowed in Germany. A mother wanted to enforce twelve first names for her son under the file number BVerfG BvR 994/98. But German judges saw the child’s best interests at risk in this case and decided to limit the number of first names.

If the parents specify a double name in the hyphenated variant, the child must always be addressed by their full name. Later, it is only allowed to sign official documents in full name. The argument in favor of the double name without a hyphen is that the bearer of the name would be more flexible. Usually the first name is declared to be the first name. However, the middle name can also be used as a first name.

For a long time, typical German boy names were considered old-fashioned. Now these names are making a comeback. Classic names in particular are enjoying increasing popularity. Here you will find 30 classic German first names!

1. Hendrik

Origin: Old High German

Meaning: Hendrik is often translated as “the ruler”, “the ruler of the house” and “the master of the house”

From Hendrik to Adam: Old German boy names are becoming increasingly popular
If you are looking for a name for your son, maybe one of these could be right for you.

Many German boy names not only have a wonderful meaning, but also often run in the family and are therefore particularly personal. Many grandparents are happy when the child bears a traditional name.

2. Philip

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Philipp means translated “the horse lover”

German boy names and their origins

Not all German classics really have their roots in Old High German – some are also Greek or Hebrew. Since they were popular in Germany many decades ago, they appear in the list for German boy names

3. Alexander

Origin: ancient Greek

Meaning: Alexander means “the protector” and “the defender of men”

That always works: Classic German boy names

Some of these German boy names come as no surprise as they are regularly featured in the popular name rankings. For example Alexander or Paul. Classic German names in particular have increased significantly in the ranking of the most popular names in recent years.

4. Paul

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Paul means translated “the little one” and “the younger one”

German boy names: local differences

The most popular German boy names have local differences. In northern Germany, Frisian first names such as Fiete or Mats are particularly popular.

In Bavaria, however, Maximilian remains in the top list. The name goes back to a number of Bavarian kings and dukes.

5. Konrad

Origin: Old High German

Meaning: The first name means “the bold adviser” or “the brave”

Classic German boy names: a look back

In the last few years, the list of the most popular German boy names has increasingly featured Old German names. Names that are already part of the family are particularly popular. Classic German boy names can be found in almost every family tree.

6. Robert

Origin: Old High German

Meaning: Robert means translated “the graceful” and “the radiant”

German boy names from history

When choosing a German boy’s name, you can also take a look at history. Robert Koch was a German medic and famous name bearer, but the list of counts and dukes named Robert is long.

7. Fridolin

Origin: Old High German

Meaning: Fridolin means “the peaceful”, “the rich” or “the mighty”

Classic German boy names: short and pet forms

The name Fridolin is short for Friedrich. If you have a German boy’s name in the family, but you don’t like it 100%, see if there is a short form of the name that you like.

8. Moritz

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Considered the German version of the name Mauritius. Means “the dark one”.

German boy names: versions in each language

Many classic German boy names are also available in other languages. Versions of popular names can be found especially in the neighboring countries around Germany. The German boy’s name Moritz is the equivalent of the French Maurice and the Italian Maurizio.

9. Friedrich

Origin: Old High German

Meaning: Friedrich means translated “the kingdom of peace”, “the protector”, “the mighty” and “the ruler”

German boy names with historical reference

Friedrich was a popular German boy name for rulers and looks back on a long tradition. For example, Frederick the Great, King of Prussia or Frederick of Brandenburg, as well as a large number of German-Roman emperors carried this classic German boy’s name. The writer and poet Friedrich Schiller is also a famous name representative.

10. Emil

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Emil is translated as “the zealous”, “the imitator” and “the hardworking”.

Grandpa is also happy about German boy names

Many German boy names not only have a wonderful meaning, but also often run in the family and are therefore particularly personal. Grandpa is sure to be happy when the grandson bears his traditional name.

11. Oscar

Origin: German

Meaning: Oskar means translated “the god with the spear”

German boy names as a middle name

If a classic German boy’s name is out of the question as a first name, the middle name is a great solution. Especially if the name is supposed to pay homage to a family member, a German boy’s name in second place is worth considering.

12. August

Origin: Latin

Meaning: August means “the exalted”, “the saint” or “the venerable”

13. Peter

Origin: ancient Greek

Meaning: Peter means translated “the rock” and “the stone”

14. Kaspar

Origin: Old Persian

Meaning: Kaspar is often translated as “the steward of the treasures”

15. Thomas

Origin: Aramaic

Meaning: Thomas means translated “the twin”

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