Do you know that you can get money back on your holiday according to the Frankfurt table?


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If you’ve ever had travel issues at Frankfurt, you’ll be familiar with the phrase “How to get your money back at Frankfurt Airport.” Find out what the Frankfurt table is

If your vacation doesn’t go as the catalog promised, you can get money back with a package tour in many cases – you can reduce the travel price. This is according to the Frankfurt table.

How can you get a refund on your booked holiday using the Frankfurt table?

frankfurt table

It is important that you report any defects on vacation to your tour guide or another contact person of the organizer on site. Demand remedial action. If the tour guide cannot do anything on site, request a part of the travel price back from the organizer after your return. You can find out what you should pay attention to in our guide to complain about travel defects.

You can claim the money from the organizer with our sample letter. When reducing the price of your package tour, use the percentages in the so-called Frankfurt table as a guide.

Which deficiency can be reduced how much?

frankfurt table

The Frankfurt table provides clues as to how much you can reduce. The table was developed by the Frankfurt Regional Court in the 1980s. Only judgments of this regional court were included in the table. The percentages given are based on the type and extent of the travel deficiencies and serve as a guide.

Courts and tour operators are not bound by this table when assessing travel deficiencies – they decide each case individually.

Explanations to the Frankfurt table

The Frankfurt judges have provided various points in the table with additional explanations. In the following, we list the most important notes in a slightly abbreviated version:

  1. Minor impairments are not taken into account.
  2. The level of the percentage depends on how great the impairment was. This is generally independent of the characteristics of the individual traveler (age, gender, special sensitivity).
  3. The percentage is generally charged from the total travel price (including transport costs). The contributions paid by the traveler for insurance and surcharges for increased flight comfort are deducted. If impairments occur only temporarily during the duration of the trip, a reduction is only granted to the corresponding proportion (days).
  4. If there are several defects, the percentages are added.
  5. If the trip as a whole is significantly impaired by deficiencies in individual travel services or by breaches of duty by the tour operator, you can even demand compensation for lost vacation days (§ 651f Paragraph 2 a. F. BGB for bookings up to July 1, 2018; § 651n para. 2 BGB).
  6. As a rule, you may only terminate the travel contract if there are defects of at least 20 percent (Section 651e Paragraph 1 old version of the German Civil Code for bookings by July 1, 2018, Section 651l Paragraph 1 of the German Civil Code). If you break off the trip with this reason, the organizer is obliged, among other things, to bring you home at his own expense. He is no longer entitled to you paying him travel services – not even those that he provided before you terminated the travel contract.


Where else can I find information other that the Frankfurt table?

frankfurt table

In addition to the Frankfurt table, there are a number of other overviews that you can use to reduce the travel price.

Attention: The information in the following tables is also non-binding.

1. Kempten travel deficiency table

The Kempten travel deficiency table is also used for orientation and as a source of information. It was developed by Ernst Führich from the Kempten University of Applied Sciences and compiles judgments from various courts in Germany on the subject. This gives you further clues as to how a court could possibly judge your case.

2. Würzburg table on cruises

You can find a helpful compilation of judgments about travel deficiencies on cruises on the website of the law firm Rodegra from Würzburg. The so-called Würzburg table is continuously updated.

3. ADAC table to reduce travel problems

The ADAC table is also helpful. The Autoklub offers an up-to-date overview of the nationwide case law on travel price reductions from the past 20 years.

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