Lower Saxony is relaxing corona restrictions from today (Status: 02/24/2022 00:00)


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A new Corona regulation applies in Lower Saxony from today. It contains several relaxations.

Relaxing corona restrictions: As of the 24th of February, people in Lower Saxony who have been vaccinated against the coronavirus virus and have recovered from an infection can meet with any number of people in the private sphere, as the State Chancellery announced on Wednesday in Hanover. The federal and state governments had agreed on this relaxation during the most recent consultations.

relaxing corona restrictions

According to the State Chancellery, the most important changes are as follows:

  • The contact restrictions in the private sphere for fully vaccinated or recovered people are completely eliminated
  • For unvaccinated people: One household plus two other people from a household. Exceptions: children up to 14 years, independent of households
  • In gastronomy, 2G applies indoors and outdoors, so access is only available to those who have been fully vaccinated or have recovered
  • For events attended by more than 50 people and less than 2,000: indoor and outdoor 2G
  • At events in which more than 2,000 people take part: indoors and outdoors 2G+, i.e. with a negative quick test
  • Trade fairs are possible again, 3G applies
  • 2G applies indoors and outdoors in hotels and guesthouses. 3G applies to overnight stays as part of professional training, further education and training, as well as business trips
  • Sports facilities and sports halls, use 3G indoors and outdoors
  • For body-related services, i.e. hairdressers or cosmetic studios, wearing an FFP2 mask is sufficient

“New chapter in the fight against pandemics”

A new chapter in fighting the pandemic is beginning for Lower Saxony, said Prime Minister Stephan Weil (SPD). “After a difficult winter, we are on course to relax. By March 20, 2022, all corona-related restrictions will be abolished in three stages, except the mask.” However, the head of government also emphasized: “Please don’t think that the pandemic is over. It’s not.”

relaxing corona restrictions

Further easing announced for March 4th

An FFP2 mask must still be worn in retail and on buses and trains. Further relaxed corona rules are to come into force on March 4th. Then, for example, unvaccinated people with a negative test should be able to go back to a restaurant or event with a maximum of 2,000 visitors.

Relaxing corona restrictions in three stages

The easing of the corona measures, which the federal government and the heads of state governments had agreed on, brought Lower Saxony’s Prime Minister Stephan Weil (SPD) to a poetic formula on Thursday: The “new chapter in combating the pandemic ” is the ” spring awakening after the winter rest”

Given the peak of the omicron wave, the federal and state governments have agreed to gradually reduce the corona restrictions, and then completely from March 20th. The masking requirement alone will continue to apply in many areas afterward. “Apart from this exception, normality will return,” said Weil. The contact restrictions are to be lifted for those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered by Wednesday, February 24th.

relaxing corona restrictions

First relaxation from February 24th – This is expected to apply from February 24th

  • Private gatherings
    For unvaccinated persons: one household plus two other people from a household. Exceptions: children up to 14 years, independent of households.
    For those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered: unrestrictedly permitted.
  • Events for up to 2,000 people
    If more than 50 people take part, then: indoors and outdoors 2G.
  • Events with more than 2,000 people
    indoors and outdoors 2G-Plus.
  • Gastronomy
    Indoors and outdoors 2G.
    Hall operation from 2,000 people: indoors FFP2, except when seated.
  • Indoor and outdoor accommodation
    Overnight stays as part of vocational training, further education and further training: 3G. Likewise: business trips.
  • Indoor and outdoor sports facilities
    Indoor: FFP2, except when exercising or sitting.
  • Public transport
    3G by federal law, FFP2.

In a further opening step from March 4th, only 3G will apply to events with more than 50 people. Distance regulations should then also be abolished. At events with more than 2,000 people, 2G will then replace 2G-Plus.


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