Which cities in Germany have the most expensive Apartments?


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Rent prices in Germany have been increasing for years – housing is becoming too expensive for many people. These are the cities with the highest rental prices per square meter in Germany.

Most Expats in Germany will end up living and working in major German cities. When it comes to housing in Germany, Expats have to therefore expect high rental costs for living space.

Below is a ranking of German cities with the highest new rental prices for apartments that Expats can expect to deal with (the List ranks the cities in Germany with the highest rents per square meter)

9th place – Düsseldorf

rental prices

The state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia also made it into this ranking and shares ninth place with Heilbronn. Employers like Henkel, Daimler and Vodafone attract people to Düsseldorf. In addition, the metropolis with the Königsallee, the Medienhafen or the old town – the “longest bar in the world” – offers some highlights for leisure activities. In Düsseldorf, the average new rental price for apartments – just like in Heilbronn before – is 12.01 euros per square meter.

8th place – Wiesbaden

rental prices

In eighth place, Wiesbaden also follows a state capital – the Hessians. In the second largest city in the state, an average of EUR 12.05 per square meter was paid for new leases in the third quarter of 2019. The highlights of Wiesbaden include the spa park with the spa house, which was laid out in 1852 and which includes the Wiesbaden casino, and the city palace, which houses the Hessian state parliament.

7th place – Ingolstadt

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The seventh place among the cities with the highest rental prices in Germany is the Free State of Bavaria for the first time, but not the state capital, but Ingolstadt. Around 135,000 people live in the city on the Danube, paying an average of EUR 12.06 per square meter in the third quarter of 2019. Ingolstadt is one of the most important locations for the German automotive industry and is the headquarters and largest production site of the VW subsidiary Audi .

6th place – Freiburg

rental prices

From Bavaria to Breisgau – Freiburg takes sixth place in this ranking. The city is known for its university, founded in 1457, which, despite the high rental costs, continues to attract many young people to Freiburg. The university and the associated university clinic are among the largest employers in the city. In the third quarter of 2019, tenants in Freiburg paid an average of EUR 12.29 for one square meter of living space.

5th place – Mainz

rental prices
Mainz von oben

Mainz is in the middle of this ranking. The state capital of Rhineland-Palatinate is near Wiesbaden, the eighth most expensive city for tenants in Germany. One of the characteristics of the city is the Mainz Cathedral with its very distinctive tower. In the city on the Rhine, residents paid an average of EUR 12.33 rent per square meter for new rents in the third quarter of 2019.

4th place – Darmstadt

With Darmstadt, the second city from Hesse is already among the cities with the highest rental prices in Germany. Like some other cities in this ranking – Mainz, Freiburg, Ingolstadt, Wiesbaden and Heilbronn – it is not one of the ten largest cities in Germany . Darmstadt is home to several universities, colleges and other research institutions, which is why the city calls itself a science city. An average of 12.35 euros was paid for one square meter.

3rd place – Stuttgart

rental prices

Stuttgart ranks on the podium of this ranking with an average price of 13.91 euros per square meter and is thus almost 1.60 euros per square meter more expensive than Darmstadt. The metropolis is known nationwide as the headquarters of the automobile manufacturers Daimler (Mercedes-Benz) and Porsche , which also operate their own museums in the state capital of Baden-Württemberg.

2nd place – Frankfurt am Main

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The second most expensive city in Germany for tenants is Frankfurt am Main. In addition to Deutsche Bank , Commerzbank , KfW Bankengruppe and DZ Bank, the European Central Bank is also headquartered in the Main metropolis, which is therefore also the financial center of Germany. However, tenants have to dig deep into their pockets to rent an apartment. The average price for new rental contracts for apartments in the third quarter of 2019 in Frankfurt am Main was 14.33 euros per square meter – and is therefore noticeably higher than in Stuttgart.

1st place – Munich

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The most expensive city in Germany for tenants is the Bavarian capital, Munich. The gap to the second-placed city of Frankfurt am Main is very clear with more than 3 euros per square meter and at the same time represents the largest gap in rental prices in this ranking. The city of millions is home to two Dax companies, BMW and Siemens , which offer many jobs . Furthermore, with the Oktoberfest, the Hofbräuhaus and the Marienplatz with the new town hall, Munich has a lot to offer in terms of leisure time – but at a corresponding price.

Rental prices in Germany (2020)

spacecityRental price in euros per square meter
1.Munich17.5 euros / m²
2.Frankfurt am Main14.33 euros / m²
3.Stuttgart13.91 euros / m²
4.Darmstadt12.35 euros / m²
5.Mainz12.33 euros / m²
6.Freiburg12.29 euros / m²
7.Ingolstadt12.06 euros / m²
8.Wiesbaden12.05 euros / m²
9.Dusseldorf12.01 euros / m²

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