Apartment viewing appointment: checklist & tips

viewing appointment

You are on the safe side with a checklist for viewing an apartment in Germany

Because with an apartment viewing appointment you only have a short time to clarify all your questions and to leave a good impression. Here you can find out which questions you should ask the landlord or broker. Viewing an apartment is an important part of looking for an apartment. Here you can find out everything you need to know about an appointment. We also have important tips for you below that will make it easier for you to find an apartment:

Before viewing the apartment: contact the landlord! 

viewing appointment

If you have found an advertisement that has piqued your interest, you need to contact the landlord or broker. Do not hesitate. Viewing appointments are quickly allocated, especially in large cities.

Before you send the request, read carefully: You can usually see from the advertisement whether the landlord or broker would prefer to be contacted by e-mail, contact form or phone call.

If in doubt, an email is recommended. As a prospect, you can name important information and address the landlord directly. This should be included in your request:

  • If the name of the landlord or broker is given, be sure to address them directly by their name.
  • Also indicate which apartment it is about: for example with the number of rooms and the address given.
  • Show your interest in the apartment: Mention in a few sentences why the apartment appeals to you particularly.
  • Also write one or two sentences about yourself. This way the landlord can get a first impression of you.
  • Kindly ask the landlord or broker to arrange a viewing.
  • A nice but formal phrase is suitable as a farewell greeting, for example “best regards”, “warm regards”, “friendly greetings” or “thank you in advance”.

If the landlord contacts you with a viewing appointment, you should answer him as soon as possible. Then try to make an individual appointment in daylight.

Viewing appointment: preparation & documents 

viewing appointment

If you are well prepared for the viewing appointment, it will be easier for you to do the viewing yourself. You know what to look out for and which questions you want to clarify. Think carefully beforehand what information is important for your own decision and how you can make the best possible impression on the landlord.

1. Set & plan an appointment

You should pay attention to the following when planning the appointment:

  • Arrange an individual appointment: Especially in large cities, mass visits with up to several dozen people are common. If possible, however, you should try to get a one-on-one appointment. This makes it easier for you to convince the landlord of you and to clarify all your questions about the apartment in a personal conversation. A tip: Even when viewing with other people, you should definitely contact the landlord, broker or property manager who is present. This way you can get questions out of the way, signal your interest and stick in his mind.
  • Pay attention to daylight: only when it is bright enough will you get a complete and good view of the apartment and the surroundings. In the dark, you can overlook possible defects faster.
  • Pay attention to the time: It is best to have the apartment shown to you shortly after work during the week. Then the traffic is at its highest and many neighbors are already at home. This gives you a realistic impression of how loud it is in the apartment. Also pay attention to whether there are other sources of noise (train tracks, businesses, flight corridors) in the vicinity.
  • Write down questions: Think about what is important to you in your decision. The best way to do this is to use our checklist for viewing the apartment. In it you will find all the important questions that you should clarify during the viewing appointment. You can also take additional notes. So you won’t miss or forget anything during the tour.
  • Take someone with you: a friend or acquaintance can take another look at the apartment from a neutral point of view. Because, as is well known, four eyes see more than two. Your companion can offer you a second opinion and point out possible shortcomings or ambiguities. A conversation will also help you if you are still unsure about the apartment after the appointment.
  • Take a folding rule with you: You can check directly how much usable space the apartment really offers and whether there is enough space for your furniture.

2. Compile documents

As a prospective customer, you are not obliged to provide the landlord or broker with personal information about you in advance when viewing the apartment. However, you can bring important documents with you to the appointment to help the landlord with his decision. Receipts that prove your punctuality and reliability as a tenant make a good impression straight away. This can be, for example:

  • a credit report, for example from SCHUFA
  • Salary slips, for example in the form of pay slips or bank statements, where you can black out all non-relevant data
  • a rental debt exemption certificate from the previous landlord: This is proof that you did not leave any debts with the landlord from the previous tenancy. Your previous landlord does not have to issue you the certificate if he does not want to.
  • for young tenants: a guarantee from the parents

The documents can help you to convince the landlord or broker of you. If you have all the important documents with you at the viewing appointment, you appear very well prepared.

3. Plan clothing and appearance

The inspection appointment for the apartment is also about making a good impression on the landlord. In the end, only one interested party can get the apartment.

OUR TIP: Put on something nice in which you feel comfortable. It is best to choose your clothes simply but neatly. This is a good choice in most cases.

As a man, for example, wear long, dark trousers and a shirt with a wrinkle-free jacket. For example, women can combine long trousers or a medium-length skirt with an ironed blouse.

During the viewing appointment: what is important? 

viewing appointment

Here you will find tips on what you should pay attention to during the appointment to view the apartment in order to make a good impression and not to forget anything during the appointment.

1. Appear correctly & clarify questions

The inspection is about getting a comprehensive impression of the apartment. But it is also important to talk to the landlord or broker and to leave a positive image on him. In addition to the right clothes, you can always score points with good manners at the appointment:

  • Introduce yourself to the landlord or agent by name and shake hands with them.
  • When you talk to him, keep eye contact. This is how you appear safe and convincing.
  • Signal your interest when you like the apartment.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the apartment. You should always be polite, but there is nothing wrong with clarifying your questions.

For example, ask why the previous tenant moved out, how many parties live in the house or whether there is a caretaker. That shows real interest. For example, if you have pets, you should also clarify whether cats and dogs are allowed in the apartment. Small animals, on the other hand, can be owned as pets by every tenant. In our checklist for viewing the apartment you will find all other questions that you should clarify during the viewing.

Also important: Do not make any firm commitments or sign anything while viewing the apartment. In such a case, be careful. No reputable landlord will ask you to do that.

2. Look closely

When viewing the apartment, you only have a short time to look at all the rooms and the house. It is important that you look carefully so that you can get a good picture of the apartment and the house.

A tip: Photos will help you remember the apartment. They can serve as a useful reminder.

During the inspection, for example, check whether all the taps are running properly, whether windows and doors can be opened easily or whether the heating is working. Do not be rushed. You can also find other important tips that you should pay attention to in our checklist for viewing an apartment.

3. Express interest

If you like the apartment well, you should tell the landlord directly. Then he knows whether you are suitable for the apartment and whether he can include you in his selection. It is best to clarify before you say goodbye whether and by when the landlord will contact you about the apartment.

After the inspection: keep in touch 

After the viewing you can take your time again: Think about whether the apartment really meets your needs. If you had a friend or acquaintance with you on the tour, you can now talk to him or her. This can help you if you are still unsure about your decision.

If you are sure that you are really interested in the apartment, you should inform the landlord or realtor again. You can send him an email for this, for example. Thank you again for his time.

If you have also convinced the landlord or broker, he will contact you with a confirmation.

If you do get a rejection: Don’t be offended or sad, but rather take the new opportunity. For example, ask the landlord or broker whether they have a similar apartment on offer. In the best case scenario, you can both save yourself another group tour.

More tips for looking for an apartment 

Wasn’t the apartment right for you? Then you should look around for other offers. You can use various options for this. Our tips for looking for an apartment will help you find your dream apartment:

  • There are many online portals that offer apartments and houses. For many large cities, regional search exchanges are also offered on the Internet, for example by the city itself or the local universities. The best way to find out more is on the Internet
  • If you are actively searching, you can also place an advertisement yourself in most online portals. Landlords can contact you directly if they are looking for a new tenant.
  • Newspapers also share apartment listings. Check the regional and national press regularly and, for example, place an advertisement yourself.
  • Housing agencies are often also carried out via the private network. Due to the mutual contacts, there is usually a greater basis of trust on both sides. So it can be very helpful to ask friends and acquaintances: They may know someone who is currently offering an apartment or is moving out of their place of residence.
  • If you are active on social media such as Facebook, such platforms are also ideal. There are, for example, groups for looking for accommodation in different cities in which accommodation offers are shared. You can also place a search ad yourself there.



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