Why do Germans love Repair cafes? German 2022 Trend


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Are you thinking of throwing old stuff in 2022? Think again! First check out the Repair cafes in Germany! You might be sitting on a trendy item!

Repair cafes: “Repair and improve creatively” is a German trend that you should learn! A torn zipper or an uncomfortable handle are no reasons to dispose of your bag or tool – instead, they can be adapted to your personal needs with adhesive. They can be of a decorative or organizational nature or have a very specific purpose.

Repair cafes and what they offer Germans: Summary

  • The rush is sometimes very large; therefore it is advisable to register in advance. Waiting time must also be taken into account.
  • With the exception of any spare parts that may be required, the repair is free of charge.
  • Repair cafés cannot guarantee that repairs will be successful.

Volunteers at Repair Cafes in Germany

A repair café is a great thing: Here you can have everyday objects repaired by volunteers. 

The principle is quite simple: hobby craftsmen with a wide range of repair know-how come together at regular appointments, usually once a month. They help visitors get their broken items going again. There is a selection of tools and materials for common repairs on site. Things like:

  • clothing
  • Furniture
  • dishes
  • Electrical appliances
  • Cycles
  • toy

Repair cafes on the Internet

The website www.reparatur-initiativen.de currently lists around 860 repair cafés with addresses and dates for Germany. You can also find many addresses at https://repaircafe.org/de

The first repair cafés were founded in the Netherlands in 2009, today there are such facilities with a focus on Europe in many countries around the world.

Not every repair café is listed in both portals. Therefore, it is best to take a look on both sides to see which repair cafés exist in your area.

Experienced hobby craftsmen repair appliances brought by consumers at set times. Sometimes they also take care of textiles, small furniture or bicycles. On the website www.reparatur-initiativen.de you will find information about which products are being repaired by the respective Repair-Café and when the next repair date is there.

German trend

Since the rush in the Repair Café is sometimes very large, you should register for the respective appointment and inquire about waiting times in advance. Until the device you brought with you is repaired, you can comfortably bridge the waiting time for coffee and cake in conversation with other consumers. The look over the repairer’s shoulder and into the inner workings of a technical device is a new and great experience for many visitors.

There are no precise figures on the success rate. However, the experiences of two editors from Stiftung Warentest with defective cell phones in three Berlin workshops were consistently positive. After each visit, the defective display was replaced and the phone was fully operational again.

Only costs for spare parts

The repair attempt is definitely worthwhile for you: In the best case scenario, the device can be brought back up and running free of charge on site at the first appointment without spare parts. In some cases, spare parts are required, which you have to get hold of by the next Repair Café appointment. Or you pay for the part ordered by a specialist. If, in the worst case, the fault analysis is irreparable, you will not only have a new experience but also the good feeling that you have at least tried a repair.

Please note that repair cafés cannot guarantee that repairs will be successful. You will usually need to sign a limited liability statement before repairing.


Michelle Halterman
Michelle Halterman
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