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The coronavirus has changed life in Germany. Right now, many people are most in contact with other people while shopping. In this way, you reduce the number of visits to the supermarket to a minimum.

Germans should keep as little contact as possible with other people and a minimum distance of 1.5 meters. So, it’s bad if you have to go to the supermarket every two days. We explain how you can shop for a week without hoarding and without spoiling your food.

1. Plan all meals for the week

In order for you to be able to write your shopping list, you should plan your meals carefully. This includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. Those who like to snack should also write suitable foods on the list.

2. Plan based on a detailed shopping list

So that you don’t forget anything, but also so that you don’t buy anything unnecessary, you should write a shopping list. You can either do this with pieces of paper and paper or you can use apps. There are now many free variants in the app stores.

It is important that you go through the meals individually for each day and add up how much of what you need at the end.

This works well, for example, with our shopping list, which you can print out.

Also, think about the things that should always be on hand. Of course, these differ depending on your preference, but these foods, for example, are part of a solid basic set.

Tip: Either use a sticky note that hangs on the refrigerator, for example, and always note there when a staple food has been consumed. Or check your pantry every week before you go shopping and write what is missing on your shopping list.

Keep an eye on discounters and drugstores. In times of Corona, try to buy most things in the same store. But if you need several items that are only available in different stores, you should plan your shopping route carefully. So write a separate list for each store so that you don’t get confused.


3. Think about your favorite dishes

Many people have dishes that they particularly like because they go quickly and taste delicious: These can be spaghetti with pesto, fish fingers with potatoes, pasta with tomato sauce and the like. Make sure you always have the ingredients for your favorite quick meal at home. So you can deviate from your weekly schedule without having to go to the supermarket again.

4. Check out offers and buy online

You can now see the offers online at almost all supermarket chains. The offers are shown on the supermarket websites. There are also apps that bundle all brochures. For example, the Marktjagd or Kaufda apps.

Tip: Take a targeted look to see whether products that are already on your list are on offer. Conversely, you can also use the discounted foods as a guide when planning your menu. Try not to let the offers influence you into buying more than you need just because it is cheaper.

Of course, you can also have groceries and drugstore items delivered directly to your home. Many supermarket chains offer this service.

5. Never go shopping hungry

Those who go shopping hungry are more prone to impulse purchases. So if you go to the supermarket on an empty stomach, you can very quickly buy a lot more than you need. You may also be less focused and you may forget things from your list. For this reason: eat first, then shop.

6. Buy alternatives to fresh produce

Admittedly: fresh bread and fresh milk taste best. However, to meet your goal of only shopping once a week, you can also eat long-life alternatives at the end of the week.

For example, have frozen or baked rolls ready. If you like, you can also use crisp bread, toast bread or shrink-wrapped pita bread when the fresh bread has been used up.

You can use long-life milk or cereal milk when the fresh milk is empty. When fresh fruit and vegetables have been used up, the frozen or canned versions can also be used.

Michelle Halterman
Michelle Halterman
USA, China, South Africa and now Munich - Michelle has come a long way in the world. She is an outdoor person and loves to be in nature with friends and on her mountain bike. Or she meets up with friends for pasta, vino, cappaccino & Co.


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