Should you have sex with work colleagues in Germany?


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Who do you spend most of the day with? Sure, with your colleagues! They can be annoying, they can be nice – but they can also be really sexy. Does that mean you should have sex with work colleagues?

If you have a hot flirt in the office, you get up much easier in the morning. It is not without reason that the office is considered the third largest marriage market. What does sex with colleagues in Germany mean to you and your career?

sex with work colleagues

Sex with colleagues is a universal thing

But it is not always the best idea to hook up with your colleague. Because after the intoxication of feelings, the annoyance could come that you have to sit in a hallway with the bitch or the idiot for the next few years. Constellations between superiors and employees or married colleagues and singles are also tricky.

Nothing works more reliably than the corridor radio, and if you are caught chatting in the copy room, you are “talk of the town” for the next few days. You need to learn which constellations one should avoid and how to get rid of intrusive flirtations!


Statistics on sex with work colleagues in Germany

It is said that the workplace is like a marriage initiation institute. And indeed: 42 percent of all respondents in a representative survey (opinion research institute OnePoll) have already dated colleagues, 32 percent have already kissed colleagues. I belong to both categories.

Does it really have to be?

Before you go to bed with a colleague, you should carefully consider the pros and cons. Because the rush of feelings can quickly be followed by a rude awakening. And then you may have to work together for years.


The boss may not be your best bet when looking for an office affair. Of course, exceptions confirm the rule, but mostly it is not the boss who has to leave after the tête-à-tête, but the employee. Even employees who are already tied are not good for their own reputation. As a lover, you will always be the bad guy. And sees that in the eyes of colleagues every day.

Learn to keep mum!

No matter how crush you are: Don’t trumpet the news that you are having sex with your colleague from IT. Sometimes the stimulus evaporates very quickly. And then you have to explain to everyone why it’s over. Or you get pitying looks every day. Believe me: you don’t want that!

sex with work colleagues

In good company

Maybe you are not having an affair with your nice colleague or your hot office neighbor, but your thoughts are still free. 65 percent of all respondents stated that they had already had sexual fantasies about an employee. I also.

Everything as always

Just because you are dating the head of department, you shouldn’t think that you are suddenly better than your colleagues. If you let that hang out, you quickly lose the sympathy of your office friends. But you have to live with the fact that you are no longer trusted (who knows what you gossip about the department in bed in the evening). With envy and blasphemy too.


Sometimes you get to know each other through the job and only have one topic: the job. If you come from the same company, you have to be careful not to only talk about work after work. Otherwise it gets boring quickly.

sex with work colleagues

Learn to be discreet

You might be a couple and everyone knows it, but you don’t have to demonstrate it every day. Snogging, fumbling and flirting in front of colleagues is absolutely taboo. So much professionalism is required.

Not a good outlook

48 percent of all couples who have met at work split up again. Only six percent of them get married ( OnePoll ). Even if some things speak against an office opportunity: the tingling sensation when you see him / her in the hallway, or the excitement when you secretly drive out of the underground car park together in the evening is priceless. And the lunch break, which you spend together for a quickie, suddenly makes everyday work look much rosier again.

Does the boss need to know?

Who falls in love with whom – even at work – is still a private matter. Only when things get really serious should you inform your superiors. Then there is no need for strenuous (but somehow also sexy) secrecy.


Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that you are “liked” by someone who is not really your thing. Unwanted e-mails, invitations to the canteen and once you’ve been very nice, the person concerned smells the morning air and believes in love. In the worst case scenario, this can lead to sexual harassment. If clear announcements are not enough, you have to get help from your superiors. It is not uncommon for the person to then have to pack their things.

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