Sights in Lower Saxony: The 10 best excursion tips


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Lower Saxony has a multitude of sights that you shouldn’t miss on your next visit. From museums to parks to castles and palaces. We’ll reveal the ten best tips for your excursion.

If you are travelling to northern Germany, you should definitely check out the excursion destinations in Lower Saxony. Don’t know where to go? Don’t worry, below are ten best tips for an unforgettable day in northern Germany.

10 sights in Lower Saxony

lower saxony
  • Bückeburg Castle:  If you are looking for impressive architecture and at the same time interested in history, you should make a short detour to the city of Bückeburg to explore the 14th century castle. Together with the associated buildings, Bückeburg Castle is one of the most important sights.
  • Oldenburger Schlossgarten:  The park in Oldenburg is suitable for everyone who needs a little relaxation. Green meadows, dense trees and one or the other water point create the right atmosphere. It’s not for nothing that a large number of weddings take place here every year.
  • Heidepark:  For a large portion of fun, you have come to the right place in Northern Germany’s most popular amusement park. With over 40 attractions, you and your family will definitely not get bored here.
  • Hanover Zoo :  Spend a day at Hanover Zoo and you will feel as if you have traveled around the world. The various enclosures for the animals are individually adapted to their natural habitats. Big and small will not be amazed here.
  • New Town Hall:  You will be overwhelmed by impressive architecture in the Lower Saxony state capital. The new town hall was built in Hanover at the beginning of the 20th century and still shows itself today in its full, castle-like splendor.
  • Adventure forest Solling: If you just want to take a break from everyday life and immerse yourself in nature with all your senses, you should visit the adventure forest in Schönhagen. From viewpoints above the trees to a forest swimming pool, there is something for every taste. 
  • Celle:  The city of Celle should definitely be on your to-do lit for your next trip to Lower Saxony. The residence city is a real sight because of the many splendid half-timbered houses. 
  • Harz Nature Park:  A trip to the Harz Nature Park is just the thing for all outdoor fans and hiking enthusiasts. You can travel easily and comfortably through the Lower Saxony part of the Harz Mountains with a historic train .
  • Serengeti Park:  Do you fancy a little safari tour? Then you don’t necessarily have to travel to Africa for this, because Europe’s largest safari park is located on the edge of the Lüneburg Heath . With more than 1500 animals roaming free, a trip to Serengeti Park is a real adventure.
  • VW Museum: The Volkswagen Museum in Wolfsburg makes the eyes of all car enthusiasts shine. With more than a hundred different VW brand vehicle models from all years there is a lot to research. 

City trip in Lower Saxony

From the Harz to the North Sea – Lower Saxony has a large selection of interesting regions and cities to explore. Regardless of whether it’s a big city, a port or a romantic old town, we’ll show you a small selection.

  • Osnabrück: A loving old town adorned with colorful houses, a rich culture and history that has not been forgotten to this day. Osnabrück has something to offer for every type of traveler.
  • Wilhelmshaven: Are you drawn to the sea? Then let’s go to Wilhelmshaven. Here you have water, harbor, shopping opportunities and a diverse cultural program in one. The multitude of hotels and restaurants will make your city trip a real success.
  • Hanover: The state capital of Lower Saxony will not disappoint you. From drinking coffee in trendy hipster districts to strolling through the beautiful old town to relaxing in the many green gardens – boredom is definitely not an option here.
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