STORM WARNING! Storm “Ignatz” is racing towards Germany – it will be violent


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The German Weather Service urgently warns of the first autumn storm of the season – Ignatz. There is a particular danger on the coast. The current storm development in the news ticker.

++ Update from October 20, 10 p.m.: By tomorrow morning at the latest, travelers and road users must expect restrictions in rail and road traffic, a weather expert told the picture. “Ignatz” can also stir up air traffic and cause disruptions on Monday, for example at the airports in Bremen and Hanover.

HURRICANE GUSTS OF UP TO 120 KM / H POSSIBLE! Ignatz sweeps through Germany

The first big autumn 2021 storm of the season is in the starting blocks to rush to Germany. Already today, Tief Ignatz announces itself with a lot of wind and a first surge of very warm air masses. For the south, the German Weather Service (DWD) expects extremely mild weather with summer values ​​of up to 26 degrees on Wednesday.

“Ignatz”: When will the storm arrive where in Germany?

  • It will be windy – storm “Ignatz” could cause heavy gusts of wind on Thursday night and on Thursday itself.
  • Occasional hurricane-like gusts are also not excluded.
  • In the morning hours of Thursday, the storm hit the east and southeast of the country, in the afternoon the north.

But from tonight the wind will pick up significantly and should even hit the north with wind force seven. In the second half of the night, there is a threat of heavy gusts of wind up to 100 km / h in the entire west, and even gale-force gusts of up to 110 km / h in the higher altitudes. These bring individual showers with them.

Storm landing on Thursday

The peak gusts in the purple-colored areas are expected to reach speeds of up to 110 km / h, and in the high altitudes, the gale gusts are expected to reach 160 km / h – Photo:

In the early Thursday morning, the storm front is expected to move further east and later towards the Baltic Sea. In the high areas of the Harz, around 150 to 160 km / h are possible. It can be dangerous on the Baltic Sea – on Thursday afternoon, according to the prediction of graduate meteorologist Dominik Jung, hurricane gusts of up to 120 km / h will occur.

Already on Wednesday morning it was really uncomfortable on the Brocken in the Harz mountains, with strong gusts of up to 120 km / h. Accordingly, it is a little weaker in the southeast at 55 to 75 km / h. In addition, showers and thunderstorms can occur later in the day.

Avoid forests and bridges!

You should avoid driving in forests from this evening onwards. Truck trips should also be stopped from tonight or trucks should drive to the rest areas. The strong cross wind, especially on bridges, is extremely dangerous. During heavy showers and thunderstorms, strong high-altitude winds can sometimes be mixed down.

The whole thing is dangerous due to a poisonous edge depression, which, as the name suggests, forms on the edge of the actual storm depression and will therefore cause the strongest gusts. Unfortunately, in the west of tomorrow morning at the latest, disabilities can also be expected in road and especially in rail traffic. Air traffic, for example in Frankfurt / Main and Cologne-Bonn, could also face obstacles tomorrow morning.


It’ll get colder after storm Ignatz!

After the storm, temperatures plummeted significantly on Thursday after the cold front had passed through. At the weekend, values ​​over 10 degrees are hardly ever reached. Only in the southwest do the maximum values ​​rise to just under 14 or 15 degrees. 

Heavy gusts are expected from next night, especially when the cold front passes through. There is also thunder and lightning. With this drop in temperature, sleet is even possible from Thursday lunchtime – at least at high altitudes.

It will continue like this in the coming days

▶ ︎ On Wednesday it will be mostly dry throughout Germany with lots of sun, few clouds and only in the north with a little rain at temperatures of 17 to 25 degrees.

▶ ︎ On Thursday the weather changes from squalls to gale-force gusts! While the temperatures are dropping to lows of just 13 degrees, the day promises a lot of clouds and rain.

▶ ︎ On Friday there should only be wind and rain clouds in the north. In the south the day clears up and promises up to 15 degrees with lots of sun.

▶ ︎ The weekend starts on Saturday with a mix of sun and clouds with values ​​between 9 and 14 degrees. On the other hand, Sunday is drawing closer, promising haze and fog with mild temperatures.

▶ ︎ The coming week starts on Monday with a mix of sun and clouds, fog and haze, but mostly dry at temperatures of up to 13 degrees.

Possible restrictions also in rail traffic

As the meteorologist Ronny Büttner said on rbb-Inforadio, the wind will increase significantly on Thursday night. By mid-morning the storm will have a firm grip on all of Berlin and Brandenburg.

According to the ARD Weather Competence Center, some significant restrictions in rail traffic must be expected, possibly also in air traffic. Deutsche Bahn tweeted that travelers should inform themselves about possible disabilities in good time.

Coasts and low mountain ranges will particularly be affected

The wind is likely to be strongest in the middle of Germany in the early morning hours. With the exception of the extreme southeastern tip of Bavaria, the whole of Germany will be affected by stormy gusts of 62 kilometers per hour tomorrow. Hurricane gusts of more than 117 kilometers per hour are likely to be limited to the peaks of the low mountain ranges.

On Thursday evening, this storm should have largely subsided again. Northern Germany expects the next storm field on Friday.


NRW recommends home office, warning for parks

The federal states are preparing for the effects of the storm. In NRW , the German Weather Service (DWD) recommends those who have the opportunity to work from home. You could “give the all-clear for any region in North Rhine-Westphalia,” said Ines von Hollen, a meteorologist at the DWD in Essen.

Police and Harz National Park warned against entering forests in the region in the face of the storm. There is a mortal danger from breaking branches and falling trees. A series of light storm surges is also expected for the North Sea coast of Lower Saxony from Thursday.

Possible flood in Hamburg

The water levels on the North Sea coast and in the Elbe were already above the mean flood on Wednesday. According to the forecast of the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency, they will also be higher than usual on Thursday and Friday.

There could be a storm surge at the St. Pauli gauge on Thursday. The high water mark could also be reached in Hamburg on Friday morning and afternoon , it said. However, that depends on the wind situation.

Warning of a trip to the park

In Berlin and Brandenburg, but also in other federal states such as Thuringia , the authorities warn against trips to the park or walks in cemeteries.

In Hesse , the DWD issued a storm warning of gale-force gusts above 800 meters in the Kassel administrative district and in the Fulda district.

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