Strike at Deutsche Bahn: This is how travelers get their money back


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Engine drivers went on strike to enforce their demands. The strike at Deutsche Bahn led to chaos in the DB network.

The train drivers were on strike from Tuesday evening (August 10, 2021). From Wednesday night passenger traffic was completely affected by the strikes. Claus Weselsky, Federal Chairman of the GDL, emphasized at a press conference on Tuesday afternoon: “This is a nationwide strike.” The strikes are planned until (13.08.2021) until 2:00 am.on Friday.

Strike at Deutsche Bahn

What rights do passengers have in the event of a strike in the event of train delays or cancellations?

The passenger rights of the EU passenger regulation also apply in the event of a strike. The same conditions apply as for delays and train cancellations due to other causes. If you don’t get to your destination on time because of a train strike, you can get a part of the fare back or even the entire fare, depending on the delay.

The amount of the compensation depends on the length of the delay. If passengers arrive at least 60 minutes later than planned, they are entitled to a 25 percent reimbursement, for more than 120 minutes it is 50 percent. From a foreseeable delay of over an hour, passengers can also forego the journey and claim the full ticket price back.

How do passengers get their money back in the event of a strike at Deutsche Bahn and elated disruption to rail traffic?

The claims must be made using the passenger rights form. The form is available on the train, at DB Information, in the DB Travel Center or as an online form.

How do travelers with a valid ticket get to their destination despite a strike?

If the booked train is canceled or delayed, there are various ways to get to your destination anyway. In such a case, there are the following options:

1. Continue by taxi

In the past, Deutsche Bahn organized taxi rides from larger train stations and handed out vouchers for local transport. If travelers are looking for a taxi on their own, however, there are restrictions – the company does not have to take over every taxi invoice afterwards. 

Only if the planned arrival at the destination is between midnight and 5 a.m. and travelers would arrive by train at least 60 minutes later, the railway company must reimburse the costs for a taxi up to a maximum of 80 euros. 

The same applies if the last scheduled train of the day is canceled and travelers do not reach their destination any other way by midnight. “

2. Continue with long-distance traffic

If it becomes apparent that passengers will only reach their destination with local trains with a delay of more than 20 minutes, they can travel with a long-distance train at no extra charge. However, this must not require a reservation. 

Special trips are also excluded from this rule. Before passengers can board the long-distance train, they must buy a valid ticket. You can later have the railway company reimbursed you for the additional work involved. 

However, this right only exists if the original route is not more than 50 kilometers long or does not take longer than an hour. This rule does not apply to a significantly reduced ticket, for example a national or semester ticket.

3. Continue with your own car

This right only applies if the original route is not more than 50 kilometers long or does not take longer than an hour. Semester tickets and special tickets, such as a country ticket, are exempt from such regulations.

Alternatives to Deutsche Bahn – this is how you avoid the strike

We have collected some alternatives for you that you can use as an alternative to Deutsche Bahn:

Car sharing:

Rental car

Train alternative

Bus alternative for long-distance travel

Alternatives for shorter distances

Hotels for spontaneous emergency overnight stays:


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