Student visa for Germany: what do you need to know for the visa application?


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Are you thinking of coming to Germany to study? Germany has some great universities and is considered one of the global leaders in Engineering. German universities enjoy a globally renowned reputation – they are good and affordable! But first, you will have to learn about the student visa for Germany.

In addition, many young people come to Germany to take a language course. But what should you watch out for if you are not from the Schengen area and want to apply for a student visa for Germany ? Make sure you choose the right visa category for your studies in Germany! Find out more below.

What is a student visa?

If you come from a non-Schengen country and require a visa, you will need a visa for your studies or language course in Germany. However, the length of your stay is decisive : if, for example, your language course at a university lasts less than three months, then you only need a Schengen type C visa national visa.

What options are there for applying for a visa for Germany as a student?

As mentioned, there are three options that depend on the length of your stay in Germany:

  • German language course visa : If you come to Germany for a language course or for research purposes lasting several weeks and are in Germany for a maximum of three months, the regular Schengen visa C is sufficient .
  • German student visa : Are you coming to Germany for a period of more than three months to complete a semester or even an entire course of study at a German university? In this case you apply for a Schengen Visa D. It is a national visa and the standard student visa for international students.
  • German student applicant visa . This student visa enables you to stay in Germany to apply in person for university admission, to wait for admission or to find out about study opportunities in Germany.

Important: The student applicant visa only allows participation in the application process, but no studies!

Language course Germany: What do you have to consider when staying for less than three months?

If your language course or research lasting several weeks is less than three months, the Schengen Visa C is sufficient for your educational stay in Germany . Above all, it is important that you clearly state your purpose of travel in the application for your Schengen visa and that you apply for the visa in good time. 

The Schengen Visa C can be applied for three to six months before the planned stay. Make use of this deadline and make sure that you have your Schengen Visa C in your hands in good time so that nothing stands in the way of your study visit!

Important: State the reason for your trip to the Schengen area in a trustworthy manner. If your trip is for study purposes, then you should also apply for a student visa for Germany and not a tourist visa!

Where can I apply for a student visa for Germany?

Whether you want to apply for the Schengen visa or the national visa as a student visa for Germany, the German diplomatic mission in your country is your contact in both cases. 

In countries such as Russia, China or Turkey, the German diplomatic missions work together with an official service provider to enable applications to be accepted quickly.

For your visa application, make an appointment with the respective diplomatic mission or with the partner agency. A personal appearance is necessary as your fingerprints will be taken for the visa application. Bring all the necessary forms with you for your appointment. Find out in advance how you can apply for a Schengen visa.

Fact: The approval of a student visa for Germany takes several weeks, sometimes even longer, which is why you should make your application in good time!

What are the requirements for a student visa for Germany?

In addition to the regular application documents for a Schengen visa, proof of financial resourcesproof of admission to the university and proof of your previous education also play an important role in the student visa for Germany . You also need to make sure you get out of the country!

1. Proof of funding

When issuing a student visa for Germany, it is important that you can prove that you can afford to stay in Germany. For this reason, you must always be able to provide evidence of sufficient financial means to apply for a student visa, after all, you will be settling in Germany for several months! This takes place in the form of a blocked account. To do this, set up a blocked account with a bank provider and transfer 10,236 euros

The confirmation of payment of the amount to the blocked account is proof that you can finance your long-term stay. You can then withdraw EUR 853 per month.

2. Proof of admission to the university

This means the confirmation of admission from a German university . This also means that for a student visa Germany you must also have a university entrance qualification in your country. 

Provide proof of your original school leaving certificate and completed courses of study. Depending on the course of study, you should also be able to prove your German or English language skills.

What other documents do I need for a student visa Germany?

In addition to additional evidence of university admission and sufficient funding, you need the following regular documents for a visa application at a German diplomatic mission abroad.

Checklist for your study visa in Germany:

  • The duly completed visa form
  • A valid passport that is still valid for three months after leaving Germany and has at least two blank pages for the visa
  • Two biometric passport photos
  • A copy of your passport’s biometric data (fingerprints)
  • Proof of accommodation during your studies in Germany
  • health insurance that has a minimum coverage of 30,000 euros for medical emergencies and hospital stays

How long can a foreign student study in Germany?

If you come to Germany to study and stay for more than three months, then apply for the Schengen visa type D, the national visa. The special thing about this visa is that it can be extended and converted into a residence permit . In this case, as a foreign student, you can stay in Germany for an entire degree.

FAQ: Student Visa Germany

Where can I apply for a student visa for Germany?

You can apply for the student visa directly at the German diplomatic missions abroad. In some countries, the embassies and consulates also work with official partners to speed up the process of accepting visa applications.

What is a student visa?

There are three types of student visa in Germany. The student visa Germany is the standard visa for international students who have been admitted to a German university and who will study full-time.

What is a blocked account for the student visa Germany?

If you are staying in Germany for a long time as an international student, you must be able to provide evidence of sufficient financial means. For this purpose you have to set up a blocked account and deposit 10,236 euros. The payment confirmation serves as proof.

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