Sunflower oil shortages in Germany – Thanks, Putin! Supermarkets start rationing!


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Do you use sunflower oil? Then you better stock up enough for a few weeks! The Association of the Oilseed Processing Industry (Ovid) says that sunflower oil could soon become scarce in Germany.

Sunflower oil shortage in Germany: Ukraine is the most important supplier country for the product. There is currently no replenishment. Aldi is now taking action and rationing its cooking oil sales per household. Many customers have certainly noticed: In many German markets in Germany, the shelves for cooking oil are clearing out.

Sunflower oil

German consumers will be forced to find alternatives to sunflower oil

Sunflower oil could become scarce in Germany in a few weeks because of the Ukraine war. This is the assumption of the Association of the Oilseed Processing Industry in Germany (Ovid). “The supplies are expected to be enough for a few weeks,” said Ovid managing director Gerhard Brankatschk.

There is currently no supply from Ukraine – the most important supplier of sunflower oil. However, consumers could easily switch to other edible oils such as rapeseed oil. No bottlenecks are to be expected here.

Ukraine and Russia are the main export countries for sunflower oil

The background: According to Ovid, Ukraine with 51 percent and Russia with 27 percent are the world’s most important export countries for sunflower oil. Germany covers 94 percent of its sunflower oil needs with imports, only six percent of the oil consumed comes from domestic production.

Russia is the world’s largest exporter of wheat and Ukraine is third, bottlenecks are imminent.

“There’s nothing more to come now,” emphasized the association. The situation with sunflower oil was already tense due to a failed harvest in Canada and corona-related logistics problems. As a result, prices rose noticeably even before the Ukraine war.

Sunflower oil

German supermarkets will start rationing sunflower oil

At Aldi, Rewe , and other retailers, sunflower and rapeseed oil are becoming scarce and sometimes more expensive. There are many reasons – including the situation in Ukraine. Aldi is now taking action and rationing the amount of cooking oil sold per household.

Aldi Süd rations oil: “We no longer get deliveries”

Aldi is now taking action and rationing its cooking oil sales per household. Many customers have certainly noticed: In many markets in Germany, the shelves for cooking oil are clearing – bottlenecks are occurring again, especially for cheaper products. Aldi Süd had only recently responded to bottlenecks and limited the sale of its Bellasan brand to four bottles per customer.

Edeka facing bottlenecks

An Edeka spokesman also confirmed that there were already problems at times in 2021. “Since last year there may be temporary product bottlenecks in cooking oil in the supply chain,”

Sunflower oil

Prices for cooking oil shoot up – because consumers hoard it for fuel?

A frequently voiced assumption is that many consumers hoard cooking oil to be able to fill up their diesel cars with it in times of expensive fuel. That’s not a very good idea though, especially on newer diesel cars.

Alternatives for German supply

In any case, there is no fear that our lettuce will remain dry in Germany: olive oil, for example, comes from the Mediterranean region, which was untouched by the war. In the case of rapeseed oil, German farmers can also expand the acreage at any time in the event of higher demand. 

However, stocks of soybean oil from Latin America and palm oil from Asia are not very high either. But all of this is also due to the fact that in recent years rapeseed oil and palm oil have also been used to produce biofuel such as E10. For the actual food supply there would actually be enough available worldwide.


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  1. This just a panic game with the nerves of the common citizens, just like with toilet paper or worse! Shame on the politicians that accept and vote such programs! A neo Marxismus horror Tale brought up by WEF and the Elites against people in order to scare, sicken, kill and contr them!


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