The 5 best spots to swim in the Tegernsee lake


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Summer at its best: sunshine and 17 degrees water temperature at Tegernsee – perfect conditions for a day at the lake. Below are the 5 most beautiful swimming spots around the Tegernsee. Have fun splashing around.

It’s time to swim! Summer here in the valley has small blemishes such as thunderstorms and short rain showers, but that won’t stop real bathing mermaids and water men from spending the day at the lake. And the Tegernsee has now reached a water temperature of just over 17 degrees – perfect for cooling off. The lake gets warmer with every sunny day. And thus the countless banks, bays and outdoor pools on the 6.5 km long and 1.4 km wide Tegernsee are becoming increasingly attractive.

If the water is still too cold for you, you can simply switch to one of the outdoor pools. There is currently an interesting offer for little water rats: For the summer, the communities of Kreuth, Rottach and Bad Wiessee are again offering a joint holiday bathing card for children and young people. For 59 euros the kids get unlimited entry to the hot pools in Kreuth and Rottach as well as the bathing park in Bad Wiessee.

Below is an overview of all the best places to dive into the cool water in Tegernsee:

Map: Overview of the best spots to swim at Tegernsee  

1. Bad Wiessee

swim in the tegernsee

The outdoor pool, which is attached to the Grieblinger guest house at Strandbad 12, is a small but nice bathing opportunity for lake lovers who like it a little quieter. There is a private lawn and parking spaces in front of the house for an entrance fee of 3 euros (1 euro for children). The hosts spoil the guests with ice cream, coffee and cake or other drinks as they wish. Further information:

The Hubertus bathing beach with a large sunbathing lawn, beach volleyball field and kiosk is located on Sonnenfeldweg. Admission is free. There is also usually a free space nearby for the car. However, you have to pay in the parking lot directly at the lake.

Not far from the Hubertus, there are two open-air swimming areas for sunbathing and boarding the lake. At the two points on the Ringseeweg and on the Seerosenweg there is no other equipment besides gravel and water. Here you can usually find plenty of peace and quiet and a beautiful view of the lake and the Tegernsee Castle opposite.

2. Kreuth

swim in the tegernsee

At the end of the Weissach , just before the ferry hut in the Ringsee district, where the river flows into the Tegernsee at the gravel works, there are several outdoor swimming areas. The water is usually a little warmer than in the rest of the lake because it has mostly flat banks. But be careful when entering: Sometimes there are large gravel holes in the ground due to the gravel works. Otherwise you are relatively undisturbed here.

The team at the warm outdoor pool in Nördliche Hauptstrasse 3 in the center of Kreuth has set itself the goal of offering its visitors great bathing fun at a low price. For 4.50 euros (children under 6 years free, from 6 to 16 years: 1.80 euros) you can enjoy the 33 meter long sports pool, the lawn and the mountain view all day. The warm bath is open daily from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. The pool is only closed on cool days with below 20 degrees or on rainy days. Further information is available on the TTT website.

The small wooden footbridge that connects Bräunbichlweg with Weißachaustraße / Hofbauernstraße officially still belongs to the community of Kreuth. There is a small, unofficial swimming area with a guarantee of spectators. In the cold, clear Weissach water of this “pool” you can often see a few water rats refreshing themselves. An entertaining pleasure for the brave.

3. Rottach-Egern

swim in the tegernsee

From the river back to the lake. We start at the westernmost end of the Ringseebucht – at Weißachdamm. At the very bottom you can find the bathing shore at the ferry hut. You have to spend a few euros for your lounger, but in this exclusive, chic natural pool, things are much quieter than in the public sections of the lake. When all the loungers are occupied, nobody can come in. 

Anyone who grew up by the lake will probably not have been able to avoid stopping by the so-called Popperwiese , a lovely open-air swimming area, in summer . The range of “see and be seen”, the “wheat beer kiosk” and the beach volleyball court are all too tempting.

Families, on the other hand, are more likely to be found at the two open-air swimming areas “am Brand” or “am Schorn” , a few hundred meters along the Schorner Strandweg or in the Reiffenstuel lido in Malerwinkel (Seestraße 44). There is plenty of space here for large picnic blankets. The disadvantage: to get ice cream or beer you would have to go to the kiosk on Popperwiese.

The lake and warm baths in Rottach-Egern are one of the main attractions on the lake . The combination of a lido and heated swimming pool make this address so popular. The thermometer in the lake currently shows 20 degrees at this point. The pools – the 25-degree sports pool, the 29-degree fun pool and the 33-degree massage pool – are heated by a block-type thermal power station, according to operations manager Klaus Bickel. You can eat in the café and in the fast food restaurant.

As planned, the pool was opened in mid-May this year. You can swim in the months of June, July and August from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Wednesday and Saturday is early swimming time from 7 a.m. In September there is no early swimming time and the pool closes an hour earlier. The admission prices are in good proportion to the service offered: Adults pay 3 euros for 1.5 hours. Further information is available on the Warmbad website.

4. Tegernsee

swim in the tegernsee

The beach at the Point offers fine sand under your feet. If you’ve had enough of swimming in the lake, you can let off steam on one of the two beach volleyball courts. Admission is free. There is also a kiosk and parking spaces. However, the facility is only suitable to a limited extent for small children, as the bank area drops off quickly.

The Monte Mare lido is located right next to the lake sauna. Provided the weather is nice, the pool is open daily from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Adults pay 2.50 euros for a day ticket. Children up to 6 years are free of charge. The parking fees (parking lot at the lido / lake sauna) are deducted from the entrance fee.

5. Gmund

swim in the tegernsee

The bathing shore in Gmund stretches along its generously designed lake promenade all the way to the Seeglas lido. It is ideal for bathing with small children as it is very shallow at the front and slowly deepens so that you can wade out quite a long way. There is also a playground.

The lido in Seeglas offers a leisurely entry into the lake, either from the sunbathing lawn or via the wooden jetty. There are also showers next to the beach. And all of this is available without having to pay admission. You can get food at the well-stocked kiosk, or you can be served in the café and restaurant.

In the Kaltenbrunn lido, just a few meters along the shore in the direction of Gmund, you can go swimming. For two years there has been catering there – cold beer, French fries, currywurst and the like – from an external kiosk on the lido area. However, there is currently no “real restaurant” like the earlier “Vipa” in the dilapidated roundabout.

A beautiful outdoor swimming pool, the so-called Waakirchner Strand, is located in Kaltenbrunn, directly below, where the path from the parking lot at Gut Kaltenbrunn ends. It is so called because many Waakirchnites have made this beach their bathing home. The long pebble beach is suitable for families with children because it is quite shallow into the water. There is also plenty of shade so that the little ones don’t burn their sensitive skin.

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