The Facebook fiasco – largest internet platform in the world goes offline! Digital terror attack? Cyber war?


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++ WhatsApp and Instagram also affected ++ How the mega disruption came about ++ Dramatic rescue attempt is underway ++ Zuckerberg loses billions ++

The Facebook fiasco financially squeezed Mark Zuckerberg (37) and his empire! Since Monday evening at 5:30 p.m. German time, the social network and its two daughters Instagram and WhatsApp have completely failed.

The disruption does not only affect Germany. WORLDWIDE people are reporting that the services are no longer working. A super disaster, because more than 6.2 billion people use these services.

The Facebook fiasco and “5xx Server Error”

The Facebook and Instagram pages do not load via the browser. The message “5xx Server Error” appears on the Instagram homepage. Facebook displays an error message, and Facebook Messenger has also failed.

With WhatsApp, messages cannot be sent via the app or the browser. The feed is not reloaded in the Instagram app.

Both WhatsApp and Instagram belong to Facebook and rely on the same technical infrastructure.

Zuckerberg loses seven billion dollars

The assets of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg (37) have shrunk by seven billion US dollars as a result of the disruption, as reported by “Bloomberg”. He’s now just $ 120 billion and ranks fifth among the richest people in the world. Bill Gates is back in front of him.

Many employees do not come into their offices

Apparently the Facebook employees no longer even come into their own offices! This is what Kevin Collier from NBC News reports on Twitter. Because access to the rooms is linked to the Internet, from which Facebook is currently cut off internally. The employees can no longer access internal means of communication such as e-mails, reports the “New York Times” reporter Ryan Mac.

Two unnamed IT security experts from Facebook told the “New York Times” that a cyber attack as the cause of the problems appeared unlikely. Because the technology behind the individual apps of the group is too different to bring them all offline at the same time with a cyber attack.

This was also confirmed by a German spokesman. He admits the problems, but is currently unable to provide any information on the causes or the expected time until the fault is rectified.

Domain was supposedly for sale

At the same time, the message caused confusion that the domain is for sale. According to, the site is now back in the hands of Facebook Inc. in Menlo Park (California).

facebook fiasco
In the meantime, Facebook’s Internet address was for sale on the “Domaintools” website

According to “MacObserver” it is difficult to say whether the sales offer was real or not. Someone on the news site may have broken through the security systems of “Domain Tools” and put up for sale.

According to IT expert Brian Krebs, the domains of Facebook and Instagram were withdrawn from the so-called “routing tables” in the morning. The tables work like a phone book, showing visitors’ cell phones and computers how to find the servers on which the data they are looking for can be found. It is possible that the domains were removed from the routing tables due to an internal Facebook error. However, this can only be confirmed by the group itself, because it alone has the information.

Has Facebook been deleted?

Insiders report that an update of the DNS server probably deleted the entries from Facebook. You are now offline – and the technicians who could solve the problem are sitting hundreds of kilometers away from the servers and can no longer access the management interfaces online. It could take a long time to resolve the problem.

According to the New York Times, Facebook sent a small team to one of its data centers in California to manually restart the servers. This is how the problem is to be solved.

Facebook and WhatsApp express themselves on Twitter

Facebook’s chief technician, Mike Schroepfer, apologized shortly before 10 p.m. on Twitter for the mega-failure. The company has “network problems” and teams are working to “debug and restore” the platform.

The company had previously only communicated on Twitter: “We know that some people have problems accessing our apps and products. We are working to fix things as soon as possible and we apologize for the inconvenience. “

A similar statement can be read on WhatsApp’s Twitter account: “We know that some people are experiencing problems with WhatsApp at the moment. We are working on it and will send an update as early as possible. Thank you very much for your patience!”

The technology boss of the cloud service provider Cloudflare, John Graham-Cumming, pointed out that users and software continue to try to control Facebook services. That ensures a massive increase in the load on other DNS services, he wrote on Twitter.

The Twitter platform was amused that, due to the crash of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, there are now numerous users on the short message service. “Hello, literally everyone!” Wrote the company.

For Facebook, which is currently under increased political pressure, an outage of several hours was an embarrassing culmination of already bad weeks. It was only on Sunday that a former employee identified herself as a whistleblower and accused the online network of putting profit above the well-being of the users.

“The dependencies are massive”

Services like Facebook have to be better regulated in order to prevent such breakdowns in the future: Once again it has become clear how dependent we are on individual providers. Despite being extremely powerful in the market, politics has failed to properly regulate these companies for many years. The dependencies are massive. 

At the moment it is just as clear how obedient we are to companies like Facebook, WhatsApp and Co. Actual alternatives to these digital giants, who have been able to monetize all of our data without any scruples and thus become the most powerful companies in the world, do not exist to this day. Regulation remains the order of the day.

Today is a moment when we get an insight into what a digital terror attack or cyber war would feel like.


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