These German federal states are already tightening the corona rules because of Omikron


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In view of the increasing number of cases and the arrival of the Omikron variant, some federal states now want to tighten corona rules. Baden-Wuerttemberg is at the beginning, others could follow.

Tightening the corona rules: The fourth corona wave is rolling over Germany. The number of cases has been exploding for weeks. Now the Omikron variant is also being announced. Several federal states want to take action on the corona rules.


In Baden-Württemberg, leisure, cultural and sporting events are to be banned or at least significantly restricted.

▶ The contacts would now have to be radically reduced, when visiting a vaccination center in Stuttgart. Unfortunately, this also applies to those who have been vaccinated because the vaccination protection wears off after four to six months.

“We need the entire instrument box. There will be further prohibitions or restrictions on leisure, cultural and sporting events. We will also massively restrict or even prohibit major sporting events.”

tightening the corona rules
Winfried Kretschmann, State Premier Baden-Württemberg

On the basis of the Infection Protection Act, the state government will take appropriate decisions in the cabinet on Tuesday the 30th of November.



In Hamburg, everyone can expect tougher measures, apparently more stringent measures. Mayor Peter Tschentscher said on Monday that the red-green Senate will discuss further steps.

The infection dynamics must be slowed down and, above all, unvaccinated people must be protected from infection. “That is why I assume that we will discuss the situation tomorrow and decide on further measures. And I also expect that we will take such further steps all over Germany,” said the SPD politician. He did not name possible measures.


North Rhine-Westphalia is also preparing further tightening of the corona measures targeting major events. The state cabinet will discuss further contact-reducing measures on Tuesday.

“Science warns us to tighten contact reductions and to be much more careful. We will implement this this week.”

tightening the corona rules
Hendrik Josef Wüst, Minister of Transport in North Rhine-Westphalia

According to the information, this will particularly involve major events and other places with a particular risk of infection. In Germany, the debate has gained momentum as to whether spectators should continue to be allowed in sports stadiums in view of the increasing number of infections.

In addition, it is expected that the cabinet, on the proposal of School Minister Yvonne Gebauer (FDP), will resolve the reintroduction of the mask requirement in school lessons. On Tuesday afternoon, Wüst and his deputy, Family Minister Joachim Stamp (FDP), will provide information about the results.


Saarland increases the pressure on unvaccinated people.
In Saarland , the corona measures are being tightened significantly, especially for unvaccinated people.

At a special session on Monday, the state parliament unanimously adopted the amended Covid-19 Measures Act in a second reading; Left, AfD and Saar-Left abstained. It is to be decided in the Council of Ministers on Tuesday and is expected to come into force two days later.

For those who have not been vaccinated, the following should apply in the future: Your own household may only meet with one other person in public and private spaces. This rule does not apply to those who have been vaccinated, recovered, schoolchildren or children under six years of age.

The 2G-plus regulation will apply in the future in the catering, hotel and body-friendly services, in swimming pools, thermal baths and saunas, in indoor sports and for all cultural institutions and events: This means that unvaccinated people will not have access, and those who have been vaccinated and those who have recovered will also have to show a negative test.

“The 2G regulation will be introduced for outdoor leisure activities such as in amusement parks and amateur sports, as well as in dance schools, fitness studios and outdoor catering. Even the retail trade is only available to vaccinated and convalescent people – with the exception of the shops that provide basic supplies. In addition, a mandatory mask is again stipulated: It applies outside where a distance of 1.50 meters cannot be maintained and inside – for example in the catering trade when leaving the square.”

tightening the corona rules
Tobias Hans, Saarland Premier

It’s “only logical” that the new measures will affect the non-vaccinated to a greater extent than the vaccinated. Strict controls will be announced for the coming weeks. There will also be no shrinking from harsh sanctions where the conditions are violated.

Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, further restrictions will come into force on Wednesday due to the high level of stress in the clinics with corona patients. Then contact restrictions apply to unvaccinated people. A spokesman for the State Chancellery said that only five unvaccinated or unrecovered people from two households are likely to come together. Children under the age of 14 did not count.

▶ From Wednesday, 2G plus applies to Christmas markets – that is, only vaccinated and convalescent people with an additional corona test have access.

▶ Shops may only be entered by vaccinated and convalescent people (2G), with exceptions for shops for basic needs. According to the information, this includes grocery stores, pharmacies, bookstores and hardware stores.

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