Speeding offenders and parking offenders will soon pay more fines!


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Germany just announced a new catalog of fines in road traffic: That is changing

The Federal Council decided on Friday higher fines for speeding and parking offenses, which will apply from November 2021 at the earliest. Read more below.

Overview of the changes speeding offenders and parking offenders can expect

Which will cost significantly more in the future.

  • Speed ​​violations will become more expensive, but driving ban limits will remain unchanged
  • Fines for wrongly parking and stopping in the second row are increasing noticeably
  • Anyone who does not form an emergency lane will be banned from driving in the future

After a long struggle between the Ministry of Transport and the federal states, the Federal Council has decided to make changes to the catalog of fines : In the future, speed offenders, parking offenders and drivers who use an emergency lane to get ahead more quickly will be asked to pay much more.

The driving ban limits remain unchanged in the event of speed violations. It will probably take a few weeks before the new ordinance comes into force after the Federal Council’s decision. An overview of what will apply until then and what drivers can expect from the new catalog of fines.


70 instead of 35 euros for 20 km / h too much in urban areas

It will be significantly more expensive for those who drive too fast: The warning fines for exceeding 16 to 20 km / h will be doubled with the new catalog of fines. In urban areas, they rise from 35 to 70 euros, and in urban areas from 30 to 60 euros. However, as before, points in Flensburg are only awarded too fast from 21 km / h.

Are much more severely punished Raser : Who h about 91 km / instead of the permitted 50 km / h in town driving and soon pays at least 400 held today 200 euros.

With the driving ban, everything stays as it is. Motorists are already threatened with driving too much at 31 km / h in urban areas and 41 km / h outside of urban areas or if they are repeatedly more than 25 km / h too fast to be banned from driving.

Speed violations: Current and future fines for cars / motorcycles

Within town

Tempo violation
km / h
Fines in Euro
Future Fines in EuroPointsDriving ban in months
bis 101530
11 – 152550
16 – 203570
21 – 25801151
26 – 301001801
31 – 4016026021
41 – 5020040021
51 – 6028056022
61 – 7048070023
über 7068080023
¹ If within one year of the first decision becoming legally binding a second time that the speed limit is exceeded by more than 25 km / h

Out of town

Tempo violation
km / h
Fines in Euro
Future fines in EuroPointsDriving ban in months
bis 101020–  –
11 – 152040 – –
16 – 203060 – –
21 – 25701001 –
26 – 30801501
31 – 401202001
41 – 5016032021
51 – 6024048021
61 – 7044060022
über 7060070023
¹ If within one year of the first decision becoming legally binding a second time that the speed limit is exceeded by more than 25 km / h

Higher fines for parking offenders

Normal parking violations get a little more expensive. For example, if you park your car when there is no stopping or parking, you will pay 25 instead of the current 15 euros in the future. If you are disabled for more than an hour, it will be 50 instead of 35 euros in the future. It will also be more expensive for those who park unauthorized in a parking space for the disabled. That will soon cost 55 instead of 35 euros.

The parking of fire brigade driveways will be punished with 100 euros and one point in the future if rescue vehicles are obstructed . Anyone who blocks a sidewalk or bike path for more than an hour and thereby hinders others can get it. Fine: 80 euros.

With the new catalog of fines, all those who park or stop in the second row will also be asked to pay more than today. You pay 55 euros. And parking offenders who, for example, hinder cyclists, pay 80 euros and, unlike today, get one point in Flensburg.

WARNING: If you park your car unauthorized in a parking lot for e-cars or car-sharing vehicles, you have to expect a fine of 55 euros.

Parking violations – current fines

Parking offenseCurrent fines in Euros
Parking ban disregarded15
– longer than 1 hour25
– longer than 1 hour with disabilities35
– with disabilities25
Parked in the second row20
– with disabilities25
– longer than 15 minutes30
– longer than 15 minutes with a disability35
Parked in the fire brigade driveway35
Unauthorized parked in disabled Parking space35
Parked inappropriately on the sidewalk and bike path20
– with disabilities30
– longer than 1 hour30
– longer than 1 hour with a disability35
Maximum parking time exceeded
– up to 30 minutes10
– up to 1 hour15
– up to 2 hours20
– up to 3 hours25
– longer than 3 hours30

Parking violations – future fines

Parking offenseFuture fines in EurosPoints
Parking ban disregarded25 –
– longer than 1 hour40 –
– longer than 1 hour with a disability50 –
– with disabilities40 –
Parked in the second row55 –
– with disabilities801
– at risk901
– with damage to property1101
– longer than 15 minutes851
– longer than 15 minutes with a disability901
Parked in the fire brigade driveway55 –
– and thereby hindering an emergency vehicle in action1001
Unauthorized parked in disabled parking space55– 
Parked inappropriately on the sidewalk and bike path55– 
– with disabilities701
– at risk801
– with damage to property1001
– longer than 1 hour701
– longer than 1 hour with a disability801
Maximum parking time exceeded  
– up to 30 minutes20 –
– up to 1 hour25 –
– up to 2 hours30 –
– up to 3 hours35 –
– longer than 3 hours40

Penalties for anyone who endangers pedestrians

Motorists and motorcyclists who do not show consideration for pedestrians when turning and thereby endanger them will be punished more severely in the future. You pay 140 instead of 70 euros, get one point in the Flensburg driving license register and a month’s driving ban. In such cases, cyclists run the risk of 70 euros and one point.

Rescue alley: Violations are punished more severely

200 euros, two points in Flensburg: This is already a threat to anyone who does not form a rescue alley. New: In the future, there will also be a one-month driving ban.

Anyone who comes up with the reckless idea of driving through the emergency lane pays at least 240 euros and collects two points and a month’s driving ban. In both cases, up to 320 euros can be charged if others are hindered or endangered or vehicles are damaged.


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