Do you know all the traffic rules for cyclists in Germany?


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Whether cyclists, pedestrians or drivers – everyone has rights and obligations in traffic. Anyone who thinks a violation as a cyclist is not so bad is mistaken: There is a risk of fines and the driver’s license is also in danger. Find out the traffic rules for cyclists.

On April 16, 2021, a correction of the traffic rules for cyclists in Germany by the StVO amendment with new fines from the federal and state governments was worked out. These new fines are expected to come into effect in September 2021.

In this article you will find out which new fines will apply in the future here:

  • New speeding fines
  • New fines for other traffic violations
traffic rules for cyclists

Catalog of fines: Use of the road, bike path and sidewalk as a cyclist

Signposted cycle path not used (blue sign)20 €
… with disabilities25 €
… with danger30 €
… there was an accident or property damage35 €
Drive on the signposted cycle path in the wrong direction20 €
… with danger25 €
… there was an accident or property damage35 €
Right-hand drive disregarded15 €
… with disabilities20 €
… with danger25 €
… there was an accident30 €
Unauthorized cycling on the sidewalk10 €
(55 €) *
… with disabilities15 €
(70 €) *
… with danger20 €
(80 €) *
… there was an accident25 €
(100 €) *
Cycling next to each other and thereby hindering others20 €
… with danger25 €
… there was an accident30 €
As a cyclist, disregard sign 267 (no entry)15 €
(25 €) *
… with disabilities20 €
(30 €) *
… with danger25 €
(35 €) *
… there was an accident30 €
(40 €) *
Drive hands-free5 €
* Planned changes due to the StVO amendment


Catalog of fines: Red light violation by bicycle

Drive through a red light60 €1
… with danger100 €1
… there was an accident or property damage€ 1201
Driving through a red light that has been red for more than a second100 €1
… with danger160 €1
… there was an accident or property damage180 €1
traffic rules for cyclists

Catalog of fines: Alcohol abuse while riding a bicycle

Bicycled with 1.6 per thousand or more3 points + fine + arrangement of an MPU
Bicycled with 0.3 per mil or more with abnormal driving conditionscomplaint

Catalog of fines: Speeding violation by bicycle

Endangering a pedestrian in the pedestrian area with authorized vehicle traffic through inappropriate speed30 €1*
* The point is only threatened if, as an exception, the authority imposes a fine of 60 euros or more.

Do you have your own traffic rules for cyclists?

Cyclists are considered to be participants in road traffic and must of course adhere to certain regulations . Violations are punished accordingly, which is why a fine can be imposed on the bike . Points in Flensburg and a driving ban for motor vehicles are also possible as sanctions.

It should be noted that some traffic rules apply just as much on a bicycle as they do in a car or motorcycle . These include B. the right-hand drive, signposted speed limits and the command to stop at a red light. There are also no special right of way rules for bicycles .

However, there are some separate bicycle traffic rules , of which we would like to briefly introduce the most important ones here.

traffic rules for cyclists

FAQ: Traffic rules for bicycles

Where can I ride a bike according to the traffic rules?

If you are 10 years old or older: Only on the street and not on the sidewalk. You can find more information on this here.

Is it possible to get points for traffic violations on a bike?

Yes, even if you violate traffic regulations by bike, points can be entered in Flensburg for you.

Are cyclists allowed to ride side by side on the road?

This is permitted on cycle roads, but only on all other roads if it does not obstruct other road users. You can read more about this in this section.

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