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Rail travel tips – 12 things you should always have with you on every train journey

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12 things you should have with you on a train journey in Germany

With these 12 things that do not take up much space in your backpack or handbag, you are well prepared for a relaxed train journey.

The most interesting destinations are not always just around the corner. It is not uncommon for you to be prepared for a longer journey, such as a trip from Hamburg to Munich, and then the question is how to spend the time on the road in a meaningful way. On long train journeys, it is advisable to bring things with you that make the journey time go by more quickly. We’ll show you the ten most important things that you should definitely take with you on a long train ride.

  1. Water bottle
  2. Snacks
  3. Smartphone
  4. Headphones
  5. Books
  6. Magazines
  7. Travel games
  8. thick socks
  9. ear plug
  10. Eye mask

1. Water bottle

People should drink at least three liters of fluids a day. The best means of filling up the fluid depot is water, because the body consists of 70% of this substance and uses a lot of it when it is on the move and in the stress of travel. 

In addition, there is heating in the colder seasons and air conditioning in the train cars in summer. 

Although both ensure permanently pleasant temperatures, they also dry out the air in the train considerably. That’s why you should always have at least one large water bottle with you on a train journey to prevent dehydration and the associated fatigue. Then you will arrive fresh at your destination despite the long journey time and have more of your first day.

2. Snacks

According to the vernacular, eating and drinking keep body and soul together. And it’s no different on long train journeys. Sitting for long periods of time seems to only use little subjectively. In truth, the body has to fight against environmental stimuli such as noise, visual impressions, fellow passengers and the constant movement of the train. 

That costs more strength than you think and makes the body crave for energy. Large meals that can be eaten in the train restaurant are not always the best solution. It is better to have light snacks distributed over the travel time. This can be pastries or nuts, but it’s best to take at least one or two apples, a banana or other fruit with you. This ensures the right sugar balance and thus the energy you need to travel.

3. Smartphone

Nowadays it is actually a matter of course to have a smartphone with you. On the one hand, you want to be reachable and be able to reach others, be it by phone or SMS. On the other hand, the smartphone offers the option of surfing the Internet via data transfer or WLAN and receiving important travel information. 

Since the beginning of the year, Wi-Fi has also been unrestrictedly available to 2nd class travelers on Deutsche Bahn trains, giving you excellent opportunities to pass the time on long train journeys. But be careful: the quota for fast surfing is limited and can quickly be used up with streaming YouTube videos. 

It is therefore advisable to load films onto your smartphone before leaving, so that you can enjoy the cinema without worries while driving.

4. Headphones

You notice that you are not traveling alone at the latest when your neighbor is listening to music or watching films without using headphones. Then every fellow traveler is unintentionally and unwillingly confronted with an unpleasant noise carpet and is limited in his own leisure opportunities. 

So always have headphones with you when you are out and about. This not only protects your neighbors when you pass the time with films, it also ensures that you can watch videos yourself undisturbed.

 If you like it particularly quiet, you should look around for so-called noise-canceling headphones. They excellently block out the ambient noise so that nothing stands in the way of undisturbed listening pleasure

5. Books

On long train journeys you should add variety to the pastime. Listening to music for seven hours can be a strain even for die-hard fans. If you like things a little quieter then, of course, books are spot on. 

Here you can immerse yourself in imaginative stories and exciting adventures and completely forget what happened on the train. This gives the brain the opportunity to block out the many travel stimuli and thus to reach the destination more refreshed. But it doesn’t just have to be fiction. 

A long train journey offers the ideal opportunity to finally read the non-fiction book on a certain topic undisturbed, which has been lying at home next to the bed for so long. Here you can finally concentrate and at the end of the trip you are a bit smarter.

6. Magazines

If you don’t want to concentrate on long texts but still want to read something, magazines are of course the best choice. Before leaving, simply get a few booklets that interest you at the station kiosk and enjoy leafing through delicious recipes, political reports or technical reports, looking at photos or perhaps solving crossword puzzles during the long train journey. 

The variety of topics that can be found in magazines is ideal for a long journey, because it provides a lot of variety and you can easily interrupt and later read on at another point and on a different topic.

7. Travel Games

If you have your smartphone with you, you usually have games too. Because there are enough game apps for all operating systems and can be quickly downloaded from the respective stores. 

Then you can fight enemy armies during the long train ride, test your own skills or delve into knowledge questions to see how well you do in the quiz. 

For those who do not always want to experience everything on small screens and especially want to play with a fellow traveler, there are also real travel games in pocket format, such as chess or backgammon made of wood or plastic. Smaller than a paperback, they fit in any travel bag and offer hours of gaming fun.

8. Thick socks

Frequent travelers appreciate them: thick socks. Sitting for long periods of time causes water to accumulate in your legs and feet, which is why you should always get up and walk up and down in the corridor. 

It is just as important to take off tight shoes so that your feet get air and movement. If you only sat on the train in normal socks, you would quickly get cold feet. We therefore recommend that you have a pair of extra thick socks with you. If you take off your shoes, they are quickly put on and your feet can relax wonderfully over the long journey.

9. Earplugs

Not everything that you hear around you on a long journey is exciting. Sometimes you wish you could just switch off and get some sleep. Taking a short nap is a relaxing break between reading, listening and looking, especially on long train journeys. 

The best thing to do is to get a couple of earplugs from the supermarket or pharmacy before you leave. They look like little cones and are now available in bright and bright colors. Knead them together to form a thin bar before use, put it in your ear and hold it there for a minute until it has returned to its original shape.

Now your ears are perfectly closed and the noise of fellow travelers can no longer harm you.

10. Eye mask

Eye masks are an excellent match for earplugs. With their black inside, they ensure that no more light can penetrate the eye, so that it appears as if it was the middle of the night. They are now available with a variety of colorful prints for the outside, so that the sight is smart and by no means looks old-fashioned. In any case, with this combination of earplugs and eye mask, you can switch off and sleep well and peacefully. 

If you allow yourself even an hour of sleep on a long train journey in this way, you will arrive at your destination well rested.

Good preparation also makes a long train journey a wonderful experience. If you take the ten most important travel essentials with you on your trip, even a long trip will be an entertaining pleasure for you.

11. FFP2 Mask

In public passenger transport and at train stations, the legal regulations according to the law (“Federal Emergency Brake”) as well as the respective state regulations apply. This law also includes the obligation to wear FFP2 masks. It’s still recommend that all travelers wear an FFP2 mask on trains and in stations. 

12. Carry your hand sanitizer

In many trains, e.g. on the ICE / IC, there is the option of using disinfectant dispensers that have been installed to wash your hands. However, it never hurts to hand a small bottle of hand sanitizer just in case



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